Twelve Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_1473We made it to the big ONE YEAR!  (*sob!* where did it go?!)  Little One is changing so much and growing up on us.  She weighs 17 pounds and 6 ounces – yes, she’s still low on the growth charts.  She started walking a few weeks ago, but still prefers one hand on something stable most of the time.  She does appreciate the applause whenever she decides to go solo though.


Evelyn is still our little bundle of happiness and is constantly SO EXCITED about life!  She loves being friendly and still yells, “HI!” at random people in stores.  She also refuses to fall asleep at church until after greeting time, because shaking hands is something you don’t want to miss!  At my parents’ house today, everyone who wished Evie a happy birthday got a big hug.


Our sweet little tot is always on the move.  Abby would stay focused on one activity quite a while at this age, but we affectionately refer to Evelyn as our “go-go baby” because she never sits still!  She has absolutely no qualms about taking off on me when we’re out and about either (also, very different from her sister!).  Going to the library has become almost impossible…..


I’m still nursing Evie, although we are officially down to NO NIGHT FEEDINGS EVER and only three times (8 a.m., noon, 7 p.m.) during the day.  I think I could cut her off completely pretty easily, but (call me crazy….) I’m debating continuing through Christmas just to help her fight off any bad germs that might come our way over the holidays.  That would bring her to just under 15 months.  There’s a good chance I am going to decide against having her nurse that long, but I guess we’ll see. haha  I do want her to start drinking at least a decent amount of cow milk first and so far she takes maybe 3 or 4 disgruntled slurps a day, so that’s going real well…..


Evie has been pretend playing a lot more recently.  One of her favorites is making her dollies cry and then giving them hugs and kisses to cheer them back up.  It’s the cutest.  She also enjoys imitating Big Sis and feeding me all kinds of their play food.  If I really ate everything they cooked up for me in a day, I’d weigh a solid 500 pounds. haha


IMG_1217I attempted decorating my first cake for Evelyn’s birthday.  Yes, I just used a boxed cake mix, because I figured it would be exciting enough for me.  After thinking about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually made a boxed cake.  We aren’t really big on cake around here (unless it’s cheesecake of course!!!) and apparently have always opted for other desserts.  It turned out decent enough – at least my kids seemed to enjoy it!


Evelyn never got too crazy with the cake.  She just kept taking little swipes of the frosting.  This went on for about 2 minutes, which was the max amount of time we were able to hold Big Sister at bay.


There is absolutely no such thing as Evie watching from the stroller anymore.  If we’re at the park (or anywhere really…) and Abigail gets to play, so does Evs!!  She knows how to yell (reeaaaallly loud) if she’s not joining in the fun fast enough too!


Speaking of Evelyn and her yelling….  while the girls play together nicely for the most part, there are occasional spats.  When this happens, I am often alerted to the problem by Evelyn’s obnoxiously loud/grouchy sounding yell. haha  Granted, when you don’t have a huge vocabulary developed and the bigger, bossier kid is pestering you…..  what’s a younger sibling to do??  It does do an excellent job attracting Mama’s attention.

IMG_1414one year

These sisters usually love each other very much. 🙂


Tiny Tot still only has 2 teeth.  Her hair has grown a small amount, but it’s still much too short for any pigtails!  I love her crazy blonde strands.  Convertible riding for life!


My little helper always wants to be involved.  If I’m doing something, she wants to try too!


I took the girls to a pumpkin patch with some of my family to enjoy all the birthday fun (one of my little sisters shares the same bday!).  They loved picking out pumpkins to bring home.


We had a wonderful time celebrating Evie’s first year.  We definitely think we’re the luckiest parents ever to be blessed with the two best girls around!


Goodnight, birthday girl!



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