Nine Months Old!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7928Little Evie Grace officially loves to eat EVERYTHING!!  Her recent obsession with food means that getting something to eat myself has become pretty difficult.  The vast majority of my time during meals/snacks is divided between scooping food into my ravenous 9 month old’s gaping mouth and attending to her big sister (she ran out of food, she spilled, she needs help eating, her milk cup is empty, she’s done, she needs to go poop, her hands are still sticky, I forgot to give her a spoon – you name it, it happens).  What can you do?


All of the solid food seems to be treating Evelyn well, as she gained over a pound since last month (that’s a lot when you’re in the 2nd percentile for weight haha).  Her weight is now up to 15 lb 1 oz.  She doesn’t have her 9 month doctor appointment until next week, so I’ll update then what weight percentile she’s in (she made it to the 5th percentile!!).  With all the growing Little One has done lately, it was necessary to switch her to her size 2 cloth diapers!  Abby and I thought that was pretty exciting, since we love the new pretty patterns. 🙂


Evie figured out how to pick up tiny pieces of food on her own and get them into her mouth which has opened up a whole new world of fun.  She enjoys downing piles of Kix cereal.  The down side is that she now has the ability to find every single crumb/fuzz/you name it in my house and shove it into her mouth.  It’s amazing how frequently one can vacuum and yet never be ahead of her. *sigh*


Big sister, Abby, loves when I let her “feed Evie!!”  I think they look so hilarious in the process.  Abby is even doing the classic, open your own mouth while you’re trying to feed someone else, thing.  Go ahead and watch someone feeding a baby and you’ll laugh at how they open their own mouth while giving them a bite.  I do it myself at times…


One of Evelyn’s more notable accomplishments this past month was finally learning to sit.  She had figured out mobility first and wasn’t about to give it up with something as lame as stationary sitting.  However, around 8 1/2 months I sat her down with a “new” toy (something that had been put away for a long time to keep it exciting) and she just stayed!  She was pretty proud of herself and kept signing, “Yay!”  Notice the adorable, little tufts of hair starting to appear. 🙂


“I can fly!  I can fly!  I can fly!” – I have to enjoy this cute baby pose before she learns to crawl and I never see it again…..  Boo.  She still uses a variety of army crawling, back scooting, and rolling moves to get where she wants.  Depending on where she’s headed, she implements the most efficient technique. haha


Evie has been on quite the kick with copying lately.  She will mimic people clapping, waving arms, various noises, attempts various signs, and my “favorite” – loves to have YELLING parties with Abby.  Abigail will screech really loudly (just for the fun of it) and I’ll tell her we don’t yell in the house.  As I’m finishing my sentence, Evelyn will give me that twerpy little look she’s so good at and let out a rip-roaring yell.  I tell ya….  The other day we were at Aldis and Evelyn seriously yelled at the top of her lungs (with a breath here and there) the entire time we were in there.  She even did the whole ‘ball your fists up, turn red in the face because you’re yelling so loud’ thing.  And the best part?  She was really, really happy!  She was just enjoying her new found ability to YEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!  Boys might tend to be on the busier side, but girls are so constantly LOUD!


Favorite activities still revolve around Big Sister – wanting everything Abby has, thinking Abby is pretty much the most entertaining and fascinating creature to ever walk this earth, grabbing Abby’s hair/nose (upon Abigail’s own request, mind you) attacking computers, being outside, and having laugh attacks with yours truly (we both are so exhausted by her bed time that we just can’t help it).  She also enjoys dancing while listening to music.


I pulled Abigail’s old instrument set out of storage and they were both especially enjoying the drum.  Evelyn had been creating her own “drums” around the house and thought this was the best!  Evie also enjoyed putting toys in and out of the drum when the lid was off.  That has been a new favorite activity for her – dumping things out and putting them back in (so far she’s much better at the dumping part, but we’re working on it…).


Being read to continues to be one of Abigail’s all time favorites.  Evelyn enjoys looking at books on her own, but doesn’t usually sit and listen too long when someone else is doing the reading.  This was one of those more rare moments that both girls were enjoying a good story with Daddy.  So sweet.  Evelyn even has a relevant prop (frying pan).


Enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors is the best!  We love summer time!


I would probably look at this sweet little face all day if I didn’t have a million other things to accomplish.  She’s definitely our little sunshine.  She’s almost always such a happy baby.


Evelyn is incredibly expressive.  We get a kick out of it since Abby was a much more serious baby and would often express herself more through body language than with her face.  Evie is always making me laugh with her millions of different faces.  I love both of my goofy girls so much!


P.S. Happy (late) 4th of July!!!!  These were my favorite two little firecrackers!




Number Counting Cards

Number Cards with Magnetic NumbersThis is an incredibly simple activity to make and has so many options!  Every time I pull this one out, we come up with new ways to use it. 🙂

Cut ten, evenly sized rectangles out of white cardstock (or you could just use index cards if you want it really easy!).  Large cards would allow you to count bigger objects, but they take up more storage space.  I went with a fairly small size and it’s worked great for us!

Write numerals 1-10 on your cards with a marker, and laminate for long term use!  The best part is, these are easy to replace if one does get too bent up or lost.

We’ve used these cards for practice with counting, number order, number recognition, comparing, and reinforcing words like “more,” “less,” and “equal.”Number Cards 1-10

When we put the number cards in order, we add one number at a time and then count how many cards are laid down each time.

Magnetic NumbersAbby had the idea to match her magnetic numbers up with the number cards.  She would say each number out loud as she placed it on the correct card.

Lately, Abby has been infatuated with this bag of marble type things I have (they’re kind of like the pieces from the game, Mancala – they were from Dollar Tree), so of course we had to use those as our counting manipulatives.

Marble Counting

When your child is ready, add a new set of numbers 11-20!  I have a set up to 100 that I used with various children over the years.  It’s fun when they are able to set all 100 up correctly on their own!  It also is a great down time activity when you need a break. 🙂

Farm Counting Clip-it

Farm Counting Clip-it 2This is one of my favorite preschool math activities!  I loved making it too.  The original idea came from 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 where I’ve found a lot of great stuff!  I had to make my own cards, because that’s what I do…..  I wanted farm themed and something deep inside me really needed those number 8’s to have perfectly round circles too.  Regardless, this is a fun one! 🙂

Farm Counting Clip-it 1Farm Counting Clip-it

Officially, the child is supposed to use a clothespin and after counting how many objects, they clip it onto the correct number.

Farm Counting Clip-it 4

However, according to my 2 1/2 year old, “They’re kind of tricky.”  Aka, she hasn’t quite mastered the clothespin opening and clipping life skill.  Because I’d rather have her stay interested in the activity and have fun with it at the same time, we try clothespin clipping for one or two cards.  Then, we get to pull out the marble manipulatives!  Yay!Farm Counting Clip-it 3

Farm Counting Clip-it 6Farm Counting Clip-it 5

We love this activity for reinforcing number recognition and counting practice!  Abby can independently do cards 1-5, but loves working on the rest with me.  I’m looking forward to expanding this activity with cards 11-20 once we reach that level. 🙂

Farm Counting Clip-it 7