Five Months Old!!!!!

5 MonthsI love tracking Evie’s growth each month via this little blog.  It would be so easy to fill my time with a million other things, but I know I will enjoy looking back on all of her changes and discoveries and this provides the perfect motivation for me. 🙂5 Months7

Evelyn gained a whopping 9 oz in the past month…. which brings her weight up to 11 lb 10 oz. I am constantly getting comments like, “Awww, how old is she? About 2 months?” haha  She is super tiny for her age!  It’s so funny watching her mature and change as her size stays fairly…well, scrawny.  We’ll find out next month if she made it out of the 2nd percentile for weight!  Here she is on our baby scale.  I love that we have one and can check her weight when we get curious.5 Months14

5 Months13Over the past month, Evie has been enjoying the addition of natural applesauce (various flavors) and mushed up bananas in her diet.  She gets very excited about eating, although it’s definitely more of a slurp-fest than taking bites.

Evs finally rolled over (from stomach to back) for the first time last Saturday.  She is always up on her side and can hold herself up quite high while lying on her stomach but has been in no hurry to go rolling around.  It kind of happened on accident.  She was pushing herself up really high, tipped her head a little too much to one side, and over she went.  She wasn’t a fan, but it happened. haha5 Months55 Months6

5 Months9Somebody loves grabbing and chewing on anything and everything.  She loves when I hold her out over a pile of toys and let her pick something out.  She gets this terror look in her eyes and focuses really hard on trying to get as much as possible.  Evie has recently started snagging Abby’s clothing whenever she comes close enough too, which is pretty great.  Abby will shriek excitedly, “Evie’s getting me!!” and laugh nervously as she pulls away.  Evie’s getting so strong, that it’s almost becoming a small battle.  Call me rude, but I love it! 🙂

Last week, Evelyn finally decided to try one feeding over night. This happened TWO NIGHTS in a row. It was awesome, until I got mastitis. It consisted of one rather uncomfortably full night, followed by a day of being really uncomfortable, followed by a night of uncontrollable chills, bad headache, dizziness, and nausea.  During that time, I actually woke her up to feed her more frequently as we read that helps.  It did help me move past the mastitis.  Unfortunately, it also helped Evie revert to two feedings a night.  Oh well.  You can’t win them all.5 Months3

She’s been sleeping 7 p.m. to 8/8:30 a.m. in her crib over night which is great.  Nap times have been a bit of a battle.  She switched to taking three 20 minute naps in her crib over the entire day, which is pretty pathetic.  I felt like she definitely needed more as she was frequently grumpy.  After a couple weeks of trying to get her to sleep more in her crib, I finally decided to switch things up.  I now have her take her morning nap in her crib for as long as she will stay asleep (usually 20 minutes).  Then, for her afternoon nap, I either lay by her in our bed if it times out with Abby’s nap or I just carry her in the K’tan sling.  She sleeps much longer this way and is her normal, happy self.  It probably sounds a bit dysfunctional, but it works!  She is quite attached to having me near while she sleeps.  5 Months1

Have I mentioned that I love my K’tan?  I love my K’tan!! 🙂  Mostly because Evie loves my K’tan….5 Months19

5 Months11Soooo, this big open mouthed smile thing Evelyn is always doing…..  It’s beyond adorable and also slightly goofy.  It struck me yesterday that she is probably doing it because that’s the idiotic face I make every time I am playing with and talking to her.  Oops.  I’m pretty sure she thinks that is how you smile now.  Good one, Mama.5 Months12

Here’s another expression winner.  I call it the “innocently startled” look.5 Months8

I’m loving (mostly) every minute with this cute little bundle of sweetness.  She is one of my two tiny joys!! 5 Months155 Months175 Months16


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