Two Months Old!!

2 month old 3Evelyn is two months old now and weighs 9 lb 7 oz.  She’s following in her sister’s footsteps and is only on the 8th percentile for weight.  In spite of their ginormous appetites, we have tiny kids!  The favorite development from 1 to 2 months of age would definitely be the whole getting more sleep.  Of course, this is coming from the mother who is finally starting to function like a normal human again because of the increase in sleep. ha  Unlike Abigail, who slept in her crib from night one, Evie has yet to actually sleep in her crib.  I tried a couple times in the beginning, but every time she fell asleep and I tried lying her down, she would start choking on her spit-up and wake herself up in a frenzy.  If I just held her in the awesome recliner chair (my even more awesome husband bought me) or on a pile of pillows in our bed, we all got a LOT more sleep.  I know our doctor would freak out at me if they heard I was “co-sleeping” with baby or whatever, but I say do whatever you can survive with.  Prior to Abigail’s birth I could be a pretty deep sleeper and it might have been more frightening to have her in bed with us, but honestly, ever since Abby arrived I wake up to EVERYTHING.  One of the girls lets out a sniffle and I am wide awake.  Caleb on the other hand….. well, I am pretty sure he could sleep through our entire apartment exploding to bits and never even stir.  It’s a talent.  Anyway, after Evie’s first 6 weeks, her spitting at night significantly decreased and I am hoping to work on some major sleep training in the very near future.  It just doesn’t seem worth it at the moment since we’ll be visiting family again over Christmas and our schedules will be all messed up.  We have progressed from me holding her at night, to her mostly just laying next to me.  And hallelujah we now typically have a 7-8 hour stretch of no feedings at night!!  This means, I am really only feeding her once in the night and it’s WONDERFUL. 🙂  2 month old 2

2 month old 5Speaking of feedings, they have been going amazing lately.  About 2 weeks after getting some serious help from that miracle-worker lactation consultant and things were SO. MUCH. BETTER.  I had to use the shield on the left side for a couple weeks before the open sore was healed enough that I could stand not using it again.  Evie is a pretty frequent eater during the day and nurses every 2 hours and sometimes even a little sooner.  She often has a longer nap sometime in the afternoon where we might make a 3 hour stretch, but it’s not a given.  I really don’t mind the constant feeding frenzy though, since we are doing well over night.  That makes a world of difference, folks!

Evelyn absolutely LOVES when we talk to her.  She tries so hard to keep us over there – she’ll smile and gurgle and in general be insanely adorable so it’s really hard to turn away. 🙂  She naps in her car seat and swing during the day pretty well, but not so much with the crib yet.  (Like I said… I’m hoping to really push the crib training after Christmas visiting ends and we can be settled in with our routines a little better)2 month old 3

SissiesWith an older two year old sister at large, Evie is pretty used to having body parts and toys constantly in her face and is able to sleep through noise a lot better than Abby ever did.  Evs is starting to show a little more interest in her big sister and will smile at her when she holds still long enough to be spotted.

Evie can hold her head up very well on her own already, although she still isn’t too big on tummy time.  She is enjoying playing on her back for longer periods of time and even swings at her mobile toys occasionally.  I like the stage when they can start really grabbing toys, so that will be fun to see happen.2 month old 1


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