Four Months Old!!!!

Little TeddyFour months is such a fun age!  I feel like it’s the beginning of “middle-aged baby stage” and the end of “newborn baby stage.” haha  Caleb and I tell Evie that although we always loved her, she is much more fun now.  There is so much interaction going on and she recently started doing a lot of “talking” which is always a hoot.  Evelyn absolutely loves playing with and holding toys and is really into yelling at things.  She is still wearing a lot of 3 months outfits, but starting to fit into a few 3-6 months (mostly with the help of her cloth diapers).  Our “hefty” little tot now weighs 11 lb 3/4 oz, so she is pretty much huge.  I guess that is almost half of Abby’s current weight (24 lb).  I was looking up Abby’s weight records and was amazed to see that she weighed 2 lb more than Evie does at 4 months!  WOW!  Evie was in the 2nd percentile for her weight and 6th for her height at her 4 month doctor appointment!!  That was a bit of a shocker.  Our kids are always on the low end, but 2nd percentile was a little startling.  Four Months Old2 Four Months OldEvelyn is always full of smiles (quite different from Abby who was such a serious baby!).  She has started (mostly) doing two naps a day, which is nice.  She usually naps in her car seat.  I transitioned her to sleeping in her crib overnight a couple weeks ago and it went really well.  We lay her down around 7 or 7:30 every night and she wakes up to start her day somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.  She is still waking up about twice a night to nurse which is very different from Abby who was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks.  It’s not horrible since she is a fast eater (about 5 minutes) and then goes right back to sleep.  The worst part is that I can’t go right back to sleep afterwards, but it will end eventually.Four Months Old1 Evie is a pretty happy little girl.  She still likes me to hold her a lot, but is playing for longer periods of time on the floor.  If you think about it, it’s really no shocker that a baby would rather be carried around than lay in one spot with limited mobility doing next to nothing. ha!  I still am completely in love with my K’tan carrier.  I’ve switched from the newborn position to one that faces the baby outwards and Evelyn really likes it!  Being hands free is so helpful.Big Sister and Me1Big Sister and ME Big sister is still an excellent entertainer, handing Evie toys and reading her stories among other exciting ideas….  Little sister is definitely well loved.  Abigail is reading Evie, “Big Sister, Little Sister” in this picture.  It’s a current favorite around here.  The storyline isn’t really that well written (in my rude opinion) but the idea is so fun that we enjoy it anyway.  I’ve been inspired to create my own future version using photos of the girls.  We’ll see if I ever get around to it though.Reading with Big Sister Our little four month old thinks she is pretty big now and enjoys standing up to show off her strong legs.Standing Up It’s pretty crazy to think this little girl will be sitting up on her own in the next couple of months!  Ahh!Bumbo Seat Baby GirlEvelyn is nursing every 2-3 hours during the day which feels pretty frequent, but as I mentioned above, she doesn’t drag it out at least!  She loves rolling up onto her sides and peering around, but doesn’t seem too interested in actually rolling completely over.  She still is not fond of laying on her stomach.  I really wonder if there are babies who truly enjoy tummy time.  Mine sure didn’t until they were quite a bit older. Evie is starting to get really excited when Daddy comes home from work, which I think is pretty cute.  If he doesn’t give her attention pretty quickly, she will start voicing her unhappy opinion.Daddy and Me Four Months Old3We love watching both of our little girls grow and change every day.  They are so much fun – nutty, but fun.  And of course we love them to pieces!!Four Months Old4


2 thoughts on “Four Months Old!!!!

  1. Her smile in the bumbo picture is extra adorable!

    I had forgotten about Abby’s amazing sleeping through the night at 8 weeks… That was something else! Audra was up 2 times a night until 9 months, and then still once a night until just before her first birthday (despite several attempts to night wean earlier). It seemed like forever at the time but it ended eventually and then I missed the night time snuggles.
    🙂 Hopefully Evie will let you sleep longer soon!

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