D Week

Abby loved filling her block letter “D” up with dot stickers.  Of course, what little kid doesn’t enjoy plastering stickers all over?!  These block letter fill ins have been a great way to start mulling over the concept of “staying in the lines.” haha

D is for Dot Stickers

A little letter “D” writing practice….

D Writing Practice

Our sensory bin for “D” week was definitely a huge hit for both girls!  We created a duck pond using some water, blue food coloring, sticks, smooth stones, fake greenery, and a rubber duck family of course!  I sang a loooooot of, “5 Little Ducks” throughout our week….

Sensory Duck PondFive Little Ducks

Sensory Water PlaySensory Duck Pond2

Evie was especially captivated by the stones and loved digging them out, holding them, and (her personal favorite joke line) pretending they were her hats.

Silly Rock Hat

Dirt pudding cups (pumpkin patch style) were one of the D-themed snacks we enjoyed.  Abby was sure the Oreo crumbs were real dirt and although I did a lot of convincing, she refused to eat that part.

Pumpkin Patch Cup

Abigail dot-painted her dinosaur she named, Helen (????) using a pencil eraser.  Afterwards, she dot-painted quite a few papers out of her scrap drawer as well!

D is for DinosaurDot Painting

D is for Daddy, so I had to do a quick Daddy Interview.  Here are my questions and Abby’s word for word responses.

How old is Daddy?


What is Daddy’s name?


Where does Daddy work?

He works in Modern Woodmen

What does Daddy do at work?

He did numbers.

Does he do anything else at work?

Uh… no.  Evie makes me laugh.

What do you like to do with Daddy?

Play – I love hide ‘n’ seek and hiding!

What is Daddy’s favorite food?

Opium (This is her horrible way of pronouncing, “oatmeal.”  It is also her favorite food, but probably not Daddy’s…..)

How do you know Daddy loves you?

Mmm….  I don’t know!  He hugs me. That’s how I know.  I’m embarrassed ‘cuz I am grubby.

Daddy and me


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