Q-tip Fall Tree Painting

Abby developed a cold last night (ugh! There goes our 4 month stretch of having a healthy family!)  If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, toddlers can be a bit needy when they aren’t feeling well.  When Abby was begging to do “more school!!” this morning, I figured it would be a much better outlet than ripping her kleen-ex into obnoxiously small pieces so she could throw it away and get a new one. *sigh*

I have had a million and one super fun, fall themed crafts floating around in my head and I figured it was about time to get one of them done.  It hasn’t already snowed like five times or anything….  Next year will likely be much more do-able for fall crafts since I won’t be constantly nursing. 🙂  Anyhow, we have accomplished at least one now!

This was Abby’s first time q-tip painting and she really loved it!  I think she mostly loved that it wasn’t as messy as finger painting (We tried that over the weekend and with her it was literally one finger doing all the painting.  Not sure how much she actually enjoyed it since she was mostly just worrying over her “messy” finger. haha  What a girl!).

This craft was incredibly easy to throw together.  Just grab a piece of paper, some paints, q-tips and optional: scissors, glue and brown construction paper.  I cut out the tree trunk and branches as Abby is a little young to successfully handle scissors, but she helped glue the pieces down on her paper.  (If you don’t have construction paper handy, just draw or paint the tree trunk!)  After the trunk is complete, show your child how to dip one q-tip in one color of paint and then put dot leaves on their tree!  I also drew a pencil circle around the area I wanted Abby to dot in, so she could work on the concept of staying in the lines a bit.  She did decently well for the most part.

Since Abby is still pretty young, we just had one color of paint available at a time.  I could have let her make a giant mess, but I knew Evie was going to want to eat again soon and this time it was just easier this way. 🙂  Abby enjoyed picking which color she wanted next and did really well with the dotting at first.  By the time we got to the color orange, you can see we got a little more globby and a little less nice and dotty. haha

This was a fun art project, holding the little q-tips helped with our fine motor building, and I think it will be a great one to repeat next year.  Maybe we’ll get wild and even try some monitored scissor action at that point!  There may not be any more leaves on the trees outside our window, but the one on our fridge is sure full of them. 🙂Q-tip Fall Tree Leaf Painting


2 thoughts on “Q-tip Fall Tree Painting

  1. I will have to take some pictures sometime of our kiddos fall trees. We do the same concept but let them draw the trunk and access to the paint whenever! So it’s so interesting to see all their different perspectives! Nice tree, Abby 🙂

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