B Week

I’ve mainly been focusing on having Abby practice writing her upper case letters since she’s still in the beginning stages with her pencil control.  She’s improving everyday though and so far, loves making her letters!


Over time, renting various living places can provide you with a lot of future house insight.  For example, don’t plant these giant purple bush/flower/plants directly outside of your front door unless you enjoy about a bazillion bees flying around you and your kids constantly.  I appreciate bees, but I don’t like such a high risk of someone getting stung. haha  Anyhow… whatever this plant is attracts a HUGE amount of bees, so we didn’t have to go far to study them during our B week.

IMG_0819   IMG_0826

Abigail enjoyed singing, “I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee” as she put together her shape bee.  I had the pieces cut out and she did the assembling and gluing.

IMG_0827    IMG_0830

We filled out block letter with buttons!  Abby loves practicing with her glue bottle and really enjoyed picking out so many bright buttons to use.


Some of our “B” snacks this week were a banana pop (banana rolled in yogurt, then granola) and a bear (toast with peanut butter, banana slice nose/ears and raisin eyes/nose).  The banana pop was definitely not worth the mess.  In future, I might try freezing it to see if that would yield less mess.  The granola just didn’t stick well at all and ended up everywhere.  Abby still enjoyed it though, so I guess that’s good! haha  Pardon her Thomas the Train shirt in almost every picture.  Yes, I let her wear the same shirt a couple days in a row if it’s not completely filthy (and it’s her favorite ever).  Laundry baskets around here fill up fast and I do what I can for crowd control.

IMG_0847       IMG_0846IMG_0854

This bear graph was something fun.  I drew that little bear – isn’t he cute? ha  I had Abs color the bears using colors that start with “b.”  Then, I helped her cut them out and she glued them in the appropriate places.  I underlined the color words with the corresponding color to help her out.  She counted them when we were finished and answered questions like, “Which color has the most bears?” etc.


This butterfly coffee filter craft sounded so fun I had to jump in and make one myself!  We each painted one side of our coffee filters, let them dry, chose a pipe cleaner for the antennae and twisted them around to make adorable little butterflies!  You could hang them up with a string tied to their antennae if you wanted to!

IMG_2706       IMG_2710IMG_2718


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