A Week

I’ve been lazy and haven’t blogged much on Abby’s preschool, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t accomplished anything this year!  Maybe it wasn’t “lazy” as much as it was being constantly preoccupied with two extremely busy girls and in my downtime feeling so tired I just couldn’t. haha  Regardless…..  here is something!

Since Abby is still only two (close to three now though!), I figured the “letter a week” approach would be a solid way to start our preschool year.  Yes, she already knows her letters and sounds, but I figured a refresher course wouldn’t be a bad idea since she isn’t quite ready for learning to read.  Plus, there are so many incredibly fun crafts and activities to go along with each letter and I was too excited to pass them up.  Although the goal is to complete one letter each week, life happens and there are times we use the weekend or even go into the next week in order to finish a letter.  I’m not really concerned about having an extremely strict schedule at this point.  We do what works best with the day! 🙂

I’m working on creating my own lesson plan for each letter complete with books, websites, snacks, songs, science, learning activities, crafts, and math (this will hopefully save me some time in the future).  Since I’m still in the beginning stages with all of that, I’ll just share some of the things we covered here in case anything sparks your interest!

We start each week with the corresponding letter board book out of a set we own.  This helps reinforce the letter name and sound.  Then I show Abby how to draw the letter of the week on a blank piece of paper and guide her through the process.  There are more and more letters she can write on her own and she loves when she figures out a new one!  I think this is a great way to help her start focusing on pencil control and thinking about writing.  She has been a lot more excited about writing lately and loves practicing in her drawing notebook.  She will sit over on the kitchen floor carefully writing letters and running over to show me each and every one as it’s finished.  The last few days she has really shown a lot of improvement!

IMG_0544Crafts are always a major highlight with Abs.  I’m hoping to do a block letter fill-in activity each week for her personal alphabet book.  We read about apples, cut one open to see the star inside, saved the seeds to glue inside our block letter “A” (save these in advance as there aren’t very many from just one apple!), ate half of the apple for a snack and used the other half to do some apple printing.  It was a little messy, but Abby loved it!  We stamped on multiple pages.  This was her neatest page as she started sliding her apple around after a bit to experiment. haha


Life of an apple tree sequencing cards were a fun, related activity.

A is for ant.  We made thumbprint ants and practiced drawing short lines and counting to six for the legs.


Ants on a log was the perfect snack for our ant day.  We read a book about ants and studied an anthill too!


This was one of Abby’s favorite crafts because painting is so fun!  She made an alligator clothespin.  Watch out because he can really open his mouth and bite!  I had her let it dry after each color to keep it slightly less messy.  Youtube had some fun, informative alligator clips we enjoyed.



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