Two and a Half Years Old!!

Expressive4Evie gets a write-up every month, so I thought it was only fair to catch up on the life of Abigail.  This will have some bits and pieces of her life that I want to remember.  Those little things that her Mama holds dear. 🙂
Our GirlSneaky

She is now almost 3 feet tall (35 inches) and weighs 26 lb 7 oz.  She wears a lot of legging type pants and tight shorts because nothing else will stay up on her!  Most of her pants/shorts are 2T.  Her shirt size is a variety of 2T and 3T.Leopard Babe

Abby is a perpetual bundle of chattering energy.  This picture sums our tot up pretty well. hahaCrazy Child

Our girl does very well with full sentences and has recently started to use her pronouns correctly.  For a couple months, we were getting pretty used to hearing things like, “Evie is playing with his toys,” “Mama needs she book,” and “Daddy wants her lunch.”  With her more appropriate speech, I am just reminded yet again that she is growing up on me. *sniff*  Stay my little girl forever, please.  I love how expressive she is with her face and hands when she talks (this definitely came from yours truly haha)!

Here are some favorite quotes Abby phased through over the past 6 months:

Mimicking everything I model for her…… When I hand Evie a toy – “You’re such a good helper, Mama!  That was so kind of you!”

After I finish singing a song for the girls – “Good job, Mama!”

“I love you even when you’re naughty, Mama.”

“You’re killin’ me, Mama!”

Every time we say anything ever, “Cuz…?”  It’s her equivalent for the notorious “Why?”

Apparently I said, “I love you, buuuut you need to go to sleep (or, you need to eat your food or other similar endings one too many times because now Abby quotes those constantly.

Every meal or snack time, after I put hers down in front of her – “How did you make this, Mama?!” said in an amazed tone.

“Are you kiddin’ me?!”

This was one we had to train out of her, but it was nonetheless extremely hilarious.  Sometimes after asking her a question – “I don’t want to have this conversation.”

When Abby is in the basement or somewhere away from me she will sometimes yell out nervously, “I love you, Mama!”  And I need to yell back, “I love you, Abby!”  I guess it’s our own version of Marco Polo. 😉

Making sure to use “please” and “thank-you.”  She especially enjoys emphasizing “thank-you” after someone gets her a tasty snack or something equally exciting.  There are times she forgets her manners though…. we had spaghetti for supper last night and afterwards Abigail was inevitably sitting in a mound of noodles.  She screeched, “Clean up my mess, Daddy!!”  Caleb replied, “Oooh, that’s not a nice way to ask,” and Abby was quick to more politely say, “Will you please clean up my mess, Daddy?”  She also helped with the cleaning, which was a positive. 🙂

“I love you forever Mama!  And I love Daddy forever!  And I love Evie forever!  And I love me forever too!”

Daddy's Girl“Really?!” used as both an excited exclamation and for question emphasis.

No matter how mundane the happening, she always wants to “Tell Daddy about it!!” when he gets home from work.

Abigail thrives with one on one attention.  She enjoys parent interaction and activities the most.  She absolutely loves it when Caleb or I play with her or let her help us with something.  It’s super cute when she is excited and happy because she does this little jig/bounce/hop around thing as she chats.  It’s like she can’t express her happiness with just chattering, so she bounces around too.  I love it so much. haha  This is Abby enjoying her cup of “cappuccino” along with Daddy while he studied.

Some things Abby enjoys most:

School – I have been slacking a bit as I prepare for a garage sale in a few weeks, but ooooooooh boy!  When we have time for school, her happiness overflows.  She LOVES it!  Lately, she likes to point out letters in her books and tell me the sound they make and list off some words that start with the letters.  She can make a few letters on her own now and is always so proud when she does (A, M, W, N, O, V are the ones I remember).  Her new computer (50 cent garage sale bargain!) is a recent toy obsession that is at least educational for those days I don’t fit in school time.
Computer AddictComputer Addict1

Evelyn – Abby is so sweet with her baby sister!  They are already best friends.  Abby sings to Evelyn when she cries, “Don’t you cry, Evie Grace! I am here with you! I love you!”  She gets toys for her when I’m busy.  She talks to her, makes her laugh, and in general is a huge helper for me!  Although I haven’t let her yet, Abby is always begging to help change Evie’s diapers. haha  I do let her help wash Evie at bath time though. 🙂  She is also very good at running to bring me a fresh liner and cover whenever I need one.  We think Abs is the best big sister!Best Friends and SistersSisters2Sisters1

WalkingOutside – Anything and everything outdoors is Abby’s favorite!  Ever since she was about 18 months old, Abby has been doing a lot of walking with me.  She often walks a few miles each day and loves it!  Although Abby almost always walks when we go places, I did find this fun ride a couple weeks ago at a garage sale (only $4, so I couldn’t pass it up!).  And if she has already done a lot of walking, she occasionally gets the special treat of an evening stroll in this bad boy.  With a little cup holder for her water, she is all set.
Car Ride

Abigail always has fun playing at parks.  Daddy went down a slide on his tummy once when Abby was about 1 1/2 and ever since she will often do the same.  Swinging is tolerated, but not one of her favorites.  She is such a busy, energetic tot that she finds the climbing, sliding, exploring part much more to her liking.Tummy SlideSlidingSwinging

One of our favorite parks has a big fountain that provides plenty of excitement by shooting up and spraying us every couple of minutes!  It also has a big pond with interesting ducks and geese to watch.
FountainDuck Watching

Animals of all kinds continue to be Abby’s joy.  She still dreams of the day we will be able to get our own puppy (me too, me too….) and she will be able to take care of it.  She loves all of the animals at my parents.  Feeding dandelions to the goats is the best!
I want a dogFeeding Goats

Recently, she was able to feed Jill’s big horse, Classy, some grass and feed which was a major highlight as well!
Feeding GrassFeeding Classy

Helping Mama garden is something Abs takes very seriously.  Although, she is still trying to learn the difference between our plants and the weeds.


“Mowing like Daddy” is great fun!  Daddy does such a good job with his reel mower that we all want to join in when he’s out mowing. 🙂MowingMowing1

We still can’t get over how much Abby LOVES playing frisbee golf!  There can be parks along the course that look so fun Caleb and I want to go play, and she will firmly want nothing to do with them if they interfere with her beloved frisbee golf.

Frisbee GolfFrisbee Golf1

Mississippi River 1We all have fun with outdoor family adventures.  Here we are enjoying an evening by watching barges, boats, etc. on the Mississippi River.

Mississippi Watching

ReadingBooks – Ohhhh, how Abigail looooves her books!!  Multiple times a day, I will find her sitting in the midst of a colossal pile of her favorites reading away.  She is usually carrying at least one book around with her, and her bookshelf is frequently emptied by the end of the day.  Abby has a few tricks for getting me or Daddy to extend our read-a-loud periods.  She will hold two books out to us and ask, “Which one would you like to read?”  If that doesn’t work, she will open a book up to read it “on her own,” but will point to each page as she turns it, asking us, “What does this say?”  She’s a sneaky one, she is….


Abigail has a huge amount of her books memorized and never fails to impress us with her book quotes.  She loves to quote something from a book that will fit the moment.  It always makes us laugh.


Her collection of Biscuit stories is a favorite and for a long time it was one of her nightly picks (she gets 2 books in bed every night).Biscuit

Babies – Abby’s dolls get played with every single day.  She loves acting out whatever I do with Evelyn, whether that’s feeding her babies, laying them down for naps, reading them stories, giving them toys, carrying them in her “K’tan,” etc.

Abby's K'TanAbby's K'Tan2Abby's K'Tan1

While she loves all her dollies, her first one, Baby Rose, continues to hold a special place in her little heart.  It’s a rare night that Baby Rose doesn’t get picked for bed.


Kitchen – We have a toy kitchen (garage sale find for the win) that is another favorite.  We have it set up next to our kitchen and whenever I am cooking, Abby is usually busy “cooking” as well.  It was definitely worth the purchase as it has provided hours upon hours of fun.  I will often find Abby’s cookware/food items in my kitchen, put in the same places I keep mine.  For example, she keeps her potholder in my potholder drawer, her syrup bottle next to mine, etc.  What a little goof. 🙂Cooking

She adores helping me with the real cooking whenever I give her the chance.  She is the best helper!Helping Cook

Duplos1Evening Play Time with Daddy – Normally, Abby will take a 1 1/2 – 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  She went through a couple month stage where she would keep herself awake, but we’ve (thankfully!) since moved on.  She knows that if she lays down and takes a nap she gets to stay up half an hour later and play with Daddy and that definitely encourages her to get it done. haha  Some things she enjoys playing with him are building with either Duplos or Legos, her Pet Shop (the old school kind from my childhood), and board games.  Daddy definitely enjoys the Duplo/Lego department… often it’s more difficult to pull him away than it is to get Abby upstairs to bed. 😛


MemoryShe really gets into board games, which we both appreciate!  She ranks them right up there with school time.  The other night, Caleb and Abby came upstairs for bedtime and I asked what they had done.  Abby cheerfully shouted, “Dolls!!”  And I laughed at Caleb, saying, “You’re such a girls’ dad!”  He quickly responded, “Ya, we played with dolls… after we finished saving the world in Forbidden Island!!”

Forbidden Island1Forbidden Island

Hy-VeeHy-Vee – We shop at Alidis for the bulk of our groceries and Wal-mart for the few things Alidis doesn’t have.  This is because we like cheap groceries.  However, every now and then we make a special trip to one of the local Hy-Vee stores for the sake of our two year old.  She thinks shopping at Hy-Vee is the best thing ever because…. they have little girl sized shopping carts and she gets to push one all around the store!!  The other reason we go is because they have AE yogurts and let’s be honest… those are the best yogurts around.  We usually let Abby pick out two or three yogurts to eat as snacks/breakfast.  She takes her decisions very seriously.  So far she has tried Key Lime Pie (a favorite), Lemon, Black Cherry (wasn’t overly fond of this one), Orange Cream, Raspberry Vanilla, Peach, and Blueberry.


HugsA few last things….  Abigail’s favorite color is purple.  She has never been a picky eater and continues to eat a wide variety of foods.  She doesn’t mind spice (raw onions and peppers are still favorite munchies for her) and is opposite from a lot of kids we know.  She tends to shy away from breads and crackers while she loves her fruits and vegetables!  Homemade popsicles are the best!

Popsicle Time

Abby likes to dress up and be a “Fancy Nancy!” (a character from some of her books).  She still gets a little stressed around other people, but now does much better with just hanging out by Mama or Daddy for a bit until she’s comfortable – rather than starting to cry.

Fancy Nancy

The other day I gave Abby a little bag of squares and within a few seconds (and no prompting!) she was chattering, “Look, Mama!  I am making squares!”  She went on to make me some rectangles as well.  I thought that was pretty smart! 🙂

Making Squares

There was a couple month stage where Abby absolutely freaked out when I would pull up the bathtub drain.  She thought it was going to suck her up because I once (unwittingly) said something like, “Hand me your toys so we don’t lose them down the drain.”  We have since, gratefully, moved on.


Bedtime routine consists of a Bible story & prayer, Mama and Daddy each reading a book of Abigail’s choice, and a few cuddles and songs.  This starts at 7 when she doesn’t nap and 7:30 when she does.  I love how this little girl looks at her daddy.  He is definitely her hero!

My Daddy1My Daddy

Abigail wears me out and makes me laugh, all at once and all the time.  She likes singing along with the Air 1 radio station, which is always cute.


We sing her the “Chin Up” song from Charlotte’s Web whenever she’s being growly – our word for a grumpy mood.  Here she is demonstrating her “growly face.” haha  She couldn’t hold it for long though.

Growly FaceHappy Girl

Abs is always our little joy and growing up way too fast.  So thankful for her and everything she brings to our lives.  She makes life so much more wonderful!

Sweet Girl2Sweet Girl1Sweet GirlMama and me


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