Starting our Weekly Letter!

One of my preschool goals with Abby over the next year is to go through the alphabet twice, focusing on one letter each week.  Since she is currently just a year and half old, the first time through won’t be too intense (although she does already know most of her letters and even their sounds). alphabooks

For our first week, we did the letter “Aa.”  On Monday I introduced the letter name and sound (short vowel), followed by reading a letter “Aa” board book from my box of Baby Einstein Alphabooks (yet another garage sale win!).

Finally, we ended by doing a letter activity that focused on “Aa.”  I will dedicate a future post to my letter activities. 🙂  We followed the same basic routine for the rest of the week, rereading our letter “Aa” book anBLOGd completing a letter activity.  On Friday, I ended the week by having Abby color four pictures of objects starting with “A.”  I cut them out and she used a glue stick (not quite ready for bottled glue haha!) to stick them onto an “Aa is for” blank page I had printed out for her preschool alphabet book.  I like the idea of having something we can use to review what we learned later on and she absolutely loves her school books!  She has one for alphabet related activities and one for math/other.

BLOG2One other thing I decided on adding was a picture and word card activity.  On Tuesday, I showed Abby a picture of an “apple” along with the corresponding word card.  We talked about how “apple” started with “a.”  As we progress, she will have more and more word/picture cards and I will have her find either a picture or word to match the one I am holding.  It will help her start recognizing and sounding out words.

I’ll try to throw in a letter themed snack at least once a week for something fun as well.  This time it was apple juice and apple slices!BLOG


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