Happy Birthday Humor

The hubs turned 25 today!  There are so many reasons I love this great guy.  He’s the best and I know I don’t deserve him, which makes me doubly thankful I have him anyway!

I think one of my favorite things about Cabz is that it takes awhile for him to truly reveal his personality to someone.  People don’t know what they’re missing when they don’t actually get to know this guy.  Something he is often slow to put on the table is his humor.  Let me tell you, I love to laugh!  And I feel like his humor is so great partly because it’s funny and partly because it’s coming from him.  What I mean is, he can do something that I wouldn’t find funny if someone else did it, but because he does it, it’s absolutely hilarious!!  Okay, okay, you’re dying for an example, right?  Great, because I’m really excited to supply one!! (no, really… I’m cracking up as I try to write this….)

A few months ago we were playing ultimate frisbee and I took a few epic selfies with Evie since she was in this hilarious stage where her smile was literally opening her mouth as wide as possible.  Come on…. these are good stuff, right? haha  I wanted to take some goofy mouth wide open pictures to laugh at with Cabz later – which we did.


The next time we went to play ultimate frisbee…. Cabz was holding Evie and the camera while I was up ahead on the course with Abby.  Later on, after we were home and the kiddies were in bed, I decided to put the pictures on my computer.  And up pops this gem….


What makes this even better is that it was a one shot “win.”  It’s blurry, Evie looks like she’s on some really strong medication, and Cabz is tilting slightly back with the classic “older adult trying to take their first selfie” expression.  Maybe I am the only one here who is really appreciating what a hoot this is, but…. HAHAHA!!!  Oh man…  Let’s just say my husband knows exactly how to make me laugh the hardest!  I love that he took this picture just so I could laugh at it all night.  He even gave me permission to post it here. haha  Alright, I’m out.  Happy Birthday to my awesome man!! XOXOXO  Thanks for making me smile everyday! 🙂IMG_9677edit


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