Our New Adventure – 1

Let me preface this by saying, no… I am not announcing another pregnancy.  This is a different adventure we’ve embarked on and one that I’ve been excited to share.  My four youngest siblings were adopted through foster care and Caleb and I have dreamed of adopting as well.  Before becoming officially licensed, there are a lot of steps we’ll need to complete.  It takes roughly six months to become licensed foster parents and then you have to wait/pray for the right call.  Once a child is placed in your home, it can be a complicated ordeal and a lot of time/ups & downs before you reach adoption day.  Even if things go “quickly,” the child must be in your home for a period of six months prior to adoption.

We know from witnessing the process firsthand that this is often a long and emotional journey.  Why do we want to put ourselves through this?  First, we have felt called to do it for a long time.  We’re going to continue to pray over this as we complete each step and desire to ultimately follow the Lord’s will.  Secondly, we believe every child is valued and deserves to be loved.  Listening to the stories of children in foster care often brings me to tears and breaks my heart.  If we can choose to love even one little one, that’s something wonderful.  Finally, it’s not about us.  It’s not about our life being easy.  It’s not about our life being comfortable.  It’s not about us having the life we think we “deserve.”  If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching my parents go through this adventure, it’s that putting your SELF first isn’t an option.  Ouch, that’s a totally different message than the American Dream – you know.. do what feels good for YOU, what do YOU want, what makes YOU happy, etc. etc.  Interestingly enough, as Christians we are not called to worry about ourselves.  We’re told to put our self to death and to, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but, in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3.  I’m sure we will be learning and relearning this throughout!

Where are we at in this process?  Well…. we’re in the early stages!  There are ten informational classes (each of them 3 hours long) that we need to attend as one of the first steps.  We will finish our fourth class by the end of this week, so we’re almost half way through them!  We’ve done a lot of paperwork already, will have a house visit soon followed by a few other things, and are hoping to be officially licensed sometime around December.

The 3 hour class sessions can get a bit long, so Caleb and I decided to do something we have never yet done…. buy a case of pop.  That sounds weird to say…. is it called a “case?” or just a “box?”  Anyway, we bought our first thing of pop at the store the other day and decided we would bring a can to each meeting.  It’s cream soda!  Every time I walk in the kitchen and see this thing sitting on the floor, my first thought is: Who’s visiting us?! hahaIMG_9222

Also, at the last meeting there was a roadwork assignment that we were supposed to turn in and we had completely not realized it.  We both quickly remembered that horrible, sinking fear in your gut that occurs when the teacher is collecting a homework assignment you had somehow missed knowing about.  I think we both were having a mini panic attack since neither one of us can stand missing deadlines, but the good news is it turned out OKAY!  I am a speed thinker/writer, folks, and I whipped through that paperwork like no one’s business (hiding behind my notebook) and we turned it in before leaving class and all was well.  We even got a sticker on it.  That’s right.  Caleb was SO glad he married me. 😉IMG_9225edit

Excited and nervous about what is in store for our family!  Here’s to new adventures!!


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