G Week

I didn’t catch all the way up through letter “I” this weekend, but at least this is some progress! 🙂  Letter “Gg” week……

G is for green, glitter, and glue!  And that’s what Abigail used to fill her block letter “G” this week.  I had her use a small sponge on a stick to wipe glue all over her letter.  Then she shook green glitter on until she was satisfied.

Green Glitter

Letter “Gg” writing practice.

Letter G Writing Practice

This week, we started something new – letter tracer pages!  I had made a bunch of these, but wasn’t sure if Abby was ready to use them yet.  I helped guide her hand for the first one and to my surprise, she did great with the rest!  I think we’ll keep this as an activity each week from here on out.

Gg Tracing Page

G is for goat.  My girls love animals, so they had no problem loving up on some of my little sisters’ goats. 🙂


This was my favorite “G” activity.  I made gumball machine counter pages and slipped them in sheet protectors so we can reuse them!  Abby enjoyed getting to use so many dot stickers.  The stickers peeled off of the sheet protectors really easily too, so they can also be reused!  Double win. 🙂

Gumball MathGumball Counting

Gumball Machine Math

Gumball Counting Sheets


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