Eight Months Old!!!!!!!!

Baby Girl2Baby Girl1

Our sweet little Evelyn Grace is 8 months old now!  She weighs in at 13 lb 9 oz (“tank” status, according to her Daddy….)  Evie cut her first two bottom teeth over the past month.  Her favorite way to deal with it was gnawing on a big chunk of apple, which worked great for me!  You can sort of see them in a couple of these pictures.

Diaper Baby3Diaper Baby2Diaper Baby

Evie has also upped her food appetite and regularly eats little bits with us at meal times.  Some foods she has tried and liked are cheesy potatoes, green beans, broccoli, carrots, mashed potatoes, mandarin oranges, peaches, grapes, berries, natural applesauces, and corn.  She surprisingly doesn’t get excited over bananas.  They actually make her gag really bad to the point of throwing up.  She gets one or two bites here and there to help her acquire a taste and get used to the texture, but that’s it for right now.  Can you tell she was just eating carrots?Carrot Face

I never fed Abby “baby food” and don’t plan to with Evelyn either.  Mostly, because those vegetables are disgusting, I’d rather have them just eat and like normal human food that’s seasoned and tasty, and it’s one more thing to put on the grocery list.  Right now, I usually just mush up a little of whatever I’m eating and feed Evie that.  All of the extra eating means Evs has switched from her once a week poopy diaper to a daily one.  The up side is, they aren’t as messy with the solid foods.  TMI?


I am happy to report that Evie’s more recent pepper chewing sessions have gone much better.  She now enjoys chewing on bell peppers when Big Sister is snacking on her pieces.Pepper Cruncher

I love this picture because it looks like they are saying, “What’d Mom give you to eat?”  “Peppers….”  “Same….” haha  The truth is, Abby loves her pepper snacks and I’m doing what I can to continue the trend with Evelyn! 🙂Pepper Crunchers

Evie loves to sign, “more” now during feeding times.  She seems to understand the usage pretty well and will just smile at me instead of signing “more” once she is full.  She thinks her high chair has a foot rest for her.

High Chair2High ChairHigh Chair1

I think this picture is great because it looks like Evie is grabbing Abby by the nose and then going to beat her on the head with her toy whisk.  True story: Evie was grabbing Abby by the nose, but she wasn’t actually going to beat her up. 🙂  Also, that rubbery little whisk is one of her current favorite toys.

Beaint up on Sissy

Our little babe still has absolutely no desire to sit.  I’ve tried to work on it with her, and while she definitely has all the muscles and ability, she wants nothing to do with such a boring, stationary activity.  All she wants to do is move, move, move.  Literally, nothing is safe in our house anymore.  Evie gets wherever she wants fast via scooting, army crawling (getting better at this each day), and mostly rapid rolling.  She is an extremely busy little bundle of energy.8 months2

These two pictures make me smile because they make it look like our baby girl loves lazing around.  The real deal is that these pictures document probably the only two times ever that Evelyn was actually laying still and doing nothing.  She was also really tired for these shots. haha 🙂


8 monthsYou have no idea how hard it has become to take any pictures ever of Evie.  She is constantly moving and rolling and generally not interested in stopping to smile sweetly in the direction of my camera.  You wouldn’t believe the things I have to do to get most of these…..

8 months1

This is Evie’s tired/zoning out face, followed by her “Yes, Mom…. I see you” smile.

Serious FaceSmiley Face

Musical BabyLittle One loves to shake her musical toys.  She is basically a musical prodigy…. or not, but she is sure proud of herself.

Musical Baby1

Evelyn’s most recent favorite hobby is holding on to a piece of furniture and standing.  She thinks she is super cool and will often let go with one hand, just because she can. haha  She loves to stand there and belt out her victory cry (really loud yelling) just in case someone wasn’t noticing her.

StandingBig Girl

We thought it was sweet when Abigail thought she should help Evie stand, “In case she tumbles!”  She’s always looking out for her little sister.Helper

I love how ticklish Evelyn is.  If I get her in the sides just right, she can’t stop laughing! haha

8 months3

Baby GirlThe daily nap and sleep schedule still consists of two solid naps and going to bed between 7 and 7:30 p.m.  She has been taking naps in her crib now instead of her car seat.  Evie still prefers sleeping on her stomach, although she will sometimes lay on her side.  She sleeps great overnight, other than feeding time.  Last month, I mentioned she had started sleeping through the night – that ended fast. haha  She usually wakes up for one quick night feeding around 1 or 2 a.m.  The last few days she has been waking up to start her (our) day a bit earlier than she used to.  It used to be around 7:30, but lately it’s been more like 6 a.m.

Diaper Baby4

Hanging out in Big Sister’s bed first thing in the morning and after quiet time is still one of Evelyn’s favorites.  Abby clearly feels the same way….. haha

Bed Cuddles1Bed Cuddles

Abby actually really does enjoy Evie playing in her bed.  She was just covering her eyes because she didn’t want me to take any more pictures of her – classic.

Bed Cuddles3Bed Cuddles2

These two little sisters are always playing together.  Abby loves taking care of Evie and teaching her how to do things.  I know I say it all the time, but she is just the best big sister ever!!

KissesFloor Play

She’s a good reporter too…. “Mama!!  Evie is getting your computer!!” is one I hear a lot.  Evelyn knows she is not supposed to touch computers and knowing that Big Sister will shriek about it just adds even more joy to grabbing one.


Evelyn loves to wave now.  She waves at Daddy when he leaves for work every morning and waves at Abby when it’s time for Big Sis to have her quiet time.Sweet Sisters1Sweet Sisters

Sometimes you just have to put up with your mama dressing you up a little.


Just a typical day at my parents’ house….. getting attacked by a baby goat. haha  Evelyn loves animals and will squeal excitedly, kick her feet, and try to grab at them when she sees one.Baby Goat

Being outside is something we all enjoy.  Evelyn likes going for walks and getting to enjoy all of the views the great outdoors have to offer.

Mama & MeWalker

I love my pretty (and goofy) little sunflower baby.  Evelyn doesn’t drool (at least not yet…), but she was blowing spit bubbles prior to this picture, so it looks like she was drooling.  I had to include it in here, because her daddy loooooves drool pictures – sarcasm. 😉

Sunflower BabySunflower Baby1Sunflower & Mama1

Evs has started reaching for me (or Caleb) when she wants to be held and will also crawl towards me desperately with the same purpose.  It’s so much fun watching her change and grow.  Caleb and I both feel like she is really doing a lot of growing up lately.  We love our girls!!Rainbow Girls


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