Busy Bugs Learning Set by Discovery Toys

I LOVE THIS TOY!  It’s kind of ridiculously expensive on Amazon, but I (of course) found mine at a garage sale.  Don’t let the $2 marker on the box fool you either…. I definitely bargained and just paid a dollar. 😉  I’ve used this through multiple students and children and it is still one of blogmy favorites.  There are color sorting mats, addition mats, pattern mats, bug classification mats – it’s awesome.  If you don’t have this, start garage saling!  Just this summer, I saw the exact set at 2 garage sales.  I also bought a tub of planes, trains, boats, cars and buses for a dollar and they would work just as well for something like this.  The best part about this set is that you can create your own mats to work on whatever skills you want.  If you don’t have the bugs set, but have another similar manipulative, start making some mats that fit your child.  This is an excellent math resource!  I realize I sound like an advertisement, but this is just one of the best! 🙂


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