Color Cup Sorting

Blog3Abby picked up on her colors pretty early, so our current color activities are just for reinforcement and fun!  I wanted to find some type of cheap containers/boxes to use for color sorting and finally had what I call the, “Plastic Apple Juice Cup Revelation.”  Okay, so I finally realized I was throwing away the perfect solution every week from Alidis (best grocery store ever – and yes I make it incorrectly plural).  These cups work amazingly because they are lightweight, super cheap (if you’re going to drink the juice anyway!) and don’t have anything for little ones to cut themselves on!  That was my problem with using tin cans – sharp edges!


I simply taped a strip of colored cardstock around each cup and wrote the corresponding color on them.  I love cardstock and use it every time over construction paper.  It is more expensive, but it doesn’t rip nearly as often and the colors are so much brighter and attractive!

You can use these for sorting pretty much anything.  Some of our favorite objects to sort include: colored craft sticks from the dollar store, pom-poms, our bug manipulatives, buttons and the square Duplo pieces.  Abby will seriously play with this every single day.  Since it’s easy for her at this point, it’s a great activity for her to do on her own.  Bonus! 😉Blog2


One thought on “Color Cup Sorting

  1. I’m excited about this post because I couldn’t get the video to work on Facebook. Audra is getting interested in color sorting so this would be fun for her. I’m going to have to come up with an alternative to juice cans, though… Maybe yogurt cups? I love seeing all of your ideas!

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