Six Months Old!!!!!!

Six Months Old Sister LoveSix Months Old Sister Love2Yes, it’s true!  Our sweet baby, Evelyn, really is six months old already – ahh!!  I think every parent is entitled to shed a few tears at this point.  I mean, she is HALFWAY to being an entire year old.  How is that even possible?!  I am so thankful to have spent each day of her young life with her!  She is such a happy camper!

Evie is weighing in at twelve pounds and fourteen ounces.  She still fits a few 3-6 month outfits, but has mostly grown into 6 month clothes.  She is still in the 2nd percentile for her weight, but magically jumped to the 20th for height.  I accidentally let her slide down about an inch during her measurement – oops!  I would have said something, but I just didn’t really care that much and Evie was starting to get upset at this point and I really just wanted to move on.  My bad…  It was kind of funny because afterwards we were waiting on the doctor and I told Caleb what happened and said I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctor gets all excited and says, “Looks like she’s had a little growth spurt with her height!!”  Lo and behold, that’s almost word for word what he said 5 minutes later.

It’s going to be such a change when Evie starts sitting up on her own.  She’s getting closer!  Usually she is so quick to grab for toys when I have her sitting that she doesn’t focus too much on the whole balancing thing.Six Months Old3

Six Months Old2This little babe is still our super smiley girl.  When she’s happy, everyone knows about it!  She loves to laugh and thinks all kinds of thinks are silly, especially if Big Sis is involved (whispering, running, playing catch, burps….).

Abigail is Evelyn’s favorite!  After Evie wakes up in the morning, I usually bring her into Abby’s room and lay her next to Abby so they can enjoy some morning snuggles.  Abs does a wonderful job entertaining Evelyn each day which is a huge help!Six Months Old1

I switched back to having Evie take her naps in her car seat a couple weeks ago and it has been working wonderfully!  She loves it and now takes a 1 – 1 1/2 hour nap every morning, followed by a 2 hour afternoon nap.  I have to buckle her in as part of our nap time routine because she can definitely squirm right out of the seat otherwise!  I think she just really likes the snugly feel of the car seat.Six Months Old4

We purchased a second CD player for Evie since Big Sis still uses the other one.  We love having the girls fall asleep to music.  It not only works well as a constant background noise, but it seems to make bed time in general much more jolly.Happy Easter Girl with Daddy1

Chewing on my toesAlthough Evie rocks at tummy time now, she still doesn’t find it particularly exciting.  She thinks it is much more entertaining to lay on her back and chew her toes.  We were ridiculously giddy when she started scooting a tiny bit on her back.  I am REALLY hoping she pulls an Abby and that turns into her main mode of transportation!!  Watching old videos of Abby scooting all over the place is probably one of my absolute favorite pastimes.  IT’S. SO. STINKIN’. HILARIOUS!  She probably will move onto crawling, but I’m going to hope until then….  Six Months Old9a

Six Months Old7Our little one is not showing signs of giving up nighttime feeding sessions anytime soon.  Yes…. that was plural – sessions.  As in, she still will frequently nurse twice a night. haha  It’s always at least once.  We have tried letting her cry it out, but that has yet to work.  She eats very quickly, so that part isn’t a big deal.  It’s mainly getting a little old because after I wake up to feed her I can’t fall back asleep right away.  You always read these blogs where the women sigh over the cuddly nighttime feeds where their baby sleepily nurses and they want to freeze it in time forever, etc. etc.  I do not relate.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a hurry to have my babies grow up and there are certainly sweet nursing moments.  Hoooooowever, those do not occur in the middle of the night for me.  We are both tired, it’s pitch dark so I have no idea what her sweet face is doing, she’s frantic because she thinks I’m starving her, I’m loopy because I just woke up in the middle of one of my nutty dreams, and it just isn’t one of those, “Awwww, can this please last forever?” moments.  We have them – just not in the middle of the night.

Six Months Old6During the day, Evie is typically nursing 6 times (occasionally 7).  She enjoys eating natural applesauce and mushed up bananas as well, although milk remains a flag flying favorite.  Another recent bit of fun is slurping on apples!  Yummy!

I am constantly amazed at the amount of baby toys we have.  No matter how frequently I downsize our supply, it seems to do nothing but increase!  The best part is that Evie’s favorite toys are whatever Abby is playing with.  We had bought Abby a few new kitchen toys and Evie fell in love with this little syrup bottle.  It has been a favorite for over a month now.  It’s rubbery, the top is the perfect size for chewing on, and it even has a little handle for easy grabbing!

Six Months OldEvs has been showing much more of an interest in books lately and loves when I prop her up and let her “read” one.  Another favorite activity is being outside.  There is so much to see!  We go walking whenever it’s nice out.  I’m constantly amazed at what an easy car traveler/errand runner Evelyn is.  She really only complains if she’s hungry.Out for a stroller ride at the park

Six Months Old8It’s a lot of fun watching Evelyn’s personality develop each day.  She is usually fine visiting people, although she definitely prefers Caleb or I holding her.  One of the first things she will do when someone takes her is crank her head back to get a good look at them.  Then you never know how long of a grace period she’ll give you before she wants a parent back. ha  Even when she is ready to go back she is much more laid back about it than Abby ever was.  Abby would absolutely freak out, while Evie tends to start whining and gives me the look.Six Months Old5

Six Months Old9One last thing I find kind of tiring, but really sweet….  sometimes when Evie is supposed to be sleeping she will instead be crying.  When I go in to check her, she will grab my hand and cling to it while she instantly goes back to “sleep.”  If I try to slip away, she will be quick to start crying again and reaching for me.  She doesn’t pull this too often and I have to say I’m usually kind of a sucker for letting her hold on until she truly is asleep again.  It’s just one of those things that might take a minute or two of my time but I know I won’t look back and wish I hadn’t stood there by her, loving her. 🙂Six Months Old Sister Love1


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