Packing, Moving, & Children – Oh My!!

It has become painfully clear that I am not a professional at moving.  Also, having 2 young children makes the ordeal quite a bit more interesting than it was with just Abby.  Most days we muddle through, managing to get a few things packed in the process.  Today, however…. today was one of those days.  You know, the kind where Abby decided to completely skip her nap and proceeded to spend the rest of her day in and out of the “thinking area.”  The kind where, for whatever reason, Evie wanted to nurse every. single. hour.  The kind where Abby was very interested in “helping” me pack (and unpack) everything.  The kind where when Evie wasn’t nursing she was wanting to be held and letting me know it loud and clear.  The kind where I really wished there was more chocolate in our house besides two, pathetic teaspoons of mini chocolate chips – seriously, that is barely enough to even taste the chocolate!!!!  Twerpy

Obviously, there was only one thing to do today.  Yes, I laid in the middle of all the boxes/bins/stuff cluttering our living room with a baby blanket wrapped around my head.  This helped drown out the crazies while I pictured a super organized moving experience in which my OCD self had everything neatly lined up along the wall in even, perfect stacks.  Everything was readily awaiting the movers next Saturday and we were eating fudgy, chocolate brownies and leaving no crumbs behind.  It was pretty great until reality hit. haha

NaughtyIn spite of the insanity of moving, we have an awesome family.  And, as I tell Abby sometimes, “Even when you drive me CRAZY, I still love you!!”  We’re busy as bees with the upcoming move, but I thought I’d quickly share how things are going.  Hopefully our nuttiness can bring you a smile.

P.S. Have I mentioned how excited I am to have a garage sale this spring?!  It’s amazing how so much we’re packing hasn’t even been touched for months on end!  And here we are hauling it all over!  Ridiculous…..

P.P.S. With the slight increase in temperature, our apartment is now staying warm enough again!!  This means we don’t have to spend the whole day huddled around a space heater and running the oven periodically.  MAJOR WIN! 🙂 Naughty Buns


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