Number Counting Cards

Number Cards with Magnetic NumbersThis is an incredibly simple activity to make and has so many options!  Every time I pull this one out, we come up with new ways to use it. 🙂

Cut ten, evenly sized rectangles out of white cardstock (or you could just use index cards if you want it really easy!).  Large cards would allow you to count bigger objects, but they take up more storage space.  I went with a fairly small size and it’s worked great for us!

Write numerals 1-10 on your cards with a marker, and laminate for long term use!  The best part is, these are easy to replace if one does get too bent up or lost.

We’ve used these cards for practice with counting, number order, number recognition, comparing, and reinforcing words like “more,” “less,” and “equal.”Number Cards 1-10

When we put the number cards in order, we add one number at a time and then count how many cards are laid down each time.

Magnetic NumbersAbby had the idea to match her magnetic numbers up with the number cards.  She would say each number out loud as she placed it on the correct card.

Lately, Abby has been infatuated with this bag of marble type things I have (they’re kind of like the pieces from the game, Mancala – they were from Dollar Tree), so of course we had to use those as our counting manipulatives.

Marble Counting

When your child is ready, add a new set of numbers 11-20!  I have a set up to 100 that I used with various children over the years.  It’s fun when they are able to set all 100 up correctly on their own!  It also is a great down time activity when you need a break. 🙂


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