All Aboard – Abigail is Three!!!

Abby Joy

Abs has been very excited about Thomas the Train for a few months and wanted to have a Thomas themed birthday party.  We’ve never gone too crazy for birthdays, but I thought it might be fun to try a little excitement for once.  Plus, I mean…. this kid makes the cutest train engineer I have ever seen!

Abby Joy3Abby Joy2

My little sweet pea was more than willing to help me get things ready for her party.  She wanted a chocolate Thomas cake, so that’s what I attempted!

Chocolate Birthday Cake!

I was satisfied with the outcome since this is now my 2nd ever decorated cake – Evelyn’s one year old cake being my first!

Thomas the Train Birthday CakeThomas Birthday Girl

Abby enjoyed helping with our railroad themed sugar cookies – yummy!  The main thing to remember while eating sugar cookies is to focus on the taste.  The main thing to forget is what you put in them.  Otherwise, your delicious, savory bite starts to taste more like a stick of butter and a cup of sugar ground together.  So…. they aren’t overly healthy, but this the first time I’ve made them since Abby came along!  Live a little – right?

Cookie CutterFrosting CookiesRailroad Cookies

I borrowed the engine from my Mom’s old Fisher Price train set and added four cars.  The dairy car had cheese cubes, the coal car had black seedless grapes, the produce car had celery, carrots, and pepper slices, and the lumber car had honey pretzel sticks.

Coal CarProduce CarLumber Car

This birthday banner was definitely unnecessary but I love making things like this, so I mostly made it out of personal enjoyment/relaxation in a couple evenings beforehand.

Train Birthday Banner

For a Thomas party, what else would we drink but blue Thomas punch?!  This was really easy, just a container of blue Hawaiian punch, a 2 liter of lemon lime soda, and a 46 ounce can of pineapple juice.  You mix them all together and add ice.  About half of the recipe fit in a large bowl, and that’s all I ended up making.

Thomas Punch

Homemade ice cream was probably my favorite part. 🙂

Homemade Ice CreamHomemade Ice Cream2

This was also unnecessary, but something fun for the kiddies….  I found these super cute wooden trains at Hobby Lobby (love that store) and of course had to get them for the kids to paint.  Abby was loving this and probably would have sat there all day if I hadn’t cut her off eventually.

Wooden Train Painting

Abby had a lot of fun and enjoyed having her very own birthday party.  She was kind of disappointed that she had to pick between cake and ice cream OR a cookie, but she went with the better option (ice cream and cake).  Don’t worry – she got a cookie the next day and as I predicted really only wanted to lick the frosting off.  She has been furiously working on her new Thomas puzzle and almost has it mastered.

Thomas Puzzle




Felt Pizza

Abby was having quite a bit of trouble going to sleep at bedtime over the past couple months, so we decided it was time to nix the afternoon nap thing.  It was definitely a bit of a struggle at first (major melt downs every evening for a while there….), but it’s going much better now and bedtime/sleeptime happen almost simultaneously and that is awesome! ha

Getting rid of naps, most definitely doesn’t mean getting rid of quiet time though!  That time of day not only gives me a chance to accomplish things (or more likely breath a sigh of child free relief) but Abby really benefits from taking a little break.  I love that this time encourages her to think for herself, use her imagination, and play independently.  Her quiet time typically lasts a couple hours (approximately from noon to 2).

For the first almost hour of quiet time, Abigail reads books from her overflowing bookshelf or plays with her babies (changing their clothes is a current favorite).  After that first span of time, I bring her in a new activity to play with and explore.  This, felt pizza, is one of them!  I made one whole pizza and one sliced up so she can serve it on little plates.

Felt Pizza Quiet Time Activity

This was really simple to make and stores easily in little ziploc baggies.  Our toppings are: sauce, pepperoni, green peppers, sausage, and cheeses!  I’ve seen other people use mushrooms and black olives, but…. yuck. 🙂

Quiet Time Felt Pizza SliceFelt Pizza Slices for Quiet Time

D Week

Abby loved filling her block letter “D” up with dot stickers.  Of course, what little kid doesn’t enjoy plastering stickers all over?!  These block letter fill ins have been a great way to start mulling over the concept of “staying in the lines.” haha

D is for Dot Stickers

A little letter “D” writing practice….

D Writing Practice

Our sensory bin for “D” week was definitely a huge hit for both girls!  We created a duck pond using some water, blue food coloring, sticks, smooth stones, fake greenery, and a rubber duck family of course!  I sang a loooooot of, “5 Little Ducks” throughout our week….

Sensory Duck PondFive Little Ducks

Sensory Water PlaySensory Duck Pond2

Evie was especially captivated by the stones and loved digging them out, holding them, and (her personal favorite joke line) pretending they were her hats.

Silly Rock Hat

Dirt pudding cups (pumpkin patch style) were one of the D-themed snacks we enjoyed.  Abby was sure the Oreo crumbs were real dirt and although I did a lot of convincing, she refused to eat that part.

Pumpkin Patch Cup

Abigail dot-painted her dinosaur she named, Helen (????) using a pencil eraser.  Afterwards, she dot-painted quite a few papers out of her scrap drawer as well!

D is for DinosaurDot Painting

D is for Daddy, so I had to do a quick Daddy Interview.  Here are my questions and Abby’s word for word responses.

How old is Daddy?


What is Daddy’s name?


Where does Daddy work?

He works in Modern Woodmen

What does Daddy do at work?

He did numbers.

Does he do anything else at work?

Uh… no.  Evie makes me laugh.

What do you like to do with Daddy?

Play – I love hide ‘n’ seek and hiding!

What is Daddy’s favorite food?

Opium (This is her horrible way of pronouncing, “oatmeal.”  It is also her favorite food, but probably not Daddy’s…..)

How do you know Daddy loves you?

Mmm….  I don’t know!  He hugs me. That’s how I know.  I’m embarrassed ‘cuz I am grubby.

Daddy and me

Pumpkin Patch Cups

I made these for a group of my siblings and nephews/niece for an after lunch snack when we visited a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.  They seemed appropriate. haha  I had seen a bunch of similar pumpkin patch cups floating around pinterest and they were not only easy, but fun to make too! 

Pumpkin Patch Cups

  • clear plastic cups
  • box of instant chocolate pudding
  • package of oreos (or the off brand cheap kind if you’re smart)
  • package of green apple Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peel candy
  • bag of pumpkin candy

Pumpkin Patch CupCrush up a bunch of oreos.  I just put them in a ziploc and pound them with a hammer or rolling pin, but some people might think that’s really odd and rather use their blender.  Prepare pudding according to package directions.  Let it thicken just a tad and then layer oreo crumbs and pudding in each cup  Cover lightly with plastic wrap and store in the fridge until ready to serve.  Then, peel off one twizzler piece as the “vine” for each cup and scatter about 3 candy pumpkins around it.