We’re having a….

Girl!!  I’m working on becoming my aunt, Mary Ann (she had 5 girls and 1 boy).  haha  Almost everyone was thrown for a loop with their guesses this time around.  Abby was thrilled, since she had been hoping all along for “another little sister like Evie!”


As usual, I started tearing up at the ultrasound.  I’ll be the first to admit that the pictures are kind of rancid – I mean, a little skeleton type visual can only be considered so “cute,” BUT there is just something about seeing the outline of that little body in there and getting to find out it was our little baby daughter….. ahh!  I think I just start feeling overwhelmed that we are blessed with the joyful struggle of parenting another sweet little one.  It’s amazing to witness the miracle of a growing baby – OUR growing baby!

I have a handful of sisters now, but I really just grew up with one and I always loved it.  We used to think about how fun it would have been if we had yet another sister our age.  I guess my girls are going to get to experience that! 🙂


At church the other day my friend, Amy, commented, “Some people are just meant to have girls!  Maybe it means Caleb is really compassionate.”  It’s funny, because I have always thought what an amazing “girl Dad” he makes for our daughters.  He is inexhaustibly patient with their antics and chatter, loves taking time to explain things and answer their questions, and does an incredible job showing them how smart and beautiful they are.  He is always so gentle with them.  However many girls we end up with, they are all incredibly blessed to have him as their “Daddy.”



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