Turning Two!

cutes1Our little girl turned two a couple weeks ago….  where did the time go?!  She used to be so little and I still don’t know what happened.  Caleb and I may be a tad biased, but we’re pretty sure a smarter, more adorable little two year old has never existed. 🙂  Although she feels “big,” I guess she is technically pretty little as she is only the 11th percentile for weight (59th for height though!).  I guess she’ll be scrawny like my siblings and I all were. 🙂

Abigail’s all-time favorite activity is school.  Her constant cry is “More school!  More school!” and if I tell her I have to work on other things for a while, she comforts herself by saying, “Later.  Daddy home.  Ask Daddy.”  She seems to be a very quick learner.  She has known her colors and a wide variety of shapes since 18 months, her upper/lower case letters and corresponding sounds since 20 months, and can now count successfully to 4 (5 on a good day).  She also has been able to name her numbers 1-10 since 20 months along with a few random ones.

We potty trained Abby at 18 months and she didcutes really well with it.  I am especially grateful that I haven’t had to deal with both girls in diapers.  That would have made for a lot of laundry.  She does really well holding it when necessary and now enjoys running in, doing her thing and then hollering “DONE!” from the bathroom.  (I haven’t worked on wiping skills as I really would rather do it myself at this point for sanitary purposes. haha)

One of the sweetest things about Abby is how wonderful she is with her baby sister, Evelyn.  She loves her SO much and always wants to hold her, play with her, and of course give her lots of “kisses” (her version of a kiss is leaning her cheek against people/objects).  She has recently been assuring me that, “Abby take her” when I’m in the middle of something and suddenly Evie needs my attention.  Needless to say, I don’t hand the baby over to the standing up two year old trying to take her. sisters

Abby is also always concerned about everyone getting to enjoy chairwhatever she is eating.  She loved sharing pieces of popcorn with her younger uncle when we were visiting family over Thanksgiving and is constantly concerned that Daddy share whatever she is eating.  Speaking of being home, playing with her aunties was a major highlight!  One of the pros for having younger, adopted sisters…. insta-playmates for my girls!

happy girl
My two year old is probably my favorite helper ever (aside from her Daddy at least)!  She is always running to get things for me when I’m busy with Evie and loves nothing more than “helping Mama cook!”  If I am in the kitchen, she is sure to have her chair shoved up to the table where she can climb up and be as involved as possible!

A few months ago, Abby really took off with talking and now she never stops.  Seriously, never.  She chatters alllll day, as well as at quiet time and bedtime (until she falls asleep).  I never have to wonder where she is because I can always hear her! 🙂  She is using more and more full sentences.  I love hearing what she has to say, especially with her optimistic outlook on life.  Some favorite sayings are when she encourages herself by saying, “Good job, Abby!!” and “Pretty close!”  Or when we tell her we’re done with something she is really having fun with she’ll say, “Maybe later!”, “Maybe tomorrow!”, or “Maybe after nap time!”  If it’s something we really aren’t going to do anymore and we shut those ideas down, she will continue with, “Well…. maybe.  We’ll see!”  She knows how to use her cuteness on her parents to say the least. 😉

hi cutes!Abby continues to eat really well for us and is usually only picky about things when we are eating somewhere else (restaurant or other people’s houses).  She thinks bell pepper pieces and frozen corn are great snacks, which is perfect by me!

Lest you think our wee tot is perfect though, she does have her times. 🙂  Her main flaw tends to be stubbornness.  Caleb and I can both be pretty stubborn, so we kind of deserve our kids to dish it back.  She is currently in a stage where she overuses the word “no” and always wants to do the opposite of what she is asked,  We’re working on her though and she always listens eventually.

Aside from school, she absolutely loves reading and listening to books.  She has recently been asking Caleb to read her “Elmer and the Dragon” books – small chapter books with only a few sketches – and seems to enjoy them.  Abby also loves taking care of her babies.  She will push them in her stroller (thanks, Emmy), doctor them, cook for them, hold/burp them, give them hugs, and usually wants them all lined up to listen when Daddy reads her stories.  Often, when it’s time for her to go to bed, I am designated to watch her babies for her as they are piled on my lap. ha!strollerReading

We are looking forward to warmer weather when it’s more possible to take both girls out walking again.  In the summer, Abby would walk a good 3 + miles with me every day and we miss that!  She loves the outdoors and all animals!  One of our favorite subjects is talking about how we will get a puppy when we have a house with a fence someday.  (Her and I are both pretty pumped for that!)

starThis post was rather randomly thrown together, but I wanted to get it all down before I forgot.  I also typed it one-handed (baby in other arm – check!) as usual with my posts, so any and all errors basically have an awesome excuse.  And p.s. we love teaching our girl how to play board games.  It’s our favorite!! 🙂  And p.p.s. I find it hilarious when she refers to Caleb and me as “hun” or “babe” after hearing us say that.  “Pears, babe!” when it’s time for bedtime snack.  “Nice catch, hun!” when we throw something across the room to one another (to be honest, this happens a lot and usually involves a diaper).


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