Sometimes I think I’m famous….

It’s true.  There are days (every day of my life) where I seriously think I can relate to famous people.  I have my own paparazzi.  She is two years old and just so happens to be my daughter.  Because of her, my life is a narrative.

Ever since Abby learned how to speak, she only stops while sleeping.  Most of the time I can’t even pinpoint when she is stopping to take a breath – it’s that constant.  When you talk THAT much, you tend to run out of good subject material.  As a result, this is a snapshot of what my every moment looks like:

Abby, “Evie’s crying now.” (I’m holding Evie who is loudly demanding to eat, but I might not have noticed if I didn’t get the update)  “Mama’s feeding Evie.” (Ohhh, THAT’S what I’m doing.  I was really starting to wonder…)  “The timer’s going off now!” (Yeeeup, glad she didn’t let me burn those cookies!)  “Mama’s holding Evie.” (That’s right!  I am.  Note to self: Don’t use both hands to get the cookies out when you are holding Evie)  “Mama’s openin’ the oven.  Stay back, back, back!  Mama’s takin’ out the cookies!  Now Mama’s walkin’.  (Walking?  More like jogging.  I’ve gotta pee!)  “Mama’s going potty!”  (Phew, finally!  I’ve been waiting all morning to pee.)  “Mama took her stockings off.”  (Ya, I like to be barefoot)  And so goes our day.  I don’t know what I would do without my life updates. 🙂  IMG_1560edit


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