Abby’s Mama Time Take 2

Abby Joy was anticipating her Mama Time every day since Evie had her 2nd turn. haha  FINALLY, it was her turn again and she was ready!!

We started our time by making an afternoon snack for her and Evie.  Abby got to use some leftover frosting in the fridge to frost some graham crackers (Graham crackers aren’t too amazing, but add some frosting on them and don’t underestimate!).  Then she used a random selection of sprinkles and mini chocolate chips to decorate the tops!

It was amazing how often she managed to “accidentally” get frosting on her fingers….  When she got to the point of basically licking it out of the container I had to tone her down a bit. hahaha

She was pretty proud of the finished product!  Both of the girls gave them a big thumbs up when they got to scarf them down later for snack. ha

Ever since Abby heard about Evie getting to have play-dough fun, she had it on her must do list, so we spent most of the rest of her time with that.  We made some silly people.  Mine is actually borderline creepy.  Abby’s has a hat on and she purposely made one eye bigger than the other for a goofy look. haha!  I love it!

We ran out of time to finish these together, but we started making scratch paper.  Abby finished hers during her Quiet Time the following day.  This is one of mine before coating it with black paint.

I had a wonderful time with my favorite 4 year old. ❤  Love you, Bigs! ❤


Evie’s Mama Time Take 2

Evelyn was super excited about another “Mama Time” this afternoon!  I gave her a little post-it note list with the things we were going to do together and her giddiness could not be contained. haha (beware, low quality phone pics incoming….)

We hadn’t made our play-doh recipe in so long that Evie didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked her if she wanted to make some.  Oops!

This actually made it more exciting for her to watch the cool transformation that happens as the ingredients heat up together.  You really should try this recipe with your kids if you never have!!

Of course, Little Peanut chose to make BLUE! play-doh.  We didn’t mix the food coloring in the best, but it actually turned out really neat that way with little dark blue speckles throughout!

We enjoyed play-doh fun for most of our time together.  We practiced letters and sounds while stamping letters….

We made pizza….

And noodles too!

We switched gears for the last few minutes and played some “Fill the cup!”  This gets a little complicated, so try to stay with me now….  You each get a cup.  You take turns rolling a die and counting the corresponding number of objects into your cup.  This keeps going until someone fills their cup and is declared the winner! haha

It didn’t hold her attention for too long, but it was a fun counting exercise for a bit at least.  Evie thought she was funny dumping my cup into hers.  Look who’s winning now! haha

I loved some extra special time with my little Peanut! ❤




Eliana is Fifteen Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is even happening to our baby girl?  She’s just growing up like a weed!  Maybe not in the categories of weight and height (6th and 8th percentiles) but mentally and physically she’s growing leaps and bounds every day it seems….  She weighs 20 lb and 9 oz now, so she’s gained a solid 1 pound a month since she turned one.  Babykins goes to bed at 7:30 or 8 depending on the night and usually gets up between 6:20 (my alarm time) and 7 a.m.

Big ol’ 1 year old.  I just had Elly quit taking morning naps because she was only doing an hour for her afternoon one and I needed more. haha  The first couple days of transition, she only slept one hour in the afternoon.  Since then she has been doing at least 2 1/2 hours!!  WOW!  For my girls, that is AMAZING!  I will definitely take it.

Baby girl only has five teeth.  She got her front bottom two first, followed by one of her big top teeth and one to the side of it.  And finally her second top big tooth is barely peeking through as of a few days ago.  Kind of a random (and super slow) teether!

Eliana may be tiny, but she sure has a great big personality!  She is confident, determined, spunky, feisty, squeaky and tiny, followed by yelly and LOUD, busy, busy, busy, busy, BUSY!, independent, knows she is cute as a button, stubborn, helpful, energetic, a Mama’s girl, who is often looking for trouble.  We love her to pieces. ❤

Sometimes when we’re somewhere other than home, Elly will sit on someone’s lap or allow them to hold her and act like she’s all docile and content to sit still for hours on end.  False.  She is doing this alllll for the audience. haha  I can barely get her to cuddle on my lap for 20 seconds out of a typical day!  My kids are so hyper/active constantly. *sigh* haha

Little Yelly doesn’t let her size stop her from doing anything she sets out to do.

This baby is definitely our biggest climber so far.  She figured out how to climb up and slide down the kids’ park months ago.  At first she had a hard time climbing up and would slide down on her tummy backwards to have a safer trip.

It didn’t take her long to become more comfortable and fine tune her climb up and slide down.  She likes to grip in those little holes to help heft herself up.

Her more recent park accomplishment has been climbing up slides.  Not just our smaller scale slide at home either.  She will attempt any and all slides at large parks.  I have to keep a veeeeeeery close eye on this kid!  She’s physically capable of almost too much.  She doesn’t realize she shouldn’t do everything she’s able to.  I’m really glad she’s so short, because that at least is a slight restraint on her antics!

These are her, “I did it after lots of trying!” face. haha

In general, her “I’m climbing and causing trouble face!” looks pretty similar.

People often laugh when they watch this tiny tot running around like crazy.  She is so speedy and yet has such short little legs! haha!

Elle Bell is obsessed with apples (just like all my kids have always been!).  She gets soooooo mad if someone is eating an apple and she doesn’t have one!  I try to make her wear a bib when she’s gnawing on one or she stains her clothes up with the apple juice dripping all over.  It’s kind of hard to chew on apples with no teeth. hahaha

I really need to get this on video, but Elly recently started running around with her dollies shushing them.  It’s so funny, because when they first start that rocking “shh, shh, shh!” thing, their little baby bodies look like they’re convulsing as they put their dollies to sleep. hahaha  She gets all into it.  Watch out, big sisters, if Elly thinks you picked up a dolly she was playing with!!!  Tiny but ferocious!

Although Elly doesn’t eat much at all, (I seriously have no idea how this kid gains weight and manages to poop anything out) she has an obsession with food.  She constantly thinks she wants to snack on things.  Usually, when I actually give her something to snack on, she ends up crumbling it all over the floor with a naughty smirk on her face. Grrrrrr…..  Her method for getting snacks is to run to the kitchen and bring me a box/package of something.  She then points at it, shoves it in my face, whines for it, and if I put it up, she quickly runs to get something else.  Ohhh, baby girl!

Little Yelly is a blondie like big sister, Evie! ❤

I try to get Elly interested in sitting through a book, but so far she only enjoys bringing me books and listening to about half a sentence before she’s bouncing up to find her own book to read herself.

Yelly’s favorite way to use a book is as her hymnal.  This is learned from church and her big sisters.  All three of the girls will often find their “hymnals” and open to different made up songs and sing sweet melodious tunes (er… loud, painful tunes that is).  The older girls go through phases where they do it all the time and then don’t much at all.  Elly, however, has been on a daily kick with it for a long time now.  She will either sing tiny, squeaky, kind of sweet sounding music or SUPER LOUD, turn your face beat red as you belt it out, Yelly style music. haha  I prefer the squeaky….  She prefers the thicker, bigger books for her hymnals.  The set of Biscuit stories is her favorite.

This is Elly’s daily morning spot, waving bye to Daddy as he heads to work.  We miss him so much when he’s gone!  But, it’s so exciting when he gets back home! ❤

Sweet Cheeks finally has enough hair to have a little piggie in!! ❤  It’s so cute!  Eek!  I should fix her hair more often.  She still isn’t saying many words at all.  She’s capable of more than she lets on, as she will once in a while blurt out a clear word or sign something before realizing she let it slip.  Then, she will be careful not to repeat it.  Stubborn little miss. haha!  She says, “Mama,” “shh, shh!”, “please” (which is more of a friendly little squeak when I tell her to say please vs. screeching at me), “Daddy”, and that’s all I’m thinking of at the moment.  It’s pretty sparse.  She signs quite a bit more though. Baby, more, please, bed, stinky, all done, cracker, cheese, milk, shoes, and probably some more I’m forgetting.

Elly’s first time ever eating an ice cream cone was well worth documenting I thought.

This little girl still loves being outside!  She figured out how to ride a trike (with no pedals) already and goes backwards and forwards all over the place.

Elle enjoys anything and everything outside.  Sand tables, parks, nature fun (sticks, rocks, grass, leaves, etc.), snack time, hiking rides, and just hanging out.  FYI: in the stick picture, Elly’s destructive personality was shining through.  She likes to find big sticks and then hammers them on the ground trying to do some damage.

This is Elly’s go to, “I see something super interesting and everyone should look at it right now” expression.  She does this when people talk to her too much and she needs to redirect them or when we’re talking about something we see, she will always “see” something great somewhere too.  The furrowed brows, the intent gaze…. cracks me up.

Little sturdy miss is a big fan of walks – especially when we do the park trail and she gets to get out of the stroller like the big girls!  I am a big fan of these pictures of her.  It’s so fun to catch her little expressions and body movements.  On the bottom she’s doing her “what” sign. ❤

“What?” again.

For a (very brief) time, Elly was really excited about holding big sister, Abby’s hand on our walks.  It was the cutest and I’m so glad I got it captured because her typical now is to scream grouchily when Abby offers her hand.  Oh boy…

Swimming has been a favorite outdoors activity for Elly (and all the kids) this summer.  Baby girl quickly learned how to clamber into the pool herself, although this was met with multiple mishaps.  Too many times she would flip straight under the water to Mama’s horror.  Never deterred, she was always right back at it.

The pure joy of pool time on Elly’s face here….. haha!

Her most enjoyed pool activities were typically “using” a squirter just like her big sisters or pouring water out of her little tea pot.

Tractors and lawn mowers are so much fun!

Helping Daddy wash the van makes someone feel extra grown up!

Swinging is the best.

Especially when you’re swinging with your big sisters!

This girl loves doing everything her big sisters do.  I don’t think she even entertains the tiniest thought that maybe she isn’t quite as big as they are.

Adorable, little, piano players!

I always think my big sisters have the best jokes.

Sitting on Abby’s lap at the big girls’ table and feeling like I won the lottery.

When Elly wakes up from nap before Evie, her first task post cuddle time is waking up Evelyn. *sigh*

Our tiny babe is notoriously a bit obstinate.  Many photo shoots have been brought to a quick close by this wee one.  Snapshot of real life happening now.

When taking photos of the girls, let’s just say I have always appreciated Evelyn’s quick smile.  She’s SO EASY to take pictures of!!  Abby tries, but it’s tough to capture her genuine smile and Elly…. well, as you can see, she doesn’t even try.  She goes into refuse mode.  I still manage to get some good ones of her, but I have to be on my A game.  As soon as she notices I’m trying to take pictures, she hides, runs away, or stops smiling.  My little Miss Trouble. ❤

Dressed up like cows to get our free Chick-fil-A!  Elly was old enough to get her own free kid’s meal this year.  Woot, woot!

Snack time is a great time of day.  Good thing it comes pretty much all the time.

Those cheeks!!

Literally, one Oreo later.  Never again.

She’s a winner in our book. ❤

Messy yogurt face.  Did she get any in her mouth?!

Little Twerpy enjoys rearranging the clothing drawers and randomly taking clothes and putting them in the laundry basket (ugh).  On bath nights, I have Abby put the girls’ jams, underwear, and Elly’s diaper in the hallway for afterwards.  If I’m not keeping a close eye, Elly will grab them and go stuff them somewhere troublesome.  Ohhhh, Elly! (I say this to her a lot)

The first picture is Elly’s yell face.  It’s not her angry yell.  Just her exclamation yell.  We see this face semi frequently.

Elle Babe went through a (thankfully) brief phase of throw down fits on the floor.  It’s so interesting how they come up with this stuff.  She has never seen anyone else do it and yet she came up with it.  Truly we are sinful at birth.  Just watch any kid ever and let me know if you don’t agree.

This kid’s constantly busy, but every now and then she’ll sit down for a few seconds and I run for the camera.

It looks like she knows she’s cute as can be (probably true), but she was really playing peek-a-boo here. haha

Trying to clean the couch cushions (or any housework really lol) with a bunch of babes is kind of slow work.

For a while Elly was on a tongue kick.  It was always out! haha

Waiting for supper is tricky when you’re one.

This is the extremely proud and happy grin produced when Mama discovers you with Baby Boy’s cup.

This face: I got to wear these new jewelry items before the big girls because they were still in Quiet Time!

Loud drumming noises!  YAY!  CLASH! BANG! Run!

Elle just decided to give little smacking kisses to Daddy the other night before bed.  It was the cutest!  She gave me some the next day too.  Daddy loves you, Sweet Pea! ❤

One of my favorite little things Elly does is run over and whisper real fast and intently to me.  She likes it when I whisper gibberish back to her and take her seriously. haha  Mama loves you too! ❤

We love watching you grow and learn.  Praying we will parent you as God desires, teaching you to see your sin and that you must turn to Christ if you would live.














Abby’s First Mama Time!

Abigail Joy got her much anticipated first “Mama Time” today!  She was on such an emotional high over it that when I took longer than she anticipated to call her out of her room, she broke down in tears thinking it wasn’t going to happen after all.  After consoling her, the fun began.  (Thankfully, Evie decided to make this a nap day.)

To start our time, I was gifted with a beaded necklace Abby had made for me.  Drop dead gorgeous, guys.

Abs had wanted to help me prepare afternoon snack, so I gave her a few options to choose from.  She was quick to pick the popsicles!  Wise choice for an extremely hot and humid day like today.  I think this was the hottest day this summer actually!  First, Abby washed some strawberries and attempted to cut them up with “a sharp knife!”  It was a little tricky for her, so she wanted me to finish.  She told me, “I’m still a yittle too yittle to do this part, so you better do it!”

While I finished the strawberries, Abby peeled and mushed up a couple bananas.

I think her favorite part of the process was spooning the mushed and cut up fruit into the popsicle molds.  She took it very seriously and was trying to make sure they were all nice and even.  I thought it was sweet how she kept chatting about how excited Evie was going to be when she woke up. ❤

I poured a tiny bit of 100% fruit juice (I think it was Strawberry Kiwi) into each section, Abs poked the handles in, and we popped them in the freezer for later!

After snack prep, it was craft time!  Abby was excited to do some q-tip paintings.  The idea is to use dots to make a picture but, as you can see, Abigail got a bit excited about just painting with them and her art went wild from there! haha  She was really excited about making a painting with a lot of blue (Evie’s favorite color) for Evelyn, but I’m not sure if she ever did end up giving it to her or not.

My non artsy self attempted to make a sunrise (or sunset, whatever really….) picture with mountains and Bear Lake where Caleb and I spent part of our honeymoon.  Oh ya.  Four kids later and the romance is still not dead over this way, people. ❤

I had a great time with my oldest daughter. ❤  Love spending time with her!!

Oh, also, in case you were wondering….. the popsicles were a decided hit all ’round!  Even Daddy had one when he got home from work and gave it a thumbs up! 🙂


Rustic Run 2017 & More Fun on the Bike Path!

We signed the girls up for the Rustic Run again this year.  I take the kids out for a mile walk/jog almost every single morning and again after they get up from quiet time.  If we have time we’ll do a third mile after supper with Daddy.  Sometimes they’ll ride bikes for the later walk.  As a result, our big girls are pretty in shape and used to lots of exercise!

It’s always interesting to see how a race actually turns out for the kids.  This was Evelyn’s very first race at 2 years old.  We expected her to be whiny off and on and need a ton of strong encouragement to keep going.  We figured Abby would love it and run strong the entire time.  She can easily run a whole mile and had been looking forward to race day for some time.

Never fear.  Kids love throwing you for a loop!  We had decided Caleb would run with Abby (and my little brother, Johnny) since she would be faster and my knees still hurt quite a bit.

I knew things weren’t going well when me and Evie stayed well in sight of them for most of the race.  Turns out, Abby was being clingy, wanting Caleb to hold her hand the entire time and whining about her stomach etc. because he wasn’t going to do that.  Basically, she majorly dogged the entire thing and even walked the last stretch.  She ended up with a time of 13:35 which is rough, considering she ran a mile race at 3 years old last year with a time that was 1 1/2 minutes better than that.  Oh well.  There’s always next year, right? haha

Evelyn, on the other hand, surprised us in a good way!  She saw a playground and snacks set up when we got there and I told her she could play on it and eat some snacks if she did a good job running.  Apparently that was some pretty great motivation for her, because she ran her little heart out!  It was so adorable! haha  She can easily walk/jog a mile, but she has a hard time running consistently without stopping.  But, she ran almost the whole entire way!!  She took two brief walk breaks, but even then she kept briskly moving.  She was all flushed and really working it!  The only time she started whining a bit was right before the finish line stretch and she wasn’t too bad about it.  Her time was 15:47.

Elly and Bud were good cheerleaders. 🙂 haha

Ahhhhhhhh, snacks for the participants!

We headed back home after the race.

It was yet another completely beautiful July day, so as soon as we got home we set to work packing a picnic, reorganizing the kids, and hopped back in the van to drive to the bike path!  We decided to try a new starting spot, since it’s such an awesome, long trail.  It was so much fun!

Our walk/bike ride started out great!  We enjoyed spotting this little waterfall off the trail.

Followed by an exciting new park!  Of course, we had to stop and play a while.

Another fun exploring spot – where we got a little muddy….  It was a steepish bank down to the water and rocks and Abby slipped while climbing back up.

My attempt at a group selfie. haha

One of my little biker babes. ❤

Picnic time back where we parked the van!

We used my new gps ap on my phone (it was something free, Caleb found and downloaded for me – such fun!) to keep track of how far we went.  We did almost 3 and 1/2 miles (3.46)!!  I can’t wait to go back and try another new stretch! 🙂


Mama Time Play Dates

It may sound funny, but although I spend every waking second with my children, I often wish I had more time with them.  Let me explain as you scratch your head…. haha  Most of my moments are very child-filled and child-centered, it’s true.  However, it’s very rare that I have focused, one on one time with them – especially the older two girls.  This is something I’ve had a strong desire to change lately.  While I do plenty of things for my children, I want them to have my TIME and know I love and care about each one individually.  I want to make time to talk to them and listen to them without a hundred little interruptions and distractions.

I was trying to figure out where I could work on this.  The babies’ morning naps are fazing out or that would have been the obvious choice.  For a while, it seemed the only choice was to somehow escape the house with just one child.  But the only feasible option that wouldn’t interrupt bedtimes was taking a kid out for supper.  This just wasn’t going to happen for us, especially not as frequently as I wanted that time with them.  We almost never eat out as is and it would be at the expense of time with Daddy, which we never like doing.  It was kind of difficult for me to find an alternative plan.  Although I love my children so much, it’s easy to selfishly crave, and feel entitled to, those less constant high needs moments like afternoon Quiet Time.

After about a week of pondering this dilemma, I finally came up with my idea.  I’ll spend one hour of one Quiet Time once a week with one of my big girls.  Did you follow that? haha  One hour is about the amount of completely uninterrupted time I can typically count on.  Plus, there are often legit things I have to get done while the kids are in Quiet Time, so this leaves me a little wiggle room.  With visits and shopping days earlier in the week, I am thinking the Mama Time days will usually be Thursday or Friday depending what else is going on.

I told the girls about this plan and they were SO excited!!!  They started planning everything we would do together right away. haha  It was really cute and definitely made me want to start asap.  Abby and I decided Evelyn could have the first turn since she is littler.

Evie was SUPER giddy when her day came up!  She grabbed my hand, chattering a mile a minute, and we headed downstairs for Petshop of course!!

We were playing a camping game and decided to make some (really rough) makeshift tents.  They were a hit for Evie!  We also made some kleen-ex casts for all the broken legs that kept happening.  It was a rough day in Petshop land!

I do like Petshop, but after a half hour or so, it was time to switch things up a bit. haha  I suggested we do some crafting with GLUE and SCISSORS and Evie was instantly sold.  She doesn’t have access to those too frequently and was pretty pumped.  She did quite a bit of gluing while I worked on a card for Daddy.  He recently found out he passed yet another actuarial exam, and we are all super duper proud of him!!!  Only one more and a few other things left!!  WOO!

We had a great time together and Evelyn was beaming about it the rest of the day.  I’m excited for another special time with my Little Peanut in a couple weeks. 🙂  See Evie’s smuggest possible expression below. ❤

A once in a lifetime trip – followed by a delight next door

It was gorgeous out and we needed to go do something to enjoy it!  After Caleb got home from Bible study, we discussed options.  Zoo?  No… we didn’t get a pass this year, it’s pricey, and they’ll be doing their free days soon.  Go look for the tiny waterfall off the bike path?  No….  it’s way over in Bettendorf and lunch time is already looming.  The Nahant Marsh?  It’s decently close to us and we’ve never been before.  It might not be the most interesting, but it also might be a good option to try out.  Nahant Marsh it is!

We pulled in sometime around 10:40 a.m.  The sun was beating down and there wasn’t a whole lot of shade available, so we decided to head over to the visitor center first and scout out a map.

Although the center was undeniably stinky (reptile/fishy smell), it was a somewhat welcome surprise in that there were a few animals for the kids to look at.  Of course, the worker had to whip out a nasty snake first thing for the kids to touch.  Eeks!!  I tried to maintain calm.  Evie was all about it.  Abby refused to go near it at first, although we finally talked her into at least touching it once with a finger.  She did, but it was so fast I missed capturing the moment on camera. haha  I can’t say I blame her.  Snakes are….. er… not my favorite.

Other than the snake, there were a few different varieties of turtles, some lizard thing, and a bunch of nasty stuffed dead animals creepily lining the wall in a back room.  I could be forgetting something, but I think that about covers it.  The kids enjoyed it somewhat, but no one was bawling when we said it was time to head out.

Turtles, turtles, and more turtles!

We didn’t pick up a map, because there weren’t really a lot of confusing hikes available.  Basically you could do a straightaway one direction or a straightaway + loop the other direction.  We chose the loop since it had an ever exciting “bird observatory look out” or some such thing. haha  The walk wasn’t long at all, but the first part went through some mowed grass.  We had the umbrella stroller and it pushed through ok.  We found the look out pretty quickly.  It was mostly an open, little hut that you could look out at the stale swamp water interesting wetlands from.

I plunked Evie out on the ledge, because she wasn’t tall enough to see out. haha

We walked back around the loop.  Well, one of us ran…. that is until she found an ever fascinating stick.  After that, forward motion was more optional as she stopped to jab and poke at every thing even mildly interesting. haha

Daddy mocking Elly. haha  Almost every time we address Elly lately, she will point off at something, furrow her brows, and jabber as if she found the most interesting thing in the world.  It’s pretty great.

We walked back towards the center, stopping briefly to walk out on the dock and view….. well….. this.  As we stood in the blazing sun, staring at this, we voiced our thoughts out loud. “Well, kids.  Try to really enjoy this adventure, because it is most definitely a once in a lifetime kind of trip!” (see blog title) haha

Abby’s highlight was getting to see some flowers on the way up to the play area.  Her downfall was that she couldn’t actually pick them.  She is our little nature child.  If someone would stand by her and tell her the name and info on every bug, plant, leaf, tree, flower, etc. etc. all day, she would be thrilled.

The play area.  The tree stumps were kinda cool and amused the kids for a bit.

Last little fling.  We decided to walk just a tad on the other trail.  It wasn’t too different, so I took the two big girls out on another quick viewing spot and then we headed home.

There it is!  I know, this was a bit negative sounding, so please don’t take offense if you’re really into marshes and that sort of thing.  We quickly realized it wasn’t really our thing.  I am glad we went though, because now we know what it is.  There were some kind of interesting things….. like, the turtles.  And there was like a 50 foot stretch of a cool trail on part of the loop.  Soooooo, that was neat. haha  It was good just to get the kids out of the house and wear them out, even if it wasn’t that spectacular.  To end our swampventure, we had planned on picnicking.  I had packed the whole meal, but most unfortunately we had forgotten the cooler at home.  Oops!!  It turned out for the best though.  There wasn’t really a reason to want to eat at the marsh and home was only a few minutes away.  The kids enjoyed their picnic on the deck instead. 🙂

After returning home, picnicking on the deck, and enjoying naps/quiet time, we decided to go with an early supper (always) and head to the bike path a few minutes from our house.  We have had some GORGEOUS July days and we knew we needed to get back outside and enjoy the weather before bedtime!  Of course, we had barely started when the first mulberry tree was spotted….  Abs is a mulberry fiend, while Evie doesn’t want anything to do with them.

After a few dozen mouthfuls, we finally cut her off and said it was time to hop back on the bikes.

Off we went!  Well… until the next mulberry tree.  *sigh*

Just look at that stained up little grin!

After this we made a “no more stopping for mulberries” rule so we could make a little distance progress. haha

Elly always “sees” something. haha

Our next stop had to be the bench swing of course!  There was no way we were going to sneak past that exciting point of interest.  “Mama!!!  DADDY!!  LOOK!  The swing!!  The swing!  Do you see it?!”

Little Elle was living it up out of the carrier. haha

Little Zoomer back on the road!

We went a bit further and then turned around and headed home.  Cabz usually has to be the one to decide it’s time to go back.  I always have a rough time deciding to stop and turn around if it isn’t the actual END of something.  I always think I’ll be happy to turn back after seeing what’s around “just one more corner,” but it turns out there’s always another corner and I want to go around that one too…..

Elly thinks she’s escaping her carrier when she takes her arms out of the straps and has them on top like this.  Boy, is she ever proud of herself then! haha  What a smug little twerp!

Our little bikers!  We have regretted a lot of toys (junk) that has made its way into our home, but the bikes?  Never!!

And there you have it.  We had such an enjoyable time out on the bike path that we decided to take a picnic and do it again very soon, starting at a different point.  Stay tuned. 😉