E Week

I’m (extremely) late getting this week up, but I’ll blame it on the kids being sick and holiday madness.  I’d like to attempt getting up letters F, G, H, and I before the weekend is over, but no promises.  Really, it all depends on how needy my children are, sooooo there’s a good chance this will be my only completed post for the next while.

Capital “E” writing practice.

Ee Writing Practice

Although “E” doesn’t strike you as the most exciting letter ever, we had a surprising amount of fun with it! For our block letter fill in, we used stick on googly eyes.

Googly Eyes

Along with the eye theme, Abby colored this picture to match her own brown eyes and  learned about some of the basic parts of eyes.

E is for Eye

I had an epiphany and realized E is for Experiments!  Big Sis had tons of fun with the two different egg experiments we did over the week.  For the first one, we filled two glasses with water.  Abby added a tablespoon of salt to one cup and stirred it up.  We talked about what might happen when she carefully dropped an egg into the plain water and then tried it out.  It sunk to the bottom.  After asking her what she thought would happen when we dropped the egg into the salt water, we tried that out as well.  It floated!  Abby enjoyed poking the egg and making it sink and then watching it float back up again.

Salt Water and EggPreschool Egg Experiment

Floating Egg

Our second egg experiment was really exciting.  I had somehow never seen this one done before and it was awesome!  Again, we filled two glasses with water.  Abby added some vinegar to one of the glasses and dropped an egg into each glass.  Right away, the egg in the vinegar water had little bubbles fizzing all around it’s shell.  We let the eggs sit overnight and in the morning took a look at what had happened.  The egg in the water had stayed the same, but the egg in the vinegar water looked funny.  It’s shell had been almost completely eaten away (I rubbed it gently under the faucet to get the last little bits off).  The egg still had a thin skin like material holding it together and Abby loved squishing it and holding it.  After a minute or two, I had her try dropping it short distances above the ground (into a dish) until it exploded!

Vinegar and Egg Experiment2

Where is the shell

Exploded Egg

Edamame and hard boiled eggs were hits with both of the girls for snack time. 🙂

Evie MunchingEdamame

E snack

Using a template from the internet, we put together a trumpeting elephant.  Using a party blower, your elephant can really trumpet!

Elephant TooterElephant Horn


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