Mother's Day6EMother's Day11very day since I became a mother I have thanked God for the unspeakable gift.  I am so, SO very grateful – teary-eyed, heart filled to overflowing grateful – that I have been given  the two most precious little girls, beyond what I could have ever imagined.  They inspire me to seek the Lord anew every day, to love more, to laugh more, to be more patient and gentle, to slow down and enjoy the little wonders in life, to busy myself in the best ways possible, and to keep up with all of their messes and antics.  Even though I am a mother full of flaws, I will love my daughters so much forever!!Mother's Day14

I feel incredibly blessed that I get to be with my little girlies each day.  It’s not always easy, but there’s nothing I love more than just being with them.  Everything from waking them up in the morning, our days filled with playing, learning, cooking, cleaning, and your occasional bout of insanity.  There are moments when things can feel both completely crazy and monotonous, but even in those times I truly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else without them.Mother's DayMother's Day2Mother's Day1

Mother's Day7I love that I am the one to answer Abby’s constant questions and listen to her incessant chatter.  I love that I can hold Evie when she cries.  I love that I can be with my babies when they’re sick.  I love hugging them when they just need extra cuddles.  I love that I don’t have to miss them!  Being a mom is my favorite, favorite job and I can probably never appreciate it enough! 🙂Mother's Day12Mother's Day13Mother's Day3

These are my precious baby girls.
Mother's Day9Mother's Day10Mother's Day8

Thanks to my sweet husband for snapping some memories for me on Mother’s Day.  He is always my best!
Mother's Day16Mother's Day17


One thought on “Motherhood

  1. This was super encouraging to me. I have been having a rough couple weeks of mothering (the toddler not wanting to obey and the baby not wanting to sleep). Also I feel like every mommy article I read is about how it’s hard (which it is). Thanks for the reminder to dwell more on the gift of being a mother.

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