Alphabet Tube

Alphabet Sticker TubeHere is a quick activity to put together that I found on Testy yet trying.  You simply grab an empty paper towel tube (or something similar… mine is from some plastic cling wrap) and use a black marker to write each letter on it.  Then write each letter on blank stickers and let your child peel them off and stick on the matching tube letter.

Since Abby has known all of her letters for quite a while now, I wrote upper case letters on the tube and lower case letters on the stickers to make it a little more exciting,  She had no problem marching them up, but did need a little help getting the stickers on at first.

This was a fun little activity, although not something you can really reuse (well… you can until the stickers quit sticking 😉  Abby was quick to discover that…).  It was super cheap to do though and we had fun with it! 🙂  Alphabet Sticker Tube1


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