Sweet Sleep

Sleep.  I think so many things when I hear that word…..

“I wish I had more of that.”

“Isn’t it nice when my girls have really solid nights – wait for it – ON THE SAME NIGHT!?!”

“Interrupting nap time should be a federal offense.”

“And it’s definitely not weird to plan your day around nap times.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could fall asleep instantly like my husband when given the chance?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could at least sleep as soundly as he does when I DO finally go to sleep?”

And it goes on…. ha ha  Even though my girls are typically pretty good sleepers, I am not.  I inherited some odd sleeping problem (probably something like insomnia) from my mom’s side and as long as I can remember I have had trouble sleeping.  A normal night for me means taking an hour or so to initially fall asleep (no matter how exhausted I might be) and at least one random wake up for anywhere from 30 min – 5 hours.  I try to forget how bad it was when I was pregnant and then first stage nursing… yikes!  Naps aren’t my thing, so it’s good I can function on small amounts of actual sleeping.

Sometimes my kids drive me insane.  It’s the truth.  They are so lovably full of endless amounts of energy.  And Abby’s non-stop chattering…. don’t even get me started. ha!  It’s funny though…. no matter how crazy our day was or how much they wore me to my last frazzle, the second they are asleep I start missing them.  So, I creep on them and take pictures, because… obviously that’s how I cope.

Abigail will take her “stockins” off at nap time if she’s feeling hot.  Usually she sets them on the floor next to her bed.  Apparently her hands were cold the other day, since this is how I found her…..  I was relieved to realize those were indeed her arms and not her legs!
Sock Hands at Nap Time

Evelyn can’t fall asleep unless she’s holding on to something.  If it isn’t my hand, then it might be her car seat handle.Hanging on to my carseat at nap time

While having nap time at Emmy & Papa’s house, Abby was determined to stay awake reading.  Maybe next time. 😉Fell asleep trying to read


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