Shape Sorting Sheets

Shape SortingThis shape activity focuses on sorting/matching.  It was also one of Abby’s first experiences with placing things in rows.  I created three pages with different shapes on each one.  This is the page we are currently working on.  I printed the sheet and shapes on white cardstock for durability.  Although I used contact paper to laminate the removable shapes, I simply stuck the worksheet into a page protector.  As you can see, I did my usual and used velcro for easier placement and to avoid slipping. When you’re not using this activity, the removable shapes can be slipped inside the page protector as well.  I store the page in Abby’s preschool math binder.

Our usual routine is to work on it every few days or so for a couple of weeks.  After that I print off the same worksheet and shapes on plain copy paper.  I use a glue stick to spread a thin layer of glue over each row and have her stick the shapes where they belong.  This is sort of an assessment (although, I already have a pretty good idea of how competent she is by this point since I’ve been working one on one with her haha) as well as a way to more permanently document how she’s doing.  Not to mention, Abby absolutely loves looking through her school books at things she has completed.  Shape Sorting 2


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