Duplo Counting Stacks!

We love anything Lego around here!  The “real” ones are the best, but Duplos have their benefits as well.  When I found this idea on All Our Days via Pinterest a while back, I knew it was going to be a winner.  Of course I needed to make my own, because I wanted to edit the idea a tad.  The main differences with the set I made was using smaller numerals and adding in the cards 7-10.  There’s just something satisfying about having a counting activity one through ten.  I designed my cards on publisher and made the Duplo pictures actual size.  This way Abby can line her stacks up to check her work while building or match them up when completed.  Duplo Counting Cards2

I laminated the cards with contact paper for long-term use.Duplo Counting Cards1

Duplo Counting CardsThese are such an excellent way for Abby to work on her counting!  This activity can also help with some basic color recognition and object order.  We were using a lot of phrases such as, “The red one goes on top of the blue one,” “The green block is at the bottom,” etc.  This is definitely something I will be reusing!


55 thoughts on “Duplo Counting Stacks!

  1. If possible I would love a copy of your duplo counting sack printables. They are just what I have been looking for to teach one to one number correspondence and colours.
    Many thanks xxx


  2. Omg do you have a template or something so i could print these out i have a 2 and 3 yr old who love there duplos and this would be an awesome learning tool for them!😍


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