Ten Months Old!!!!!!!!!!

Evelyn is almost always such a happy little baby.  As her aunt Trisha said the other day, “She is just so excited about whatever she’s doing!”  Evie genuinely loves life.  🙂


Our cheerful, little sweetie went through a bit of a rough patch recently.  We had about 3 weeks where she just wouldn’t sleep well at all!  It was frustrating because there didn’t seem to be a great reason for it and prior she had been going to sleep and staying asleep really well!  We tried a lot of different things and nothing seemed to help.  It only escalated as time went on.  I was hoping it was a teething thing, but that wasn’t it because she still only has two teeth!  She was nursing a LOT during the nights.  I’m talking a berserk amount of feedings.  Sometimes I fed her so often I lost track.  She was awake and crying so frequently that she was extra hungry.  One day she was especially fussy and felt warm.  Sure enough she had a pretty decent fever.  She lasted okay through the day but didn’t nap well.  Overnight was so bad we gave her Tylenol which took the fever down, but did nothing to help with the sleeping thing.  The fever continued 2 more days, peaking the second day and slowly left on the third day.  As the fever left, she developed a rash.  It was on her head and bottom that evening and the fourth day her little body was coated.  We were getting a little worried by this point.  I called my ever knowledgeable mother and she said it sounded like Roseola which is something the baby just has to work through.  I decided to set up a doctor appointment just to be sure.  It turns out, Mom was right.  He didn’t give us any medication and just said it could last 2-3 weeks and would look worse than it was.  Unfortunately, the rash seemed to really itch and Evie was angry and awake almost the entire next two nights.  It was a bit rough.  THANKfully, those were the worst nights before we turned a very welcome corner!  Her rash disappeared and it felt like she was making up for her lack of sleep over the past month.  There were two days where I actually laid her down for three naps (she hasn’t taken 3 naps for a reaaaaaally long time now!) and she still absolutely crashed at bed time.  We are now back to just one nightly feeding and although that might seem ridiculous for a ten month old, everyone in our household is beyond happy about it!


Bed and nap times have been going so much better this past week!  I lay Evie down and she just goes right to sleep (with no crying) on her own and it is awesome.  She sleeps really well at night, waking up for the one feeding around 2 a.m.  Afterwards she will either go back to her crib or let me know she wants in our bed. haha  Either way, she returns to sleep quickly and all is well.  Abby and Evie have been waking up with Daddy’s alarm at 6:30 a.m. the past few days, but I’m hopeful that will change soon.  I liked the 7:00 wake up time so much better.  And yes… his alarm wakes up both girls because they both currently sleep in our room.  Abby loved her own little room for a long time until she started having nightmares.  They scared her really bad and I think they were similar to what I’ve experienced throughout my life.  I wasn’t going to make her stay alone in her room, scared out of her mind, so we set up a little fold out cushion “bed” on our floor and she just uses that.  She doesn’t get scared that way and I figure eventually we can have the girls in a room together and maybe that will help.


Evie still loves be-bopping to music and will start head bobbing whenever I sing or play music for her.  My favorite is when Abby randomly bursts into song and Evie dances along. 🙂


This (sadly) isn’t happening nearly as often anymore, but there was a pretty lengthy period of time where this face was Evelyn’s go-to expression.  It was dubbed her “old man face” because, let’s be honest… it looks like someone who forgot their dentures!  In her defense… she is pretty gummy in there. ha!  Thanks Aunt Yvonne for the picture!


While actual crawling on all fours hasn’t happened yet, Evs does an excellent job getting around.  To my dismay, she completely gave up on the back scooting (sniff) and decided to go with the army crawl approach.  She can really work it though and will not stand to be left behind.  If I run to another room to grab something quick (and Abby inevitably follows), Evie is not far behind!


Evelyn has been working on her selfie lately.  She gave me permission to post this even though she said her angle was a little off….


Although she hasn’t quite figured out how to pull herself up to a standing position, she loves when I set her up against things like the toy kitchen or our couch.  She recently figured out how to stumblingly walk along while hanging on.  Learning how to walk is going to happen way too soon!


Bath time towel snuggles are just so much fun!  I can hardly stand all her cuteness! *SQUEEZE!*


Speaking of bath time, Evie now loves taking baths with Abby and has so much fun splashing around!IMG_9203IMG_9218

Books are quickly becoming more interesting (especially because Big Sis loves to read).  Evie much prefers to look through books on her own, but will listen to me reading for short periods here and there.  I love when these two get buried in a heap of books together.


It’s great when Evie finds a Duplo truck or car lately.  She will drive it around and make a “brrrrrm!” noise.

Meal times are the high points for Evelyn each day.  She nurses 5 times a day and once over night.  In addition, she enjoys eating every bit of food I give her.  Some of her favorites are natural applesauce, yogurt, cheese, corn, and potatoes, but she really isn’t too picky.  For the most part I still just break up whatever I’m eating and share it with her.  She won’t complain about me spoon feeding her, but really loves when I give her a plate of small pieces she can eat on her own.  She’ll sit there until the last piece is gone.


Evie will occasionally yell, “Ma, Ma, Ma!” (usually when I’m in another room and she really wants my attention), but that’s about it.  She understands quite a few signs and will sign a few herself.  Some of her favorites are “food” and “more.”  Go figure….  The other day we thought it was funny when Caleb asked Evie if she wanted yogurt.  She didn’t really respond.  Then I signed, “Yogurt?” and she got all excited with her anticipation grunt.


Both of my girls still love nothing more than being outside.  We love it too and try to take them out for walks and playing as often as possible!  Caleb’s aunt, Yvonne, took the cute picture on the left! 🙂


Animals are a continued favorite with both my girlies.  Especially the sweet little kittens my parents currently have on the farm!


Yelling has continued to grow in popularity around here.  Evelyn can really belt it out.  She yells to express enjoyment, she yells at Abby when she’s mad at her or wants her toy, and she yells when she’s upset.  Yelling is apparently a great way to share your emotions with the world.  Evs is also getting pretty good at shoving Abby when she gets in Evie’s face.


There are a few things around the house that Evie isn’t supposed to touch or play with and she knows exactly what they are.  Most of the time she is a pretty good tot and leaves them alone, but every now and then she tries to get them.  She will always look at me when she’s about to do something naughty to kind of scout of how I’m going to respond.  If I’m busy, she will sometimes even call me over first.  When I say, “Oh, Evie!  We don’t play with that!” she will put her head down on the floor dejectedly.  Sometimes she’ll then glance up, and we’ll repeat the scenario.  At this point she tends to get sad and cry a little bit.  It’s kind of adorable. haha  Normally she will move on after this, but if she doesn’t I’ll usually just pick her up, set her somewhere else and redirect her attention.


Evie would probably say that her best achievement lately is this popping/smacking noise she figured out how to do when her lips are curved in around her teeth/gums.  Seriously, she is so proud of this and thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

Little one weighs 15 pounds 9 1/2 ounces.  We are continually getting the “She’s so tiny!” comments by everyone we run into.  At least I can appreciate how much less work it is to cart her around, compared to other babies.  She’s definitely our little peanut.


It’s amazing how observant little ones can be.  Evelyn will often watch one of us complete a task and then crawl over to attempt it herself.  She is always very proud of herself when she does something right.


Evie can also be quite inventive.  One thing she discovered was that any type of lid/cup/bowl out of Abby’s toy food bin produces an amazing scraping, squeaky noise when slid back and forth across the linoleum flooring.  I would say on average, she does this about 5 times a day.  Certain toys can be REALLY loud and annoying.  In the past, when our heads couldn’t take it, we would just scoop up the toy and whip it onto the carpeted portion of the living room.  However, yesterday Daddy realized that our trick wasn’t going to work anymore.  Evie watched him fling in, promptly crawled over, grabbed it, crawled back to the linoleum and went back to her “music-making.”  Boy, was she ever smug about that.  haha


We’ve already had moments where we look at our Evie Grace and think, “Ahh!  She’s not such a little baby anymore!  What is happening?!”  However, I’ve also had moments where I think…. “hmm, is this baby ever going to be able to quit nursing?”  I mean, the one year mark is coming and I’m not dying to drag this out too much longer than a year. ha!  Nursing for an entire year is enough of an accomplishment for me.


Thankful for every day we get to spend with this sweet little bundle of smiles.  She’s always going to be one of our babies. 🙂


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