Three Months Old!!!

3 months old7Christmas Teddy BearOur sweet babe caught her first cold over Christmas and is still fighting it.  She’s been a trooper and is hopefully moving past it finally!  It was mainly a stuffed up nose and made her a little grouchier.  She got her teddy from Grampy when we were home over Christmas too!

Evelyn has recently been infatuated with chewing on her fists.  She now weighs over 10 lb 6oz, if anything, seems even tinier than Abby was at this age.  She currently wears outfits that Abby was fitting at 1 1/2 months. haha  Our kids tend to be on the small side!  It will be interesting to see what heights they end up with.3 months old4

Abigail continues to be enamored with her little sister and Evie is really starting to return the attention now.  One of their favorite pastimes is laying on the play mat and talking to each other.  (Well… one talks, the other tries.)  Abby is quite the helper and will wipe spit-up, run and get things for me, and find Evie’s pacifier among other things.  Evelyn is fascinated with Abby’s perpetual movement.  (So am I, quite frankly….)Giggly Sisters

3 months old14We’re now doing about 4 naps a day fairly consistent.  She takes one in the morning, one after lunch, one in the later afternoon and a pretty short nap sometime in the evening before bed.  Evie takes most of her naps in her car seat or swing since we’re all still in the one bedroom and it works out better with the girls not waking each other up that way.  Evie is still sleeping in our bed, but I kind of like it since it makes the night feeding less annoying. haha  We’ll see if I get sick of it after we move though.  More than likely I am just avoiding crib training since it seems annoying while Abby’s bed is still in our room too.  We won’t know what to do with Abby in her own room after we move!  I’ll probably miss having her little bed in with us.  It’s actually kind of cozy to have us all sharing the same room.  We’re just enjoying the log cabin style thing.

Happy GirlEvie enjoys laying on her play mat and swinging at the toys.  She will grab on to them for short amounts of time now.  She gets super excited when she’s holding something.  She is still very smiley overall and loves when we talk to her.  When she does decide to have a fit, she has two favorite cries: one is just angry/loud but the other is super helpless and squeaky.  The second one is pretty hilarious.

Our little one is still eating pretty frequently during the day, about every 2 hours.  At night she will go anywhere from 6-8 hours, but even when she does wake up to eat she typically goes right back to sleep so it’s not too big of a deal.  I think that’s just about how long she can go with how tiny she is. 🙂  Evie still only does one or two poopy diapers a week which just makes cloth diapering a breeze I tell ya. 3 months old53 months old

3 months old12My favorite “Evie Happening” in the last few days was hearing her laugh for the first time on January 2nd!!  She thought it was funny when I was fake sneezing and laughed over and over at it, until of course I tried pulling out the video camera.  She hasn’t laughed since, but we’re hoping she’ll bring it back real soon.  She is a sweetie and for how tiny she is, she sure brings a large amount of happiness into our lives!!3 months old10


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