Josanna is Three Months!!!

My lil’ munchkin just keeps getting older.  I tried to tell her to stop.  I really did.  I’ve never wanted a baby to stay a baby so much! ❤

Josanna is weighing 11 lb 3 oz now.  She’s one pound heavier than Evie was at this age and one pound lighter than Elly was.  I don’t have Abby’s 3 month old weight on here so I’m not sure on her.  Obie was like 3 pounds heavier at this age. haha  He was a major chunk baby.  Also, this little girl loves to be nakey, soooo…..

I worked on a nice sleep routine with baby girl and it’s paying off.  She was doing 9-10 hours a night and the last couple has upped it to 11!  I actually keep wishing she’d stay up a little later in the evenings so I could get some baby only cuddle time back, but she starts fussing and won’t stop until I lay her down! haha  Sad.  She’s still sleeping in the rock ‘n play next to our bed.  We have a crib set up in our room too and I’m guessing I’ll switch her over to that sometime in the next month, but we’ll see how it goes.

Josie has also been doing great with her nap times.  Her daily routine is usually close to this: She wakes up or I wake her up at 7:30 a.m., she nurses when I get a chance in between breakfast and clothe the kids madness, she usually nurses again a couple hours later followed by a morning nap (usually an hour or so long).  She stays awake quite a while, and nurses again once the lunch rush dies down (ideally right after I get the other kids settled in quiet time and it’s just us).  Depending on how sleepy she is, there might be a little play with Mama time before her long afternoon nap (this usually lasts 2-3 hours).  Then, babes nurses again, and hangs out with her big sisters while I get supper going.  She eats again (conveniently in the midst of supper fun haha) and then takes an unconventional shorter evening nap somewhere in there.  One more nursing session and she’s ready for bed!  Usually she’s nursing about 5-6 times a day.  Josie still takes her naps in the boppy pillow on the couch (by me).

Our schedule is probably about to shift slightly as she sleeps more at night though.  This morning, for example, she didn’t wake up to nurse until 6:45 a.m. (I actually woke her up because I couldn’t take waiting any longer haha) so she started her day right afterwards.

Oh my wooooooooooord.  This is Josie’s, “I’m making tiny little noises and trying (and succeeding) to be super cute” face. ❤

Sweet baby is really getting the hang of her play mat.  She focuses hard and snags that birdie like no one’s business!  She’s always super proud of herself too. haha

Josie has really been working at rolling over lately, although I’m pretty sure she won’t love it once it happens…..  tummy time is not her fav for too long.  She gets up on her side all the time and really strains it. haha

Tummy time lasts for a few minutes at a time and then she’s over it.

Sweet, sad baby!  How do they naturally learn that pout face?!  It’s the cutest.

Josie has been chatting a ton lately.  She’ll get in little spurts where you can’t shut her down!  (even if we’re in the middle of church…. ha)

When getting comfy is life.

Uh-oh!  Look who’s got bare buns!! hahahahaha!!!!  I’ve saved this outfit from Abigail on, simply for the great pun it brings with it.  I don’t even think the outfit is very cute. haha  Seriously, though, no one appreciates this joke the way it should be appreciated.  Please someone, tell me you’re on the floor laughing.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Babes figured out she has hands this past month, so there’s been a lot of this going on.

Josie has been a super happy little babe lately.  Smiling is her favorite!  So far she has been pretty tolerant with others holding her too.  We’ll see if that changes as she ages some.

My happy baby was a little weirded out by selfie mode, but eventually I got her to smile at me. haha

After bath and bedtime snuggles with my big sister and brother! ❤

Poor baby girl got the bronchitis our whole family had.  She was the last one struck and I was so bummed because I really hoped she was going to avoid it.  It was the saddest thing watching her poor little self with a cold and bronchitis all at once.  She would choke so bad after feedings and could hardly get her breath at all.  Flem filled her throat and her poor nose was all clogged up.  Ugh!!  Thankfully she is over that now, but she dealt with it for a few weeks.  Abby got a bad ear infection at some point while Josie was sick and I had the two sickies cuddled up on the rocking chair in the living room.  Abby rocked little Josie right to sleep.  It was kind of sadly cute. haha ❤

Big sister Abby making sure Josie gets read to.

Outside time still happens, it just looks a little different than running out the door barefoot….

One of the only times of day Josie tends to get a little needy is right when I’m getting supper ready and Cabz isn’t home yet (obviously – this is all the kids’ major meltdown time).  This was one of those, “hand Daddy the baby as soon as he walks in the door” moments.  She likes her Daddy snuggles. ❤

Sorry blondies!  It looks like Josie’s hair is coming back in brown!  She’s joining Abby’s club. 🙂

Wishing she could snag some of those fun looking toys.  Soon enough, baby girl.  Soon enough!

All our cute babes in their jammies.  This was back when we had six 5 and under!  Ahhh!!  Terrifying, but adorable, right? ❤

This precious little baby is so much fun!  Her sweet little smile is my favorite.  I love having you in each day, Josie girl. ❤

Daddy did a better job than I did getting a picture.  I couldn’t get her to look at me (the older sibs were way more exciting at the moment).


Josanna is Two Months!!

My sweet baby is growing up way too fast! ❤

Josanna weighs 10 lb 9 oz.  She had her 2 month shots on her 2 month birthday (sad celebration) and was in the 50th percentile for height and 20th for weight.  No matter how giant our babies start out, they always sink to the low weight percentiles pretty quickly. haha

In spite of being on the low end of weight, Josie is healthy and doing great!  Cloth diapering has been going well too.  I use disposables when we go places, just because it’s easier than bringing a wet bag, etc.  The only annoying thing is that our water pressure isn’t as great as it was in town, so my toilet sprayer isn’t quite as helpful as it used to be.  I love how fun my cloth diapers are!  Four bums later and the super duper velcro is still holding out.

Everybody has their own go-to baby hold.  Mine is the following:

Josie has been sleeping like a champ lately!  The last four nights she graduated to 8 hours of straight sleep!  This was her pose after her first night of 8 hours.

I would say it feels amazing, but with my poor sleeping abilities I am still awake half the time.  I am probably one of the few people who isn’t overly affected by waking up for night feedings.  Well, awake anyway…. wonder when she’s going to want to nurse so I have something to do? ha

With the longer sleep stretch at night, Josie has had more of an official bedtime in the evening.  She has a wakeful period for about an hour and a half prior and then her body wants to go to bed for the night.  Although part of the whole laying her down before I’m ready to go to bed has been nice (getting more evening free time and uninterrupted time with Cabz), it’s also kind of sad to lose more baby snuggle time.  I know it’s fading fast! *sniff*  At least her bedtime hasn’t moved up too super early yet.  She goes to bed about 9 or 9:30 which means I still get a little one on one snuggly baby time first. ❤

Josie Faith is wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes, although she’s happiest when naked. ha!

I’m obsessed with the variety of cute expressions this baby makes so feast your eyes on a few million of them now. 🙂

These four are seriously even better.

I love that she is smiling more and more!  Her smile is my favorite! ❤


When you’re so relaxed you almost look…. grumpy.

These are also some of my favorites.  The first is seriously one of my top ten of her.  Also, Josie was balding, but is starting to get some hair back now.  It’s already much lighter brown.  We’ll see what happens with time!  She still has a nasty bald patch on the back of her head.  My kids always get it the worst there and it takes forever to cover up. haha

Babes got to meet her newest cousin, Daisy finally!

When you have a giant baby blow out and Mama decides to toss you in the bath.

What your face might look like if someone walks in on you bathing.

All the older siblings enjoy taking care of baby sister, although the older two at times struggle with persevering when asked to help.  One of Abby’s jobs is holding/watching Josie while I get meals ready. I was still getting other kids’ plates at this point. “It’s kind of hard to hold a baby and eat, but she keeps crying when I set her down! I want to eat my taco, but I can’t really.”  Welcome to my life.  Real life mom practice. 😉

Keeping Josie happy in the bouncer.

Big Bro trying to be helpful and keep Josie happy in the bouncer too. haha

Sob story: Gone are the warm days where we could all just sit outside.  Now, it looks more like this:

Elly actually can be quite helpful with Baby.  She will rock her, give her the bink pretty gently, and loves to read her stories. ❤

Peanut, not to be outdone by the others….  The picture on the right is her ultra proud face as she “put Josie to sleep like Abby does!!!” for the first time ever.  This was on Evelyn’s birthday nonetheless.  What a special gift. lol

We had a rule that Evie wasn’t supposed to hold Josie while walking.  However, after I ONE time let her try standing with Josie on the carpeted living room floor, that rule suddenly changed to, “Evie can walk all over the place holding Josie as long as it isn’t in the kitchen.”  Hmmmm……….. Photo courtesy of Daddy.

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this cute babe, though?  Seriously….

Sad baby pics.  Awwww.  These jut make me want to snuggle her all up and give her smooches!  Which is what happened right after these were taken. ha

This is what an OB follow-up apt looks like when Daddy isn’t there too.  It’s really not so bad, but it is exciting hauling a stroller with one kid in it, two dragging on the sides, and hefting a car seat. lol  Good little Josie slept the whole time at least!  Score!

Tummy time hasn’t happened a ton, but she is starting to tolerate it a little better when it does happen.

Also, Josie found her fists the other day and has been pretty interested in them.  When she’s edgier, she will cry when she loses one.

This baby has been my slowest nurser yet, but she is finally shortening her feeding sessions.  I’d say she is now nursing around 7-10 minutes on average.  I’ve been doing one side feedings with her the whole time and still am a fan of that.

She nurses about 8 times in a 24 hour period, every 2-3 hours during the day.

Josie is “talking” a lot more and just in the last few days has really started enjoying her play mat time.  If she’s in a cheerful mood, she gets super giddy when I set her on there and starts jabbering away to her birdie and toys. ha  She swings her hands at them and then stares in amazement when she hits one and it swings around.  Won’t be long before she figures out grabbing them!

Did I mention I love her smiles?!  They are SOoooo hard to catch with my nice camera, because she only does it when she sees my face and it’s pretty quick.  Thus, all the phone pics of her smiling…..

Josanna has been awake a lot more frequently and getting past the “will sleep through anything at all” phase.  I only know that because my kids test her constantly.  Think, DOOR BANGING, CHILDREN FIGHTING, SOMEONE SCREAMING, TOYS CLATTERING EVERYWHERE, etc.  I usually get her up for the day around 7-7:30.  She still usually naps between feedings.  There is a lot more awake time in the evening typically, right before bed time in particular.

This sweet baby girl has brought us so much joy already.  Her Daddy and I sometimes (okay, often) joke about how she was the star child of the day.  Let’s just say, the more children you have, the more you REALLY enjoy the baby stage.  I used to think the baby stage was hard and my least favorite.  It has now become the easiest and my favorite. ha!  Alright, alright, I obviously love all of my children in their many different stages of growth, but babies are the easiest.  Hands down.  This one makes it hard to set her down! ❤




Eliana is 2 1/2!!

Awwww, it’s crazy what a huge amount of growing happens in just a few short months!  My little Elly is getting to be such a big girl. ❤  She’s still my little round face, but she’s losing some of the chubby babyness sadly enough.

Jelly Bean weighs 27 lb 5 oz and is 34″ tall now, which makes her the shortest of her sisters (so far) at 2 1/2.

Our Elly Hope still holds our family’s title for most contradictory personality with her mix of very bold and confident, yet extremely sensitive.  I guess I need to stop waiting for it to make sense and just go with it. haha

Eliana loves listening to books!…..

……although there are times she prefers to take things into her own hands.  Cutest ever is when she reads stories to Josie.  She’ll do voices and everything and it’s adorable.  “Ya!  See the kitty, Josie?”  Her pronunciation of “Josie” is my fav.  It’s more of a “Jyo-sie!”

She still loves our collection of Biscuit stories the best.  It’s seen a lot of love though and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to make it….

I love how easy it (usually) is to get this one to authentically smile!!  She will probably phase in and out of this like all the others, but I’m enjoying it for now!

Elly loves cats fiercely.  She genuinely loves holding them and petting them and then the next minute I have to intervene because she’s chasing and terrorizing them.  Here’s some pictures of her with our deceased kitties (sad) and one of my parents’ cats.

Here she is with our “new” (it’s been about a month now) cat, Patteren.  She’s a pretty great cat, as far as cats go.

Elly, and all the kids, were super into all things buggy this summer thanks to Abby and her infatuation.  At first, Elly was a bit timid while holding our monarchs we raised, but as the summer went on she became pretty comfortable with it all.

Here she is with a little inch worm.  During their season they literally were all over the kids’ park set and the girls would constantly have them crawling up their arms.  *shudder*  I didn’t get a picture of it, but the worst was Elly’s excitement over stink bugs.  Ugh.  Seriously, if I never smell another stink bug it will be way too soon.  During their high population time, the girls would have hands stained with yellow spots from the stink bugs spraying their nasty smell while they held them.  Yes.  This is really my life.  Elly has been obsessed with popping things in her coat pockets lately too, which is quite frightening.  She will often be whipping a fuzzy caterpillar out before heading in.  I’m just dreading the day there’s something gross in there and she forgets to whip it out.

This girl had such a blast being outside all summer long!  Swimming was a daily favorite while the warmth lasted.

One sad afternoon, Elly flipped backwards under the water and I had to yank her out quick.  It was only a fraction of a second, but it was scary for her (and me).  Afterwards, these were her expressions as she moped around saying she wanted to “tell Daddy ’bout it.”

Judge me as you will.  Only know that if you had six young kids and they were constantly saying they had to pee post getting everyone in suits and outside, you may very well do the same.  I would rather spend less time pottying children, and more time enjoying life outside. ha  Follow up to that….. this was Elly’s, “I’m peeing” pose while in a swimming suit.  FYI: she is potty trained, but I would just tell them to go pee outside when they were going to wash off in the pool anyways.  Either that or I’m literally taking kids in to the bathroom at the rate of 1 per minute.  I found this hilarious though.  That girl can squat like no other!!!!  hahaha!!  These weren’t even the best squatting pics, but it’s all I got.  She would normally get so low you were like, she’s gonna fall!  But she wouldn’t.  Quads of steel.

These next two pictures give you a good idea of why the older two often get beat up by this one.  That little look of trouble, menacingly swinging around the pool squirter….. I’m almost intimidated!  She’s fearless and tough.

Eliana has enjoyed her strider for a long time now.  She is hilarious on it too.  When she has an audience, she will seriously GET IT.  Her legs are moving so fast you don’t know how she isn’t going to biff it (does happen on occasion).  These two pics were from a while ago.  That grin was because this was her first time biking on the bike trail instead of walking!

Babes learned how to use her strider all on her own and has been good at it forever.  In theory, she could be riding a pedal bike by now, but she doesn’t know how to pedal. haha  She really is rarely on a trike, because she has so much more fun on her strider and neither of her parents have really worked with her on the whole pedaling thing…. oops.

Daddy did work with her on the “big bike” at one point, but although the determination was VERY much there, she just couldn’t figure out the pedaling all at once.  She would catch on fast if we just took the time to work on it, but it’ll happen eventually.

Meanwhile, she’s busy zipping around on this thing!

Some adorable quotes from Jelly Bean – I tried to put them in order from longest ago to most recent since language changes so much from 2 to 2 1/2:

-“Tummy tiwerd” (aka: tummy tired – she said this and then barfed shortly afterwards)

– After her Daddy tells her not to do something, ex: “Oh, Elly, let’s not play with that right now.” (I’m talking a gentle, verbal, comment here, guys.)  She will run over to me and inform me in a super offended, sometimes bawling kind of way, “Daddy, NO!!  Daddy, NO play ‘dis!!!”  Ya… don’t think he said it quite that harshly, Sweets. ha!

-“Oooooh-ee!” (calling Obie)

-She will often race out to tell on another sibling, “Uh-vie! BOE-ee!!  Abby!  BOE-ee!!” (Evie, bully!  Abby, bully!)  She is so often on the defensive that she has been known to announce a bully even after a kind comment like Evie saying, “When I grow up I’m always gonna let Elly pick what cd at night!”

-One time, ONE time, I told the kids to stay back while I was using tordon to kill some vines and small trees (because it’s super poisonous) because they might die if they touched it.  Lived to regret that statement.  Elly went through a long phase of constantly announcing to me very proudly, “I not die!!  Abby not die!  Evie not die!  Obie not die eeder!” (either)  She’d ride her bike around, “I ride my bike!  I not die!”, etc.

-“I not fall off tram-peen!” (trampoline)

-“I not waking Josie up!” (do you see a trend here with the ‘I not’ statements?  Sorry.  I love them.)

-“Ahh-wuh-wooooooo-ya!!” (hallelujah song she sings all the time)

-“*insert sibling name of the moment* her me!!  WEALLY BAD!!” (sibling hurt me!  Really bad! – Trying to add some emphasis there to really get me excited)

-Adjectives in general have been her thing lately and I seriously love it. hahaha  “Ii fweezing tode!” (It’s freezing cold) “Burning hot!” “Super nice out!”

-“Pay it ona pano!” (play it on the piano – she always wants me to play the piano parts in her books)

-“I NOT take it!!”  “I NOT hit ‘er!!”  “I NOT touch it!”  (all of these are directly after she did indeed do the very thing she is claiming not to have done – while I was watching and she saw me watching nonetheless.  Lying skills: zero)

– She was the last one inside one day.  “You lef me owside!!!” (in a super offended tone)

– At one point, after Josie was born, I said, “Hi Big Sis!” to Elly.  She looked at me like I was seeing things and goes, “I not Abby!!”  We have called Abby “Big Sis” for so long that Elly took it almost as if I had referred to her as Abby. ha!

– I was nursing and Elly was lurking dangerously near to my full glass of kefir.  “Don’t spill my kef!”  Elly, “I not gonna pill it, Mom.  Jus waaaaaching.”

– “I wan Daddy.  Mom… I wan Daddy.  He not tumin’.  Wan tell Daddy ’bout Renny birday!”

– “Dat ur glasses?” (I recently got a pair of reading glasses and Elly was enthralled – That your glasses?)

– “I not feeling budder.  My tummy not feeling budder.” (She was sick with the flu once and we asked her if her tummy was feeling better.  Now, she says this almost every morning, even though she’s healthy. ha)

– Abby explained nursing to Elly and Elly comes running out of their bedroom to me in excitement with her shirt up, “My tummy gonna turn in milk!!”  (turn into milk)  Abby, “Not yet, honey, but if you grow up and get married and have a baby!  Then it will!”  There you have it folks.

– Elly really isn’t a super chatty kid.  She is usually pretty stubborn about talking actually.  If she says something once and I don’t catch it and respond with, “What, honey?  I don’t know what you said” she will typically smirk a little and refuse to repeat it.  I think that’s why I find it especially humorous when she randomly bursts out these loud exclamations.  Example from the other day was as we were all walking out to our van when leaving a friend’s house.  “Stay by Mama!  Don’t run in the POORking lot!!  Right, Mama??”  (parking lot)  This was something I have said to them before and she was quoting it, which is typical of her. haha

Belly Bean likes to dress her own baby dolls now.  They are often swimming in outfits that are way too large for them, but she did it all on her own and that’s what counts!  Elly doesn’t have that same issue for herself…. she has been enjoying finding things she no longer fits and squishing into them. lol

Apple picking, from our own trees, was so much fun!! 🙂

Our mulberry trees were fun too!

Hug anyone??

Eliana enjoyed the great outdoors very much all summer.  Helping with the digging, weeding, and watering….

splashing in puddles and mud…..

and swinging!!  (“oo push me, Mama??” – ya pumping didn’t quite happen)

Swinging with Daddy is the best ever!

Never to be left out or behind (at least not without a huge, freaking out fit) Elly is always on the go with her two big sisters.  They kept climbing over the tunnel, so she was determined to figure it out too.  Proudest grin ever.

Just stopped for a little tree climbing fun on our bike ride.

Sorry, not sorry, but this is another way we handled constant potty trotters while trying to be outside as much as possible.  Just bring the portable pot out with us!  Elly was often sitting on here screeching she was DOoooooooooooone!  My kids literally poop a million times a day.

We took forever to get Eliana switched over to a “toddler bed” because we weren’t excited about buying another and Obie was using our current one. haha  Plus, she knew how to get in and out of her crib on her own, so there wasn’t really a huge reason to deal with crib disassembling.  I love sleeping child pics. ❤

Elle has never been much for covering up.  She prefers to bundle up her bedding and lay on top of it.

We did eventually get ‘er done though and Elly was “upgraded” to a mattress on the floor.  Close enough, right?  She has had a tough time not rolling out of it while sleeping so it was probably for the best. ha!  Also, yes, lil’ Toots is still using a pull-up overnight.  Mainly my fault because I’m too lazy to get up and take her once in the night for a few days to get her body to transition.  I will try to be motivated enough to work on that soon…..

Daddy still sometimes thinks he can get something to eat without a bunch of small people climbing on his lap and crying, “Me too!!”  “Can I have some?!”

Eliana loves to help me.  She is actually pretty helpful at times.  She is one of my go-to kids when I need someone to go grab me a diaper (she has all the sizes down pat!) or any other random thing I need while in the midst of changing someone.  She’s fast, focused, and willing.  All nice traits when you need an extra hand! 🙂  There’s often an issue if I ask someone else (*ahem*… Evelyn) to get something because Elly will try to beat her to it (usually not even a contest – Elly gets it done first hands down).  I only ask Evelyn because I know she needs more opportunities to improve her quick obedience (or let’s be honest here…. to work on developing any kind of quick obedience).

Helping with meal prep is Elly’s favorite.  It is generally pretty difficult to keep her from test tasting literally everything (she will sit there and lick flour off the counter…. really? ew) and she is extremely grabby, but it is nice to have such a cheerful helper.  Also, she is pretty fast with any task I give her.

When she is not allowed to help, she is still often RIGHT THERE next to me.  I brought up one of our yellow Little Tikes chairs a few months ago because I was hoping it would help children be more independent and have less of the “I can’t reach it” needs.  While this did definitely improve that area of life, it also created a lot of new problems. haha  One of those being that Elly has access to a lot more.  She loves to stand on her chair right next to me when I’m cooking, which is fine except when I need to open a drawer or the oven and she has to first get down and drag her chair out of the way each time. haha

Another favorite she enjoys thank to the chair is getting her own water.  This is great and all, except that she likes to fill her cup to the brim, sip a little, and then dump the rest in the sink.  Even this wouldn’t be SO bad except that at least 50% of the time she spills said water down the cupboards and onto the floor since she can’t actually reach over the edge of the sink as well as she believes.  She then quickly “cleans” her own mess up, which means she grabs a bunch of kleen-ex and dabs off most of the floor, leaving the cupboard and the remaining floor for me to discover later in the day.  This is yet another reason I prefer bare feet.  Why go through changing fifty pairs of socks a day and adding to my laundry heap?  Really though….

Helping carry sticks to the big pile after a nasty wind storm.

These are only because I think she has the cutest lil’ round head when she’s wearing a ponytail. haha

When Mama gets you up on a Saturday morning, but Daddy is still sleeping…… you go jump in and cuddle by him. ❤  And yes, he was sleeping through this.  #likealog

Blue dum-dum suckers are the WORST.  And also the BEST.  Opinions contributed by me and Elly.  You decide which belongs to who.

We have since rearranged car seats to hold our crew of 6, but back when the toddlers used to sit next to each other they would hold hands when feeling extra sweet.  It was pretty cute. ❤

Elly just snuggling with Daddy at the park and pretending she didn’t want to play.  When I laughed at her, she gave me the smirky little prune face look. haha  Oh, Elly.

After bath towel snuggles.

This girl can be a pretty good cuddler when she’s in the right mood.  She’s busy, busy, busy, but she needs her luvins too. ❤  Like, when your mom is super pregnant and she has a nice big heap of extra flub to cuddle up on.  All my kids always get really snuggly when I’m super pregnant.  It’s like the more uncomfortable you are, the more they all want to be right on top of you.  Still trying to figure that one out. haha

Breakfast time either looks adorable and squishy like this or shoving and feisty – not pictured.

Found these adorable rain boots at a garage sale earlier this year.  I can’t stand how cute she is when she wears rain boots. haha  Little farm baby.

Goofy face and thinking she was pretty funny.

Elly’s been really into building with our Duplos lately.  Although there are frequent fights among the children while playing, there are also times they get along super well.  Those times are always pretty cute.  You’ll hear Abby talking really sweetly to Elly about her good ideas and good building and Elly excitedly working on her idea.  Evelyn will be sharing nicely or thinking of ideas they can do to make everyone happy.

How you feel when your big sister helps you build a tower as tall as you are!

My girls LOVE matching.  I mean, they LOVE it.  Whoever is not matching… not so much, but the matching kids live it up pretty big.  *disclaimer: Abby fixed her own hair in the pic.  Would really hate to take the credit from her, so just trying to give credit where credit is due.

I love how easy it is to take a picture of these two.  They both smile SO easy and well for pictures. haha  If only it was like this with all the children. ha  Love these two lil’ blondies.

Jelly Bean loves being a big sister.  She is great at rocking Josie in the car seat or getting her bink when she’s crying.  This was her first time holding Josie all by herself and she was about ready to pop with excitement and pride. ❤

Sometimes we’re a little too attached…..  This is what me trying to take a picture of Josie looks like.  CHEESE!!!!!!

Just practicing my big sister skills with my little dolly.

Elly and Obie have been the winners for most physical in our household so far.  They both like to pack a punch when aggravated (or sometimes just for the heck of it tbh).  Elly can be quite the tough little troublemaker.  She doesn’t often cry over a tumble and will whip the Duplo right back at ’em if a friend throws one at her, with more umph and better aim (work in progress).  She’s still our little zoomer at transition times, especially bed time.  If I so much as mention “bath night” during supper, she is up and flying, stripping her clothes off as she pelts to her room to gather her things and hop in the tub.  It’s like… GIRL.  SLOW ‘er down!  Finish your supper first! haha

Sometimes she’s moving so fast down the hallway to get her jammies that she flattens out.  It doesn’t stop her though, she’s back up and at it instantly! haha  So funny.

We love this motley crew (plus the two not pictured, just fyi). ❤

We love your energy and cute little self, Eliana Hope! ❤  We want all the snugs!


Evelyn’s Farm Birthday

Evie was all smiles and giddiness leading up to her birthday (if you can imagine that!).  She decided she wanted a farm birthday with farm cupcakes.  The kids were all happy to help prepare those a couple days prior to the birthday.

This super giddy expression on Evie’s face while stirring cupcakes pretty much summed up her birthday.  Everything was HAPPY, HAPPY, HEE-HEE-HEE HAPPY as far as she was concerned.

With some pinterest inspiration, these were the farm cupcakes I came up with.  Some turned out pretty cute.  Others were …. not so much.  In particular, I’m looking at you, pigs.  Your ears turned out looking like angry eyebrows.

Farm animal cupcakes and hay bales (rice krispy treats).

Last night with our three year old pictures! ❤

We didn’t actually even take a single picture of Evie on her actual birthday. haha  It turned out to be a pretty busy day.  We had church, followed by a wedding, followed by church all day and never had a chance to do our quick celebration at home, so we decided it would be better to save it for the following day.  Monday rolled around and Evie’s birthday celebration day started off great for her!  She got to hold Josie and put her to sleep just like Abby does.  Prior to this, it was her constant cry that Abby always got to put her to sleep and she never did!  Four years old and already doing big things.

My little one looks so old in these!  I think it might be that her hair has finally had a little growth.  Awww…. ❤

Peanut all dressed up in her farmer gear. 🙂

She’s the big 4 year old in the house now!  I think that means you can stop growing up, Little One.

Classic Evie while I was trying to snap some pictures.  Giant stick in tow.

Little farmer girl feeding her chickens.  She was hoping for some baby chicks for her birthday, but I looked everywhere and it just isn’t chick season.  Unless we were willing to drive 3 hours, it wasn’t going to happen.  (In case you don’t know me…. it didn’t happen. haha  Also, she still had a great birthday.  See million and one smiling ear to ear pictures.)

Abby and Evie found a small pine tree seedling and after Abby yanked it up, they decided they really wanted to plant it and take care of it!  What better farmer like activity, right?  So, out we went to replant the tree in a “better spot” of course.

Cupcake time for snack!

These next pictures are stellar.  So perfect of each child for some reason. hahaha  Abby being a tad smirky, not wanting to smile for the pictures but knowing she isn’t getting her coveted cupcake until she does.  Also, her ratty hair she fixed herself really helps her look.  Then, there’s Evie…. completely happy that this day is, in her mind, Allllllllllllllllll about her and her birthday.  Basically, she is the center of this photo, guys.  Obie, trying his hardest to do a great smile for the picture because I keep saying, “As soon as we get a good picture with smiles, you get to eat your cupcakes!” and in the process completely trying too hard and bombing them. ha!  Annnnd, Elly.  Elly, who just woke up from her nap and looks rough, tired, but ready to down a cupcake.  She made it to the can on her own, as you can see from her shirt tucked into her pants.  Her hair is out and wild because she feels the need to take out and lose all hair ties ever during nap time (or any time there’s a good opportunity).  Perfect.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, eating the very longed for cupcakes.

Supper time was chicken wraps, per Evie’s choice.

Present time was right afterwards.  We waited until then so Daddy could be home and watch.

This kid is a fun one to give a gift to.  She is over the top excited about anything you may give her.  I mean, “Whoooooooa!!!  What is THIS?!” kind of exclaiming joy over it all.  We gave her a page of horse stickers, a new hair brush, and……

Are you wondering what it is yet?  Just look at that happy face.

A toy pony and little girl to ride it.  She was thrilled.  Abby and Elly were crazy jealous.  It has since been the cause of about a million fights opportunities to learn about sharing.

We love you, Peanut!  Happy Birthday 4 year old! ❤


Evelyn is 4!!!!

Our little Peanut keeps growing up on us! ❤

Seriously, I can’t get over how much older she looks with her hair down.  I very rarely leave it down because food, dirt, sticky face, etc. haha  But, wOw!  Stop getting so big!

Evie Grace weighs 35 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall now.  She was actually in the 80th percentile for height at her last doctor appointment, which was the first time she’s ever been above the 20th! haha!  We were floored.  She did have a major growth spurt RIGHT before her appointment though.

Our Evie eagerly anticipates her school time, but continues to have the attention span of about 5 minutes on a good day.  That doesn’t stop her from being incredibly proud of every single small accomplishment she makes though!  If Daddy isn’t hearing aaalllllll about it when he gets home, it’s because she forgot.

Evie can count to 29 last I checked and knows all her letters and sounds.  She is still working on mastering her shapes (she had them down in the past, but kind of forgot them without enough repetition ha).  Evie has also been working on writing letters and putting sounds together to read CVC words.

In general, Evie’s strong point isn’t being a good listener.  If I had to tell you how many times a day I am saying, “Evie.  Evie!  Evie, focus!” when I’m asking her to do something…..  (Yes, I realize I need to work on my follow through for children who aren’t listening the first time. ha)  Also, the following were when I was super prego, JUST fyi.

Evelyn is still either 1000% happy, BIG SMILING, and laughing with joy OR down in the depths, wailing/whining, everything is bad, bad, bad!  She doesn’t have a lot of middle ground.  When she’s up, she’s UP though!

Driven by her big sister’s love of bugs and nature, Evelyn has been quite the little explorer this past year.  I love when these two are playing sweetly together with their little games.  They go in spurts, but the good moments are so precious.

Scouring the yard for bugs with Abby’s bug catcher (a gift for Abby’s birthday last year that has been one of the most used objects in our house).

Playing with the nasty, flat, gray caterpillar things they were finding daily back in late summer.  They were not one of my favorite bug finds, and watching them crawl all over the girls was a little much for me.  Cabz actually took this picture. hahaha  Gross.  I’m good at feigning interest, but seriously…..  ew.

I enjoy the monarch butterfly fun much more.  Although, I will say even those got a little old after we raised about five million this year.  We literally would have a couple caterpillars going, a couple in chrysalises, and be releasing a butterfly about every other day.  It’s still a beautiful miracle to watch happen, but it almost felt like I had extra children to take care of.  Get the milkweed for each one, give them water, make sure you keep an eye on the ones about to come out, etc. ha

I love the pic on the bottom right here.  Evie just looks so casual with her butterfly.  Just me over here, holding my monarch.  No big deal, guys.

Speaking of pets, Peanut loved our little cat and kitties!  We were all pretty devastated to lose them a couple months ago.

We recently got a new cat from my brother and his wife, which has been a great joy to the kids.  Evie named her, “Patteren.”  She was going for, ‘Pattern,’ but words are tricky when you’re 4, so our cat is definitely named “Patteren” which is a 3 syllable word.  (We homeschool, guys)

As we’ve been working on getting some yard stuff fixed up, we’ve been thinking more about getting a couple of goats (and also puppies!!!!!!!), but we still need to figure out fencing.  It will be a project, but hopefully we are getting closer.  The kids love playing with the goats at Emmy & Papa’s and dream of the day they get their own little goat pets.  They will love it! ❤  My goats were one of my favorite childhood memories.  My goat, Betsy, and I were like peanut butter and jelly.  (I was homeschooled too, guys)

Evie checking out the turtle she (VERY) proudly spotted on one of our walks.

Peanut loves outdoor adventures and fun, but her thing continues to be sticks.  Sticks, sticks, sticks.  It’s a very strange sight when I look out the window and Evie isn’t carting around a stick at least twice her size (generally swinging it precariously too near a sibling I might add).  This girl LOVES her sticks.  One of the most painful consequences she gets is losing the privilege of playing with them. haha  Ohhhh, Peanut.

Clean up after a big storm put Evie right in her element.

These two make pretty great stick buddies as Obie is usually pretty excited over a good stick find as well.

Matching sister pictures, because they could still squish into their outfits from last year and I think it’s cute. ❤

One of Evie’s favorite summer activities was apple picking and munching!  The kids thought it was GREAT that we had our very own fruit trees!  We made quite a bit of applesauce too!

Our mulberry trees were a major hit for the kids as well.  I didn’t enjoy those harvest days quite as much, because they destroyed half their clothes (those stains are rough to get out….) and constantly had stained hands, mouths, and feet (barefootin’ fun).

I finally wised up and made a rule that we only go pick mulberries when we’re in our swimming suits and can go swimming directly afterwards.  Saved a lot in the ol’ clothing department. 😉

Icies and “Look, Mama!  I’m swimming!”  Evie loved our pool and “swimming” in it, but still had some serious fear with deeper water this past summer.  She loved going to Emmy’s pool, but only when she could sit her buns in a baby float.  I would try to hold her in the water and she would be painfully clinging to me like a leech, panicking that I was going to let her go.  Thanks for the trust there, Toots.

Some of Evie’s all time favorite outside activities include: water/puddle/mud play and digging in the dirt.

I really need to just find a spot in the yard where the kids can have their own “garden” and dig, because that is ALL they wanted to do all year.  I had to keep warding them off from my flower areas and the mole hill destruction in our yard (that I was trying to repair in spite of moles and children), but hopefully next year I can find them a little spot where they can dig it up to their hearts’ content.

This was on the downhill side, but Evie had her first black eye this year.  It was a mysterious one, as we couldn’t remember what she did to earn it!  We decided it must have been one of those millions of times she whined about bonking into something.  One of them…. it was for real!  She was really looking like a ‘lil bruiser here. haha

Evie Grace is a pretty great big sister, although her follow through can sometimes be a bit lacking.  I often hear, “MAMA!!!  Can I hold Josie?!  Can I please hold Josie and help you??”  I hand Josie to her.  *1 minute later*  “Mama…. can I be done holding Josie now?  My arms are tired.  Can’t Abby hold her?  I have to go pee, etc.”  Originally, her rule was she had to sit while holding Josie, but that somehow turned into she can walk around on the carpeted areas.  Yes, it sometimes appears a bit precarious.  No, there have been no casualties to date.

Reading books to Little Miss.  Evie is often trying to help out with her, but can get a bit too grabby at times.  Overall, she is generally pretty helpful with the younger siblings.

Peanut really does have a lot of ambition to be my best helper ever.  If she wasn’t so easily distracted, her wish might come true. ha  Helping Daddy wash dishes is a favorite at the moment.  She usually completes the task sopped from head to toe, but…. can’t win ’em all.  Cooking/baking with Mama is also a coveted task.  The only downfall of that is all the other helpers who are watching in very close proximity whining about how they’re not currently helping.

These just make me smile, so I’m including them….  They’re some common Evie expressions when she’s explaining something important/intense (at least in her mind) to me.

Of course, she can only avoid her smile for so long before it pops back in full force. ❤

I sure love my little cuddle bug.  She is definitely a physical touch kind of person.

Evelyn will often come up to me and go, “Mama?”  “Yes?”  “I love you!” complete with a big hug of course. ❤

Time spent with Daddy is always on the list of favorite things! ❤

I know this would be weirder if it suddenly disappeared, but she still has her little front tooth gap and I still love it. ha

Alright, now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for….. Evie Quotes!  Okay, maybe it’s just me who gets super excited about kid quotes.  Regardless, here they are.  Try to enjoy them.

– “My little bunyans are barging in the door ‘cuz I have to show you something!!”  (This is because Evie is my constant door barger when outside and I often say, ‘Why are your little bunyans barging in this time??’)

-“Right” or “Right, right” as a constant response in her little low voice she uses at times

-“When I grow up, I’m gonna *fill in the blank*”  (Sometimes it’s something snarky like, “eat as much candy as I want!”  Sometimes it’s a nice thing she’s planning to do for me, like, “wash all the diapers for you!!” or “cook all the meals!”  Last time she told me she was going to build a big table for me like Justin did.  I said maybe he could teach you how to do that and she said he already did!  She learned how when she watched him put it all together!  I didn’t have the heart to explain that the part she watched was the final assembly, not the main building it/time consuming part. haha)

-Adding “tu” before all words ever.  Examples: “Tu-sagna” (lasagna), “Tu-nanas” (bananas)  Ya…. no idea.

-Still says “mel-melon” instead of “watermelon”

-In reference to our new baby’s name, “We are keeping it a prize!!” (surprise)  This was before Josie was born – no, we’re not pregnant at the moment

-“I wonder how yittle I was when I was a baby, ‘cuz I forgot.”

-Always my Pokey Joe child…. in an attempt to get her MOVING for once, I said, “Evie!!!  Trot your little buns to bed!”  She cheerfully, and without hurrying at all, replied, “We can trot or we can canter!”  Too many horse books lately….

-Evie: “Mama, you haven’t made O-O’s since our old house long ago!!”  Me: “O-O’s??  What are those?”  Evie: “You know!  Those little round circle noodles.”  Me: “You mean Spaghettio’s?”  Evie: “YA!!”  Abby: “Ya, they are in a red sauce kind of and you made those yummy sandwiches too!”  Me: “Grilled cheese?”  Girls: “YA!” haha  I guess it’s been quite a few months since I last made that meal……

-I used the phrase, ‘dead as a doornail’ a few times and afterwards Evie has constantly been using it (generally incorrectly).  “She’s just happy as a doornail!”  “I’m ready as a doornail!” etc. haha

-Evie loves playing games with “little newborn calves that can’t even walk yet!” ha  She is obsessed with calves, thinks she wants one, and was planning her birthday to be calf themed.  She changed her mind about a million times before her birthday and ended up wanting a farm theme last minute. ha  Typical Evie. ❤

This kid and her bike!  She loves biking and enjoys it all year long.  The girls were really into pretending their bikes were their ponies for quite a while.  They phased a little out of bikes lately, but I’m sure they’ll be back into them before long.

Trikes and scooter goofiness sometimes happen too.

Chalk and a big ball to chase!

Quiet Time outside on a blanket with Abby.  These two have been generally playing pretty well together at Quiet Times for quite a while.  It’s so nice they finally hit an age where they play more and fight less.  (Not that there isn’t still a decent amount of fighting, BUT when it’s just the two of them with toys or imagination they usually do pretty well these days!)

Although Evelyn actually figured out how to pump last year, she thought she learned how for the first time this year.  Either way, this girl has spent a lot of fun hours swinging this outside season!  We are pretty excited to get a swing set at some point. 🙂

One of my favs. ❤

Our little town had a parade for their fun days and threw about ten pounds of candy.  Pretty sure I’m still trying to get rid of it all, months later. ha

Some of Evie’s wild child antics.

I love this little one’s mind. haha  We had a foster appreciation meal thing a while back and there was a guy making balloon things.  Abby and Elly picked things they saw other kids getting (no one else was too original), but when the guy asked Evie what she wanted, she came up with a whale. haha  I’ve never seen a balloon animal whale before, but I like it!

Sweetcorn fun on the farm!  Also, the look of infatuation she’s giving Uncle Johnny is killin’ me.

Reading stories and playing games with Daddy are some of her favorite things.

This is blurry because it’s before Cabz fixed the focus for me on the new camera, but I still love it.  Sisters in rain boots. ❤

We love you, Peanut!  Your super happy, super whiny, cuddly, busy, busy, busy little self!  We’re praying the Lord saves you someday soon and that you learn to put your trust in Him.  ❤



Josanna is One Month!

Alright, let me just start this out by saying I may have gotten slightly carried away with pictures of this wee babe.  I think I stress out that I’m going to become the mom who only took pictures of her firstborn. haha

Plus… I had to walk around like an elephant waiting and waiting for this precious girl to make her appearance and once she finally arrived…. I was enthralled apparently. ❤

The first couple of weeks were a little rough in my department.  At one point I had mastitis, a yeast infection, a uti, and a really nasty cough/cold/diarrhea thing going on simultaneously.  That was a bit unpleasant, but I did manage to avoid going in to the doctor and got over it all at home. haha  Poor baby got the diarrhea, followed by not wanting to nurse while I had mastitis.  As a result, her weight wasn’t off to the best start.

We’re still trying to figure out if her birth weight was a little off base.  I mean, she was 9 lb 3 oz at birth, followed by dropping almost an entire POUND in 2 days according to their weight at the doctor office for her 2 day appointment that Monday (8 lb 6 oz).  It almost seems like she had swelling, but I don’t know what it would have been from since I didn’t get any IV.  Following the whole mastitis ordeal, she had her 2 week check up with an in-home nurse visit (so nice!) and was only 8 lb 3 oz.  The nurse offered to come the following week for a re-check on weight, which I gladly accepted vs. going in somewhere. haha  At the next check, we were happy to have her weight up to 8 lb 12 oz, which showed she was having very decent weight gain!  Yay!  I already knew that though, because I started keeping an eye on her with our baby scale after she was down to the 8.3 weight. haha

She is now up to 9 lb, which means next time I check her weight, she should finally be past her birth weight!  It took a while, but she’s going to get there!  Josie Faith is still fitting in newborn clothes, but that’s probably about to change, especially because I switched her over to my cloth diapers at 4 weeks.  I was ready to do that sooner, but I couldn’t find where I had stashed them.  Moving fun back in December had me all unorganized. (Add that to my massive to do list for this winter)

Baby yawns are so tiny and funny how they often turn into crying. ha

Josie was a pretty good sleeper right off the bat.  She really only did one wake up a night since getting home.  I would nurse her and go to sleep around 11, feed her again in the middle, and wake up around 7 a.m.  She’s been doing a few longer stretches now.  Her best was almost 7, but it’s more typical to get one 5 hour stretch and then a 3 hour.

Speaking of sleeping babies…. this one is pretty cute and cuddly when she sleeps.

I’ll never get tired of snuggling with this sweet little girl. ❤

Waiting for that 2 a.m. burp……

One of my favorite funny little quirks about this baby is how she often sleeps with her tongue sticking out just a little.  I find it seriously hilarious.

As I mentioned above, I had some struggles with nursing.  I always do, and I’m getting pretty convinced (by my sister and looking online) that my kids have all had bad lip ties causing a lot of the pain I have with nursing.  We might actually get Josie checked out to see.

Nursing hurt pretty solid for the first almost 4 weeks.  It’s much better now, but still not GREAT.  Josie’s suck is really not great either, as per my other kids.  Her latch can’t seem to get better no matter what I do and she often smacks the whole feeding (sign of a bad latch).  When I was reading online it said mastitis and thrush are common ongoing issues with a poor latch.  With Elly (baby before Josie), I got mastitis at least once a month the entire year I nursed her.  Thrush has also been a problem for me off and on.

Random other weird thing….. it actually feels painful when my milk lets down each time.  Why??

She looks like she’s going to have a long torso.

Frowny lil’ cutes!

This little one’s sisters sure love helping watch her.  They are typically fighting over the privilege.

The biggest fights over Baby Josie occur during meal prep.  I must say it’s been nicer and nicer as Josie has aged and is more entertained on the floor by her siblings!

Rude, but babies make super funny, squishy little faces all the time and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Seriously, though…. I’m obsessed with her sweet faces!  When she’s “talking” is adorable and her “being so tiny” face on the right is my fav. ❤

Photo shoot with the beautiful blanket Grandma made!

When Josie was first born, people were thinking she favored Elly in looks, but the majority recently have been saying she’s a Caleb baby.  I think it depends on her expression, but I definitely see him in her!  This picture below I thought was especially similar to him in looks:

She does love her Daddy though.  That’s for sure. ❤

Just looking cute, matching with my blanket.

I always like to do sister pictures.  Here were my attempts to get them all semi smiling and looking in my general direction while also taking a decent picture. hahaha  Two indoor and two outdoor.  Pick your favorite.

Mom and baby pictures usually end up as selfies, because it’s difficult to have my children take decent photos of us at this point. haha

Peering at something.  It’s so fun as they begin noticing and engaging with their surroundings more.

I didn’t get the seal of approval from Abby for her baby sister’s onesie in these next photos.  My comment, “Isn’t her onesie cute?!”  Abby, *reading her onesie in confusion* “New girl in town?  We don’t live in town.  It should say ‘New girl in the country!'”  haha  Can’t win ’em all.

This baby can really roly poly already!  She squirms way up on her sides, especially when she’s angry or waking up from a goooood nap.  Those warm naps outside in the sun are tough to come back from.

We were (believe it or not) loving being outside constantly until about 2 weeks ago…..

….when the weather took an abrupt turn and we entered what you call “Fall” in Iowa.  This is possibly how we all felt about that.

We did manage to get in Baby’s first (and then some more) stroller ride though.  She’s so tiny in there! haha

Josanna got to meet Great Grandma Schumacher! ❤  (Joann and Josanna)

Parents always want to try so many things with you…. like sitting you up in a chair and plopping you in a bouncer.  Oh, and tummy time.  Always such a favorite with newborns. haha

And then they laugh at your silly expressions when you’re working your butt off to lift your top heavy head!  Unreal.

I really overdid the pictures, folks.  I get it.  I really do.  I’m not necessarily apologizing though…. just acknowledging it.  Where do you draw the line though??  Cuteness overload!

We don’t really have too much of a schedule at this point, other than bedtime happens.  That has moved closer to 10 p.m. now.  I probably could lay her in there sooner, but it’s kind of fun to cuddle her a while in peace once the older tots are down for the night. haha  I generally nurse her every 2-3 hours during the day.  She is still typically napping in between every feeding session.  Sometimes she’ll stay awake for a whole period in between though.

Just in the last few days, it seems like Josie has made so many changes.  She’s starting to stay awake a lot more, notice and interact with those around her, stays happy on the floor longer, and SMILES!!!

She started smiling 1 day before turning 1 month.  Smiling is SERIOUSLY my favorite baby milestone.  I LOVE when they get to that point.  It’s so much fun to work for a smile and see them happy. ❤

We love you so much Josie Girl!  We’re so happy you’re with us and thankful the Lord blessed us so much with you! ❤


A Look in the Life….

Alright, this is for all you curious folks out there who have wondered what it’s like to live life with six kids 5 and under.  This is the end of the day, so I’m not mentally with it enough to relive our whole day for you, but this will give you a quick glimpse.

Possibly unnecessary background info: Abby had a hearing test appointment 30 minutes away this morning at 9:15, meaning I had to leave the house at 8:30 a.m. with all the kids and all the stuff that comes with them (diapers, wipes, clothes changes, potty, stroller, baby carrier, cereal bags since there was no way we were going to get breakfast done AND be ready to go in the van by 8:30, etc.).  We actually made it there in time, got done with it and I was somehow still ambitious crazy enough to take the kids to Kohls.  The actual ONLY reason I was that motivated was because we had just bought ourselves shoes online and I had $20.00 of Kohls cash + an extra $5.00 if I spent $25.  Also, Kohls was right next to Abby’s appointment, meaning it was normally a half hour drive away.

The kids were already kind of done at this point, and I am terrible at clothes shopping for myself.  I think everything is extremely over priced and unnecessary and it’s actually a struggle, guys.  I did my typical fill the cart with everything that I might possibly be interested in, because once in the fitting room is all I’m going to get with my motley crew.  We struggled through and I ended up getting one shirt that cost $7.20.  Good news: It was free.  Bad news: I wasn’t able to use up my $20 and definitely didn’t reach the $25 mark.  *sigh*

Alright, here’s the quick glimpse:  We get home and it’s lunch time.  Best. Part. Of. The. Day.  Hands down.  Not even a contest. hahaha  I whip leftovers out of the fridge and start microwaving like there’s no tomorrow.  Elly poops in the potty in the kitchen (which is there for Obie since he needs more help, but she continues to use it vs. the big potty, especially when pooping, because…. ?) and starts hollering that she’s DONE now!!!

Meanwhile, Obie pulls his pants down and announces he has to go and no matter where I try to step he is literally under my feet and we’re falling all over each other.

Abby and Evie found a praying mantis* outside while they were letting the chickens out and continue to race in and out of the house screeching about it AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS BECAUSE IT’S SUPER EXCITING and Abby needs a container quick because it’s going to get away but her bug cage has 2 monarch chrysalises in it and so what can she even do?!?!  And now it got away!!  Oh wait!  Now Evie found it again!!  Quick!  We need a container!!  Where’s her gloves because she doesn’t want it to bite her finger??

Elly still needs her butt wiped and Obie is still flailing around the kitchen with his pants down.  Also, I’m holding Josie because she’s been sobbing hysterically the entire time and Little Miss is scouring the living room floor and devouring every “yuck” she can find.  Good.  I guess she won’t need as much lunch at least. hahaha

I love my children, but WOW!  They just can not slow down.  Ever.  Also, God knows what we need to sanctify us.

The above scenario actually happened within the span of about five minutes.  Livin’ the life. ❤

*They named it “Tulip the Bug Eater” because it likes to eat bugs of course.