C Week

Baking Cookies!This week was one of the best because…. C is for Cookies!!!!  Of course Abby and I had to make a batch to celebrate (we made a tiny “only 6 cookies” batch so we I didn’t feel as guilty).  Abigail still loves helping me cook, so this was probably the highlight of her activities this week.  She did an awesome job and we read, “Cookies,” by Claire Clark while our cookies baked.  It’s so nice when I’m on top of it enough to do school time during Evie’s morning nap.  It keeps Abby quiet and happy and it’s sooo much more productive than trying to accomplish anything while sweet little Evie is climbing on and grabbing at everything.

Cookie Time!Chocolate Chip Cookies

The look of pure delight. haha


Abby’s letter “C” writing practice.

Writing the letter C

This is a great time of year to have fun with corn, since it’s being harvested all over.  This corn sensory bin served multiple purposes.  Abs had to first spend a long time shelling the corn into the bin.  Once it was full enough, she got to play in it!  We don’t really have a lot of tractor/truck toys, which would have been more fun, but scooping corn in and out of little dishes and containers and using the toys available was still a hit.  This is a great sensory bin as it stores really well long term!

Corn Kernel Senosory Bin

One last activity we used a few kernels for was our block letter fill-up.  C is for Corn!

C is for Corn Kernels

Another sensory bin we had fun with was cloud dough.  I found the recipe from Juggling with Kids.  Since I wanted to let Evie play too,  I did try using coconut oil in place of the baby oil since she still shoves things in her mouth constantly.  I’d read somewhere that ingesting baby oil probably isn’t the greatest idea ever.  You’re basically mixing a cup of oil with eight cups of flour.  You kind of mush it around until it starts sticking decently.  I thought it was fun, but it really never stuck very well.  It was fun to make little ice cream scoops with and fun to mush around with your hands, but overall not my favorite.  I was also extremely glad I put a plastic mat down under our bin because it turned into a rather big mess.  Th girls’ clothes were well coated by the time they finished up.

Cloud Dough3Cloud Dough1Cloud DoughCloud Dough2

We read, “Little Cloud,” by Eric Carle and Abby made her own little cloud by ripping up some cotton balls and gluing them down on a piece of blue construction paper.  She really liked doing this.

Cotton Cloud

We couldn’t overlook Eric Carle’s especially famous, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and enjoyed reading it a few dozen times.  We made hungry caterpillars for snack one day and a pom-pom caterpillar on a little leaf.  Abby made a pattern by alternating dark and light green pom-poms.

Pom-Pom CaterpillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar Snack

Uh-oh, our legs seem to have gone missing…..

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The last thing I’ll share here is our cupcake factory day!  This was a blast and kept Abs occupied for a looooong time!  I cut out cupcake tops, bottoms, cherries, and candles from various colored paper scraps and set them out on separate little plates.  There was also a plate of “sprinkles” (sequins) which was the definite highlight.  Abigail chose and glued down her choice of cupcake pieces and then glued plenty of sprinkles on top!  They looked so good we wished we could eat them! 🙂

Cupcake Factory1Cupcake Factory2Cupcake Factory


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