…. and please give me peas!

I love my little toddler SO very much!  She never fails to bring me daily joy and laughter.  We were ending our usual bedtime routine tonight and praying with her as she lay snuggled up in her bed.  During my prayer, I said something along the lines of, “Dear Lord, please be with our little girl tonight.  Give her peace and help her to feel your presence surrounding and protecting her.”  When I had finished, she sat up excitedly and gasped, “PEAS?!  Abby??  EAT!??!”  It took me a minute to comprehend what she was talking about and then I realized…. she expected God to hand over some peas.  Apparently “peace” wasn’t the greatest word choice.  I tried to explain it to her, but I’m pretty sure she just wound up feeling a tad disappointed.  I guess when you’re 22 months old, food sounds a whole lot better than peace of mind.


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