Living the Life

We are absolutely LOVING all of the family friendly fun in the QC area!  Here’s some bits and pieces we’ve been enjoying lately…..

Going to the Zoo!

The girls loved riding on the train and going through the tunnel.Zoo TrainDaddy & Evie on the Train

We didn’t pay to feed the giraffes, but still had fun watching them get fed.  They are so tall!  I always wish I could go in and stand by one of them.  They just seem like such gentle giants.Feeding the Giraffes

Lion Statue at the ZooThe lion stood up when we were in front of him and started to almost roar impressively.  Then it turned into this odd seizure-like noise as he arched his back over and over as if he was in some serious pain.  There are times that “wild animals” in captivity aren’t quite the real deal. haha  It was still exciting to be able to stand so close.

Our first attempt at a self family shot.  The girls weren’t sure how to handle it, but at least the parents look happy, right? 🙂Selfie at the Zoo

Family Fun Day!

DSCF7045A park just a few minutes from our house offers free family fun days a few times over the summer.  They had a couple of giant bounce houses that Abby loved playing in…. until it started raining.  It was still fun for a while though!  We’re looking forward to the next time and hopefully better weather.

Family Museum!

This is definitely one of Abby’s favorite places to visit.  She would probably be thrilled to spend every other day enjoying all of the fun pretend play they have to offer.

Being a veterinarian and taking care of her beloved puppies is heaven on earth.DSCF6985ablog

Delivering mail to all of the different businesses.

Evie enjoying the ride and trying not to get too bored.  She recently decided she won’t fall asleep when we are out and about.  It’s just way too exciting!DSCF7000ablog

Launching our boats in a high speed water race!Boat Racesblog

Cooking with Daddy in the little house.  The sink was so realistic in appearance that Abby wondered why it was broken and no water was coming out. *Disappointment*
Daddy at the MuseumblogDSCF7051ablog

Caleb and I enjoyed the silly screens….. perhaps even more than the children did.  (okay…. definitely more than the children did)
round 3blogFamily is Coolblog

John Deere Pavilion!

DSCF7096blogThis is a place I frequented as a child.  I don’t remember enjoying it quite as much as Abigail did, but they also have a lot more to climb on than they did in years past.  She LOVED all of the big equipment!  Of course I loved when she pointed directly at the giant combine and squealed, “Let’s go up in the combine!”  She’s not going to grow up lumping combines/tractors/construction vehicles all into one category.  They each have their own name!

The “face in hole” concept wasn’t really registering this time, but she did enjoy “peeking through the little window.”

The pavilion has a couple little areas where kids can play with toy tractors, farm equipment, and animals.  Abs set right to work building pens for the horses.

The trip isn’t complete unless you make a pit stop at the John Deere store.  Abby thought this bear and John Deere chair would make excellent additions to her bedroom (didn’t happen).DSCF7122blog


There are tons of new parks to discover and explore!  When you wear matching jackets, they are even more fun.

Daddy giving our little climber a hand (or two).IMG_0050blog

Evie hopes Daddy is being careful way up there….


Such a colorful park!  This odd climbing thing was actually pretty fun.  Yes, I had to give it a try as well.


Frisbee Golf!

There are a few frisbee golf courses nearby and we have been desperately wanting to give them a try.  This is hands down one of Abby’s favorite things to do (and ours too)!  We knew she loved it, but she still surprised us with how extremely into it she was.  She was all business out there!  We ended up going two days in a row and have now walked through holes 1 – 14 out of the 24 hole course.  It’s big!  We are excited to see the rest soon!

IMG_0201There were a ton of different playgrounds scattered throughout the course, but Abby wanted nothing to do with them.  “Oh, no, no, no!  Let’s play more frisbee golf!!” she cried each time we tried to convince her that going down the slide would be pretty fun.  We did manage to get her to try out some spider swinging with Daddy the second day.  She liked it more than she thought she would!

We had read up on this course prior to visiting and saw from the reviews that this was easily going to be the most difficult course we had ever seen.  It didn’t disappoint.  There were areas you had to throw over parts of the lake, yet not overthrow or it would still land in the water.  I got a kick out of the water on the tee maps! haha  Crazy hard….

Cabz getting it done with and without his little helper. 🙂


There were a bunch of holes down humongous hills and often the targets were literally a foot or two away from the lake.  We had to do quite a few short throws but it was still a lot of fun.  IMG_0152

Walking the course was exciting in and of itself.  Check out this strip in between parts of the lake.  It was crazy long and you were supposed to throw it way down this and then veer to the right (all without losing your disc in the water – uh huh….).  That little bit of grass far ahead and to the right is still on the way to the target.


IMG_0159There was absolutely no way we were going to get our stroller through this course, but little twerpy Evie loved her K’tan excursions!


Evie also enjoyed a little bit of swinging before it was time to head.IMG_0216

We were (silently) cracking up over how serious Abs was taking it.  She declared herself the winner as we wrapped up and headed home because, as she pointed out, “Daddy threw it into the trees, and Mama threw it into the trees, but I didn’t!  I’m the winner!”  Alrighty, then….



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