Three Years Old!!!

IMG_8763Our oldest daughter turned three last month!  It’s still so crazy to think we have a 3 year old, 1 year old, and a new little one coming in April!  Life goes fast…


We often refer to our tot as, “Gabby Abby,” but that’s honestly quite the understatement.  “Incessant Chatterbox” would be a much more appropriate nickname.  Caleb commented the other day, “Awww, I can’t wait for Evie to start talking and asking questions like Abby,” and I just gave him the look.  He might be at work most of the time during the week, but I get to listen 24-7 to Abby.  It is definitely cute sometimes, but it is also mentally draining.  He also has the privilege of zoning her out when needed and I have no idea how to accomplish that.  Every word, man, every word.  I love that talkative little goof though.  Here is one of many instances when she wouldn’t stop jabbering long enough to get a picture taken.  🙂


Abigail will often hear a bigger word (one time) and then later (sometimes days later) use it in context fairly accurately.  The other day it was, “Mama, I’m embarrassed.”  Why are you embarrassed, honey?  “Because my face is grubby.”


Of course, there are times she attempts to throw out a new word and misuses it.  The other day she came over with one of her baby dolls and asked me, “Will you borrow this?”  I said, “You want me to borrow your baby?”  Her response, “Ya, then I can go take care of my other babies.”  Apparently ‘borrow’ is the new term for ‘babysit.’ 🙂


After lots of practice during quiet time (complete with some loud, frustrated exclamations when things weren’t going well), Abs has gotten a lot better at dressing her babies.  She loves this activity and they are usually all put in different outfits each day.  Granted, some of the outfits are inside out, sometimes two legs magically fit in one leg hole, and the buttons are never done, but she thinks it’s great fun.  Dressing herself up is also lots of fun!  Here she was dressed as a “Mama” and a “Queen.”  I wish I looked that cool when I took the girls out.



When Abby is discussing something she’s currently excited about, she’ll often say, “I’m really into this!”  She didn’t want me to throw away the rest of her birthday punch because she was “really into it right now!”


Another fun quote we heard the other day……  If Abby is having a whiny moment, we’ll often say something like, “Try to pull yourself together and then we can read a book,” or whatever it might be we were going to do.  Every once in a while, we’ll let Abby watch a few minutes of a show via youtube (Thomas is currently the favorite) before bed.  One night, we were planning on a show, but Abby threw a fit about cleaning up her toys first.  We decided no show as a result.  Abby quickly choked back some sobs and cried, “I pulled myself together!!  Now can I watch a show?!”  Pathetically adorable as it was, she didn’t get her show that night.  This is from a different night when things went more smoothly and the girls did get to enjoy a short show.  Cute as it is, this pose literally lasted long enough to take a picture (thank goodness the camera was close or I wouldn’t have even gotten this one!).  Abby will sit through a show, but Evelyn is not yet so easily contained.


Understanding how all of the plural/singular words in our language works can be a confusing task!  The other day, Evie spilled one of her Kix cereal pieces on the floor and Abby shouted, “Look!  Evie dropped a kik!”  I replied, “Oh, she spilled one of her Kix?”  And Abby said, “No, Mama….  just one kik.”

Our daughter wants to know about everything.  Literally.  If we say something – anything! – she wants it explained.  “I just want to know why!” is her constant cry.  Who made this chair I’m sitting on?  Who takes care of the lions?  Why can’t we go to the zoo in the winter?  Where do the animals all go?  It’s an endless stream.  The plus side is, it usually makes me feel incredibly smart because 90% of the time I can answer all of my three year old’s questions….. hmmm.



Every afternoon during quiet time, Abby listens to music on her cd player.  A favorite is our two Hide ’em in Your Heart cds by Steve Green.  I loved them as a little girl and still think they’re pretty catchy.  It’s so cute listening to Abby in her room because she literally has the entire thing memorized. haha  She’ll even quote straight through the speaking parts.  Most of her books are at least partially memorized too – and we have a LOT!  Although Abby is done with naps, this cute picture was from a time she was sick and needed a little extra boost to get through the day.


Reading and listening to books has been a long time favorite activity for our girl.  If Daddy or Mama agree to do some reading, she will bring out a never ending pile until we have to say we’ll read more later.  We love that she enjoys books so much though. 🙂


Abby is still such a good big sister.  She shares really well for her age and is often concerned about Evie having fun and having something to play with too.  The girls love playing together and continue to be best buddies.  A recent development in their play has been Abigail running to a back bedroom and yelling, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevieeeeeee!!!  Come and play!”  Upon hearing her big sister, Evie will take off to find her and bundles of laughing and screaming will ensue.  We have definitely hit an age where the girls keep one another entertained for longer periods of time.  In spite of this, they never stray too far from their dear old Mama.  Watch out if I try to bring laundry down to the basement without them.  Evie will start bawling and Abby will have the urge to carry on a yelling conversation with me until I return.  We have an exciting household.


We finally made it over the 26 pound mark and Abs officially weighs 27 pounds and 9 1/2 ounces.  She used to eat a LOT, but has recently toned it down quite a bit.  I’m guessing she has hit a lull in her growing.  She’s been very obsessed with knowing which foods are healthy for her and which ones are just okay for a special treat sometimes.  She also does a good job telling us when her tummy is feeling full and she needs to stop – usually even with things she really likes.  “Opium” (oatmeal) is still a favorite, she absolutely loved the crock-pot lasagna I tried a few weeks ago, chicken wraps she will devour, and blueberry pancakes are a major win.


It’s so hard not to smile at Abby when she throws around her grown up language.  Lately, it has been things like, “Evie found her shoes all by herself!  Isn’t that kind of sweet?”



A couple days ago Abby decided to swipe a row of books off her bookshelf onto the floor.  I told her, “Bummer, now you have to go and sit in the hallway and think about the foolish choice you made.”  As she was sitting there, I heard her muttering to herself, “That was so foolish!” haha



Although Abs is capable of making all of her letter sounds, she typically uses a “y” sound for “th” and an “s” sound for “f” (and occasionally for “b”).  Some of our favorite mispronounced words are “bridge” (sridge), “food” (sood), “fancy” (sancy, or according to my sister, that one sounds like “sexy”), “think” (sink), “then” (usually uttered in a long ramble “And yeeeeeeeeeen we’re going to the store and yeeeeeen we’re eating lunch and yeeeeeeen it will be quiet time, etc. etc. etc.”), and “zipper.”  We frequently hear this one after bath time.  “Let me yip my yipper up!”


We are constantly impressed with how well Abigail shares with Evie (and us).  If Evie eats her snack up faster, Big Sis will usually offer to share the rest of hers.  If Abby is playing with a toy that Evie also wants, I will usually ask her to share it in a few minutes.  Most of the time, Abby will play for just a few more seconds and then say, “Here, Evie!  You can use it now.  I’m all done with it.”  Enjoying a bedtime snack of “hot peas!” is serious business at our house.

Hot Peas

Being outside is still the favorite.  Even though we’ve hit the winter stretch, we try to get out as much as possible (for the sake of everyone’s sanity).  Walking, parks, frisbee golf, trikes, playing in the snow when it’s around – every season is her new favorite season.  With so much random, warm weather we’ve been living it up outside a lot more than I thought we’d be able to!  We’ve even made it to the park a few times!


Abigail was so excited to have snow on her birthday!  It was the first (and only) snowfall of the year and it was a good one!  Daddy pulled her around in her sled and she had a blast.

Snowy Birthday

During the warmer months, pedaling and biking were almost daily activities!



Animals are the best.  One of our almost daily conversations revolves around getting our own house someday and how yen we can get a puppy and a kitty and on and on and on….  Her little sister is equally excited about pets and loves playing with all the animals at my parents’.



Fun in the sun. 🙂



Over the summer, Abby grew a sunflower.  Here it is towering over her.


Hands down, swimming was Abigail’s absolute favorite summer activity.  She always wanted in and never wanted out!  We went to a big city pool once and she was jumping into water well over her head, going down slides by herself, and LOVING it!  The hardest part was making sure she was always ok.  I was at her side every second and she still made this a challenging task!


About a month ago, Abby had a cold that came with a day of diarrhea.  She wasn’t prepared and we had a little episode in her pants.  For weeks afterwards whenever she had even a slight urge for the bathroom she would freak out, “I gotta go to the can!  The can!  I don’t want to fill my pants!”  We had a few house guests get a chuckle out of that….  Also, I apparently use the term, “can” for bathroom once in a while (thanks, Dad) and she picked up on that.


There were a couple months after age 2 1/2 where Abby was very obstinate.  Almost every time she was told to do or stop something, there was a conflict and I spent a lot of time ministering consequences.  It was honestly pretty draining.  The good news is, after weeks of consistency and follow through, she has worked through that (for now).  The last couple months have been so much more pleasant.  Abby is back to her usually sweet self.  One of the cutest things lately is when I tell her something like, “You need to clean up your toys first and then you can get out your game” she will often respond with a perky little, “Yes, Mama!  I’m obeying and being a good girl!”  I can’t help smiling each time.


Enjoying a tea party (with real water!) with Mama.  We played until all of our water was somehow gone.  The rug was mysteriously damp though.


Abby has had quite a few ear infections in her lifetime.  She’s extremely prone to them and gets them along with almost every single cold.  Her right ear especially seems to be affected.  We’ve had a lot of success using garlic on cotton balls in her ears, but have had to do antibiotics a few times for some especially rough ones.  We keep hoping she is going to outgrow this unpleasantness.


Here’s our sweet Abby Joy wearing her “Fall coat” she is especially proud of.


She looks somewhat akin to a marshmallow in her winter coat. 🙂



“Going grocery shopping” is a favorite evening activity with Daddy.  He builds Duplo foods and then checks her out at the store.  She would play it every single night if Daddy didn’t redirect with other things to switch it up sometimes.  Building with Duplos in general is always fun!


Playing with her birthday train track and her Thomas trains is another fun indoor game.  She also got a Thomas puzzle for her birthday that she can quickly do on her own now.  She had a Thomas the Train themed birthday this year, in case you missed that.

Abby Joy

Big Sis enjoyed “helping” with some of my family’s farm work this year.  Here she is husking sweetcorn and harvesting soybeans with Uncle Tim!


Having a good time on the farm!


Abs loves her school time.  She has been working on mastering the skill of scissors.  We’re not quite there, but she always thinks it’s a good time anyway!


This girl still loves her apple a day!  She will often eat part of it and then store it in the fridge until she’s hungry again.


Our girl is getting so big and learning so many new things.  Most days we can’t believe how big she is!  Since she turned 3, she tells me that she needs to dress and undress herself because she’s big now.  It’s good to foster her independence.  Especially with baby #3 on the way, we want Abby to continue learning how to do things herself.  I think the most interesting change will be having 3 car seats in our van, with Abby’s in the back seat.  She can do half of the buckle herself now, but my goal is for her to master the entire thing by April. haha  It will probably be easier once spring hits and we’re less bundled up in layers.


We love our oldest daughter so very much.  Life would definitely not be the same without her. ❤

Three Years Old

Love you


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