Easter Egg Letters

Easter Egg LearningPreschool activities are so much fun.  And when you correlate them with a seasonal or holiday theme, they’re even better.  Easter is approaching, so we obviously had to explore some Easter egg learning. 🙂

Easter Preschool ActivityI’ve seen some people on pinterest getting all classy and using alphabet stickers for this activity.  If you manage to plan enough in advance to go shopping at Hobby Lobby when they have stickers 50% off, you go for it.  I figured a permanent marker would work just fine.  I already had one and *bonus!* there is no way my letters are going to get peeled off.

Grab your collection of Easter eggs (or create this activity after Easter if you don’t want to mess your eggs up beforehand) and start writing.  I didn’t mess with mixing up the colors as there is already more than enough sorting for a toddler.  If you buy a pack of eggs for this activity, remember that you’ll need 26!  I ended up needing two packs, so I used some of the extras for this math game!Easter Egg Letters

Easter Egg AlphabetAbby absolutely loved the bright colors and holding the eggs.  She did really well matching the lowercase and uppercase letters, but needed a little help snapping a few of them together.  Plastic eggs these days aren’t always the highest quality and sometimes the edges don’t line up quite right.  Overall, she thought this was pretty fun and it was a great way to reinforce all things letter.  She would say each letter’s sound as she hooked them together as well as point out the “little” and “big” letter on each egg.  Her new favorite thing is naming an object that starts with the letter we’re working on, so we did some of that as well.  A fun twist would be adding an object starting with each letter into the eggs – how fun would that be?!


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