F Week

F is for FUN, am I right?!?  I don’t really know why, but that’s what popped into my head.  Anyhow….. Abby used feathers to fill her block letter “F” this week.


Abigail’s capital “F” letter writing practice page.


This flower craft was a lot of fun! (See?  F is for fun!)  First, she painted a paper plate yellow.  After it was dry, she used her scissors to cut slits along the outside and create petals.  Then, I gave her a few, rectangular strips of black construction paper and she cut it up to make a bunch of sunflower seeds.  Finally, she glued the seeds all over the middle of her flower.  I thought it turned out cute!  I was really happy with this idea since it was the perfect scissor practice for Abby.  She isn’t to the point of trying to cut something out along a line or anything, but she loves working with her scissors (see smug smile).  She could focus almost completely on simply holding and mastering the open/close concept with her scissors since she was literally just cutting across the rectangle to make a small square shape fall off.



We were in the midst of Fall season during this letter, and we made sure to utilize the beauty!  Abby helped me glue together this fox face.  She enjoyed it, but REALLY loved creating her own unique fall masterpiece afterwards.  I let her cut up some scraps of paper and use the leftover leaves we had collected and she had a blast cutting and gluing!



On one of our many walks, we collected a bunch of beautiful leaves and Abby made a crayon leaf rubbing book with her favorites.  I thought it would be fun if we wrote the name of each tree above the leaves, but we never actually got that done.  Maybe next year. 🙂


Learning about “F” made a good excuse to visit Papa’s farm!




Abigail loves beads.  She always has enjoyed sorting and manipulating them, so I wasn’t surprised when she got a kick out of this activity.  She got to pick through all of my beads and thread her favorites onto a pipe cleaner.  Once it was full, I helped her twist it into a fish shape!




Going with the fish theme, the girls enjoyed fish (goldfish crackers) for snack a couple times this week.  Abs also worked on her math skills with this fish counting sheet.  I’m hoping to create my own and at least go up to ten, but that’s a future project since I missed getting it done this week!





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