Number Puzzle Board & Pegs (My Father’s World curriculum for preschoolers)

I love using this curriculum (that my awesome mom gave me last Christmas!!) with Abby!  It not only occupies her attention for long periods of time, but it’s something she can play with on her own when I need to accomplish something.  In other words, it is a major win.  Our usual routine with this particular part of the set is to say each number as we lay it out.  Then, I will let her fit in all the pegs while I’m busy with other things.  Once she gets the pegs in, we sit back down and count how many are on each “card.”  Letting her put the pegs in herself allows her to handle the pegs and do some color sorting as she’s getting them put in the “cards.”  Both of these are necessary elements of the game for her – trust me!  She currently loves counting to one or two on her own.  With help, she can count to ten (she will remember some of the numbers as we go).


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