Play-Doh Carrots

Play-doh CarrotsI saw this idea via The Imagination Tree and knew I had to make them for Easter!  They’re a great alternative to candy!  These would also make super adorable party favors.

This craft was quick and easy and turned out better than I hoped!  You’ll only need a few supplies:

Evenly divide your play-doh based on how many carrots you’re making.  Take one section and roll it into a rough cylinder.  Smoosh it down into a decorating bag and be amazed as it becomes a carrot.  Gather the top of the bag directly above your carrot.  Twist it a few times to help seal the play-doh in there.  Finally tie two pieces of ribbon (carrot leaves) around the top to secure.  Repeat with all of your carrots!Play-doh Carrots 1

The play-doh recipe I used made about 8 carrots, but the amount will really depend on how high you’re filling your bags.  If you go smaller, you might want to cut off part of the bag tops.

If you’re not in the play-doh mood, but still want to enjoy some carrot fun, you can fill these with anything orange!  Some ideas include: jelly beans, goldfish/other orange crackers, orange candies, etc.

Play-doh Carrots 2


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