Eleven Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0798There have been a lot of changes with little Evie over the past month.  She is starting to feel more like a toddler and less like a baby every day!  Ahhhh!  She figured out how to pull herself up along pretty much any object in our house (including me) and loves walking along furniture, toys, chairs, whatever is handy.  She is very close to figuring out the whole walking independently thing – she often will “one hand it” and has taken a few unassisted steps without knowing it.  She loves nothing more than finding something she can push and walk around the house with.  Actual crawling never really caught on with Evie.  Sometimes she will get up on all fours and crawl a little but still tends to army crawl when forward motion is completely necessary (using her left arm to pull herself forward).  Walking along things is her number one choice of movement.


Little One still only has two teeth.  It seems a bit odd how long she has had two teeth with no further action in there, but I guess more will pop through eventually!  Age can’t hurt with the whole teething ordeal, right?


IMG_0650Evie continues to follow in Abby’s footsteps and is a very hearty eater.  She is always signing “eat, eat, eat!” and “more! more! more!” and rarely turns her nose up to anything edible.  She’s nursing about five times a day (one being a really early morning feed that I would love to end asap).  We got a sippy cup for Evie a few weeks ago and she loves drinking her water.  We are continually amazed at how much she will guzzle in one day.  My goal is to start introducing cow milk sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks, which should be interesting.  Hopefully she goes for it!  Some of Evie’s favorite snacks are yogurt and string cheese – you haven’t seen a broken heart until you see Evie watching someone enjoy one of the aforementioned foods without sharing.  Yikes.


Abigail and Evelyn still get along really well overall.  However, upon occasion, Abby will get in Evie’s face (sometimes to hug her, other times to try and take a toy they are both eyeing) and it’s really funny to watch Evie’s reaction.  She will instantly yell really loud and angrily at Abby.  We always encourage (and enforce when necessary) Abigail to share with Evs and tell Evelyn not to yell, but there are times we have to turn away and smile before intervening.  Here was a sweet moment Daddy captured where Abby was showing Evie what she did in school during Evie’s morning nap.  It was really cute as Abigail explained each little part.IMG_0651

IMG_0709It’s very important to both of the girls that they get a chance to say goodnight to one another prior to afternoon nap time.  They give each other hugs and kisses and then wave to one another as I carry Evie off to her crib.  It’s the sweetest!  Evelyn loves giving us all hugs and kisses and waving bye to Daddy when he leaves for work.  She is not to be left out when he gets home from work either!  Abby will announce, “Daddy’s home!!” and Evie instantly starts shrieking, “Da! Da!” and crawling for the steps like her life depends on it.  She will yell and yell at Caleb until she gets his attention and picked up for hugs too! ha ha


As anticipated, *sigh* it looks like we have another chatterbox on our hands.  Girls…. I tell ya!  They literally make my head spin by the end of the day.  The norm for me is to have absolutely constant conversation from the Abby department (this includes, questions, comments, reports, and generally never ending WORDINESS) and recently Evie enjoys chiming in as well.  If I am starting to sort of slow down with the speed of my responses, the girls both have this lovely method of redirecting my attention to them.  Abby will get right up in my face and innocently repeat her question/comment/etc. and Evie will follow suit by standing up in front of my face and yelling, “Ma? Ma?” or “Eh? Eh?” until I have no other out but to respond.  Hey, at least they know how to problem solve.


IMG_0576Evie Grace weighs 17 pounds now – any and all weight gain is attributed to her nonstop appetite.  I’m really glad we bought a baby scale when Abby was a few weeks old.  It’s so much fun to check weight growth in between doctor appointments.  In the church nursery last Sunday, a grandmother was telling me how when her baby was little, she used to pop him in the scale at the grocery store each week to see how he was gaining! haha  She said the clerk would ask her how much he weighed.  Evelyn is wearing mostly 12 month clothes now.  I haven’t yet put her in shoes, but if she figures out walking, that will be happening before too long!IMG_0731

One of my favorite Evie trends right now is her growling.  She growls possessively when she finds a paperback book and gets it open.  She growls in anticipation when she sees someone bringing over a snack.  She will even growl loudly at times just to announce herself.  It’s the best.


Going to sleep for naps and bed time has been going amazing!!  I start her floor fan, lay her in her crib and she falls asleep without making a peep!  Did I mention it’s been going amazing?  I love how easy it finally is!!  She was kind of a stinker with sleeping at times.  She still will wake up wanting to nurse ONCE in a while around 2-4 in the morning, but I like it when I can get her to hold off until at least 5.  I know she is capable of it at this point, it’s just if she wakes herself up too much, getting her back to sleep without it isn’t always the best option for the rest of us. 😛  She stays in her own crib until her early morning feed around 5 or 6 a.m. and then sleeps (or stays awake depending…) in our bed until I get the girls up at 7.IMG_0308

These three were such a hoot the other day.  Mom had pulled out this baby pool for Evelyn to play in and the two year olds decided it was too good to pass up.  Is there even any room left to play in there?


When Evelyn isn’t going for a swim herself, I will often try to occupy her with “box fun” while Abby is splashing around.  I thought it looked so funny that it was worth a couple pictures.  Never underestimate sitting in a cardboard box with a few exciting toys.  Come on now…. who wouldn’t want to play in a box?!


Evelyn is such a friendly baby in public (which is VERY different from Abby as a baby!).  She loves to yell “HI!” at strangers and wave at people as I’m grocery shopping.  She enjoys shaking hands at church and smiling cheerfully at all the faces.  She probably wouldn’t be overly thrilled if people started grabbing her away from me, but she would likely deal with it better than Abby would have at that age.  She’s definitely a ham when we’re out and about!IMG_0797IMG_0807

For a while, we were using tricks like putting things on our heads to get Evie to look towards the camera for a picture.  She figured if it was so much fun, she would give it a try herself.  She thought she was preeeetty hilarious!IMG_0592IMG_0580IMG_0582

Swinging never fails to bring a giant grin to this little girl’s face!  Parks have become much more exciting since Evs hasn’t had to sit in her stroller the whole time just watching.  We got to explore the park by Daddy’s work over Labor Day weekend.  Situated along the Mississippi made for some fun water/boat watching.  The girls even got to watch a train go by!


Speaking of Daddy’s work, we got to go visit him a couple weeks ago during his lunch break.  The girls thought that was pretty exciting!


Seriously…. am I the only Mom who just can’t leave an opportunity to be goofy with my kids’ hair?!  There’s just some sort of odd enjoyment I get out of it!  There’s only so much I can do right now with my blonde little baldie. ha!


In the good ol’ summertime, sometimes you just need to kick back and relax.  Don’t worry – this only lasted about 32 seconds and we were back up and moving.


Evie keeps us smiling in spite of dirty diapers, non stop noise, and constant eating!  She’s a sweetheart and we love her! 🙂IMG_0034


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