Alphabet Memory

I have been slacking with my preschool posts, but I promise we have still been working on things! 🙂  This activity uses a set of Alphabet cards (upper and lower case) featuring an adult and baby animal on each pair.  Abby loves these cards and learning all of the different animal names.  If you don’t have a similar set, you can quickly make a simpler version without the pictures.Alphabet Memory 1

We played a few rounds of memory since there were too many cards for just one game.  I sorted out the pairs and we used about 6 or 7 of them for each round.  You could use more or less depending on how difficult you want this to be.  Abby has been enjoying our various memory games a lot lately.

Alphabet Memory 4Alphabet Memory 2

The obvious goal of this game is for the child to recognize and match the upper and lower case letters, but there are a lot of other things you can sneak in while playing.  For example, every time Abby would turn up a match, she had to tell me the letter name and what sound it made before she could keep it.  Although she has known her letter names and sounds for a while, this is a great game for reinforcement.Alphabet Memory

I also enjoy throwing a little math practice in and once we finished a round, Abby had to count how many matches she had and how many I had.  Then she had to figure out who won.  I liked picking an even number of pairs for a game, because then we could also tie! 🙂


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