Our New Adventure – 2

We finished our 5th meeting, which means we are officially half way through the classes portion of our foster care license!  I love using countdowns when I’m excited for the end result.  And I really love when the countdowns hit the downhill side. 🙂

We will be getting a dual license (foster care and adoption).  Although we are much more focused on the adoption portion of foster care, we think it’s wise to also get our foster care license at this time.  For one thing, it’s easy to get it done now and it would probably be much more complicated if we waited.  For another thing, we are mainly interested in babies/toddlers and most of the younger children cases that end in adoption start with foster care.  I have four siblings adopted through foster care and none of them were at the adoption stage when they entered our family.  A lot of times, your case worker will have a good idea of where the situation is headed.  Obviously the worker can never be 100% and there are a lot of tough stories where things were headed towards adoption and then abruptly changed.  You can never be sure.  We are anticipating a lot of prayer during our own family’s journey with this!

So far, there have been two times during classes that I’ve actually started crying.  One of those was while watching a video where children shared their foster care experiences, which I mentioned previously.  The other time was during a story one of our instructors read.  She had us close our eyes and imagine the story was about us.  I have always had an incredibly strong imagination.  I can easily imagine something to be true to the point that I become extremely emotional.  This story had our class mentally trying to picture what it can feel like for some children in foster care.  I was in my house with my husband and daughters.  Someone came to the door, handed me a garbage bag, and told me I had five minutes to gather whatever belongings I wanted/could fit in my bag.  Then, they took me away to a new family.  The new family was standing at their front door, smiling and so excited to meet me!  They had been wanting me for a long time and were so happy I was finally there.  I was with them for twelve months and had no contact with my real family.  I had no choice in the matter and when I returned after an entire year away, I had to think about what that would look like with my relationships.  It was horrible.  Evie didn’t even know who I was.  Abby was nervous around me and acted very stressed.  My girls were incredibly different from when I last saw them.  They had changed and aged and I had missed it all.  I hated thinking about it.  I was bawling and SO angry!  It was definitely something I didn’t want to picture happening, but it was a powerful activity designed to create more empathy and understanding towards the children who literally have to go through this.  What a scary and horrible experience to live through.

I’m grateful that I grew up in a family with parents who loved me and took care of me – parents who prioritized their children’s needs.  I’m grateful I have a wonderful husband who loves me and his daughters more than himself – a husband who works hard and provides for his family.  Neglecting to truly appreciate the good things we have is so easy…..


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