Shape Match-up

Shape Match-up 3A great deal of my creative inspiration develops via pinterest.  Even though there are a lot of ideas that aren’t exactly what I want, they are close enough that I can use them to get started.  I had seen a few people pinning shape match-up quiet books a while ago.  They looked super adorable and everything, but I can’t sew whatsoever.  I’m not even kidding you.  I can thread a needle and then I don’t know what to do.  If a button falls off a shirt, I have to turn elsewhere for help.  Just thinking about sewing makes me feel stressed.  I wish I was talented in this area but, needless to say, I had to edit this craft a tad.

Shape Match-up 4I thought this activity would work really well as a file folder game, so that’s the direction I went with it.  I printed off a couple sheets of paper with shapes arranged on them, glued them in the folder and laminated each page.  I also printed the shapes’ names on them since it’s never too early for little ones to start recognizing words. 🙂  For the matching shapes, I got rid of the names, then printed off the same pages (this time on white cardstock for sturdiness).  I colored & cut them out, laminated them and stuck some velcro on the back.  I am a huge fan of using velcro for matching activities as it eliminates frustration with sliding!

Shape Match-up 1One of my favorite parts of this activity is that I used a variety of “harder” shapes.  I think it’s silly to have low expectations for kids!  There is no reason I need to limit Abby to circles, rectangles, squares and triangles.  She already knows and recognizes the names of almost every shape in this game.  The only two she has trouble with are the hexagon and octagon which is pretty understandable.  She can’t count to 6 or 8 yet which makes it a little tricky to see the difference.  I would like to eventually add a third page to the back of the folder (same technique) with a few of the shapes I had to leave out.  I made sure to use plain, white shapes in the folder as I didn’t want Abby matching them based on their color.  Similarly, I left the shape names off the colored ones so she had to match based on shape only.Shape Match-up 2


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