Flannel Board Color Sorting

This flannel board is something I made back in college and have used over and over again.  If you want to make your own, just buy a thin piece of wood at your local lumber store and enough flannel to cover it (overlapping slightly).  Grab a buddy to help you stretch the fabric tight (you want it as tight as possible so it doesn’t bubble up) and staple gun it down.  If you have a more permanent residence (aka house), feel free to staple gun it straight onto a wall somewhere.  If we ever switch from our apartment lifestyle, you can be sure I will be attaching mine to a wall as it makes it more sturdy.

Flannel boards are excellent for story telling/retelling and all kinds of other wonderful things, but this post is about color sorting.  I printed off various pictures (I like to print off outlined images so I save on ink and get to color them in myself – I love coloring!), cut them out and laminated them with contact paper for durability.  After sticking a small piece of velcro on the back of each picture, we were ready to go!

When first introducing this activity, I would stick a color word card on the flannel board, read it, and have Abby find all of the matching objects.  For example, I would put up the word, “Blue” and she would find all of the blue pictures and put them up as well.  You can make this as easy or challenging as you want to.  If your child is struggling with it, have less colors in the pile they have to sort through.

BLOGOnce Abs had mastered finding one color, I had her start finding two colors at once and put them under the correct color as pictured.  Since we were really working on this right when she was starting to talk, it was a great way to build her vocabulary as well.  She enjoyed saying the name of each picture as she put it up.  Sometimes, I would ask her to put specific pictures up on the board.  For example, “Can you stick the green tractor up on the flannel board?”  This was reinforcing color and helping her associate a word with a picture.


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