Alphabet Stamps & Play Dough

This ridiculously awesome idea came from Jenae.  You combine the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set with a container of play dough and presto!  You have an awesome preschool activity that can be used in a million different ways!  Any alphabet stamps will work with this idea.  However, since I didn’t have any, I used my Amazon gift cards from  Swagbucks and went ahead and bought the Melissa & Doug one.  It’s a nice, wooden set that should last us forever.  Alphabet Stamps

For now, I help Abby flatten out a chunk of play dough.  Then I stamp one letter (either upper or lower case) on the play dough and she has to find and stamp the matching letter.  If that is too difficult for your child, you can simply have them stamp a letter of choice and talk about what letter it is with them.  I’m excited to use this with spelling activities as Abby gets older.  It’d be a great (and fun!) assessment to use.  You could stamp out words, leaving one letter blank and have your child stamp in the missing letter.  It’d be an excellent way to practice word families or writing their name.  So much fun to be had! 🙂  I had a related garage sale win earlier this summer when I found a set of plastic number stamps for fifty cents!  We currently use those for number recognition, but it will be great fun when we start addition/subtraction later on!Playdough Stamp Letters


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