Lovely Letters – matching upper and lower case

Eureka Tub of LettersFile folder games are a recent obsession of mine, mostly because they are cute, fun to make and easy to store.  I have found so many awesome ideas off of the File Folder Fun website and this one was one of those pins I had to actually complete!  Although I thought the heart matching was cute, I didn’t necessarily want Abby depending on the colors to match upper case to lower case.  In addition, trying to place the paper heart letters without them constantly sliding off would probably just end up frustrating her perfectionist little soul.  My edit for these potential problems was to purchase the Eureka Tub Of Letter Tiles off Amazon.

*Quick plug…..I have quite a few gift cards on Amazon, thanks to Swagbucks.  It’s a little slow adding up, but I’ve earned well over $400.00 (in Amazon gift cards) for free since joining!  I enjoy using the extra money to buy preschool supplies I probably would otherwise be too cheap to get.  If you’re interested in trying it out, please use my referral link and earn me some more!*Upper and Lower Case Matching 4

The tub of letters works amazingly for this activity.  Since Abby easily recognizes all of her upper case letters, I made those the fixated ones in her folder.  Then I sorted out 26 lower case tiles to keep with the game.  The tub of letters doesn’t have a great little “q” (aka… no tail, which drives me crazy), so I used a permanent marker to add one on shortly after I took my pictures.  The plastic tiles stay in place MUCH better than laminated paper hearts would – I know from experience with similar activities I’ve made.  Overall, I think this will continue to be a great way for Abby to work on her upper to lower case pairing.  At the moment, she mostly just needs to figure out little “b,” “d,” and “p” since those tend to confuse her.  I’m pretty impressed with our sweet little tot!  Upper and Lower Case Matching 3


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