Seven Months Old!!!!!!!

IMG_5033IMG_0420aWe now have a seven month old little sweetie!  And the highlight is

……(wait for it)…….

she is now sleeping close to 10 hours in a row!!!!!!!!!!!  GLORY BE!  I’m a little excited about this.  The change came with switching her to stomach sleeping.  She started it by going crazy with her rolling and when I found she slept way better that way, I went with it.  The extended wait between feedings doesn’t happen every night, but it does happen enough that I can call it her “norm” now. 🙂IMG_5072

Nap time has been consistently awesome.  Evs still takes 2 naps a day in her car seat.  The morning nap is anywhere from 1 – 1 1/2 hours and the afternoon is 2 – 2 1/2 hours.  And the best part is, Evelyn and Abigail’s afternoon naps are now in sync!  IMG_5005

IMG_5150Evie is typically nursing 5 times a day now, along with one early morning feed.  I give her small bits of mushed up fruits and applesauce here and there, but nothing too substantial.  I finally got around to having her try gnawing on a green pepper like Abby used to (and still does) love doing and, uh, it didn’t go over too well.  Her face says it all….  When she first bit into it, she looked up at me completely aghast that I would give her something so revolting.  She eventually threw it down in disgust.  I think I’ll give it a try again tomorrow. 😉

Although this child has never once experienced a bottle, she likes to chew on Abby’s doll bottles like she’s a pro.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s funny.IMG_5027

I’ve lost track of how many people have guessed our little Evelyn is 3 months old.  She’s just so very teeny tiny! haha  She weighs 13 lb 3 oz now, so we had a small gain from last month.  Evie is just starting to outgrow her 6 month clothes (meaning, her limbs are getting too long…. weight-wise she has yet to outgrow anything ha!).IMG_5076IMG_5041

IMG_4992Although Abby was sitting up really well on her own by seven months, Evie is not too interested.  She has made a very small amount of progress in that department since six months. haha  That’s one of those skills that develops quickly once they figure it out though, so I’m sure it will happen soon!  However, Evs has become incredibly mobile over the last month.  She now can get just about anywhere she wants between rolling, dragging herself, and scooting.  She is especially enjoying rolling.  Her favorite thing to roll after is anything Big Sis is playing with (of course).IMG_3299

The other day, Evelyn made her way over to Abby’s doll stroller and got SO intensely excited over it.  She had that frenzied “chew as fast as you can before Mama takes this away” look.IMG_4807IMG_4805

Standing (with help) continues to be a favorite.  She likes to take a few little steps now as well.  Yes, I know this picture is goofy – she was attacking my camera!!IMG_0371

IMG_5047Abigail is greatness itself as far as Evie is concerned.  If Abby has it, Evie wants it.  If Abby is being funny, Evie is laughing hysterically at her (not so much if the parents try the same antics).  When Abby appears, Evie’s face erupts in a gigantic smile.  Abigail is obviously an extremely fascinating little person.  It’s so much more fun (in our opinion) having two little tots be-bopping around.  We love watching the dynamic between our girlies.  They love each other so very much and are often playing together.

This little “chew on lips” face has been a go-to expression for Evie the past few days. hahaIMG_5141IMG_4986

Lately, Evelyn has taken quite an interest in books.  She will frequently roll, pick one up, and look at the pages.  Of course, there are other times she likes to “sink her teeth into a good book” and we have to remove it. 😉

This good ol’ bouncer is where Evie gets to hang out while the rest of her family is occupied with meal times.

IMG_4896I love all of the different holds we can do with our K’tan.  This facing out position is what we’ve been using for the most part now.  Evelyn is still in love with this carrier and shows almost as much hyperventilating excitement when she sees it as she does when it’s time to nurse.  She would probably be thrilled to spend the majority of her current life in it.  Mostly, she loves being held, which generally works out well because I love holding her! 🙂

There can never be enough hanging out with Daddy time!IMG_4936

Something Evie recently discovered is her ability to complain.  Obviously she whined prior to this, but she now understands how to, if that makes sense.  It is definitely a thing.  One of the best ways she does this is to make short, angry grunts as she pounds her fists against the floor.  So far, I think it’s hilarious.  We’ll see how long I can maintain that perspective…..

IMG_5013Random fact about Evie: She has extreme bath paranoia.  Yup, I should have probably started giving her actual baths earlier so she would have gotten eased into it, but wash rag baths were just SO MUCH easier.  I think part of the problem is that she is so scrawny.  I have one of those little baby baths, but she doesn’t even come close to fitting in it and it makes her super nervous flailing around in there without anything cuddling her.  I kind of gave up for the time being and just do sponge baths.  I’m thinking I’ll give it another try once she is sitting up on her own and I can use the little baby bath chair thing I have.  Also, that shocked expression is my favorite crazy Evie face so far….

Singing a couple songs and praying with bedtime snuggles – our usual nightly routine.  I love my sweet baby so much.  This is always one of my favorite times.

P.S. Have you noticed what I’m doing with the exclamation points in the titles of these monthly updates?  I just wanted to make sure my little OCD fling wasn’t going unnoticed…. thanks.IMG_0320


3 thoughts on “Seven Months Old!!!!!!!

  1. What?! Seven months already? Hooray for full nights of sleep and overlapping naps!!

    You capture such great pictures of your kids, which takes a lot of talent when they are so wiggly!

    I love how petite Evie is… Owen was over 14lbs at 2 months, and I gave up on the ktan after about a month because he barely fit and my back couldn’t handle it. I should’ve just sent you mine! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • The overlapping naps are definitely still happening (and are just as awesome as they sound!) but Evie has once again decided sleeping through the night is overrated…. 😛 haha

      Evelyn is SO scrawny!!!! I see all these 2 month old babies that outweigh her and seriously, if the doctor didn’t keep reassuring me that she is healthy, I would be a little worried! haha I guess one of the nice things is that I am able to use my K’tan so long! 🙂


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