H Week

Abby used heart stickers to fill her block letter H this week.

H is for Heart

I had Abigail practice writing uppercase H on a blank piece of paper first.  Then she enjoyed trying out her second letter tracing sheet.  I thought she did really well with that again.

Letter H Writing Practice

H is for Horse Tracing Page

Confessions of a Homeschooler had some hippopotamus size sequencing cards available.  After Abby had them sorted appropriately, I asked her questions like, “Which hippo is the biggest?”

Hippo Sequencing

Hippopotamus Size Sequencing

Our letter Hh color, cut, and glue page.

Word that start with H

Since we actually had our letter Hh week prior to Thanksgiving, we made a turkey with hand traced feathers!  Abby enjoyed practicing tracing around her hand.

Handprint TracingHandprint Craft

Handprint Tracing Turkey Craft

Inspired by my old Bethel College days, we made homemade harmonicas!  Abs had a little trouble blowing, because she somehow forgot how to blow. haha  The harmonica pictured in the back is actually one I made in a college teaching class. haha  Don’t ask me why I’ve saved it all these years.  The tutorial for the one Abby made can be found at Make it and Love it.  While this one worked okay, the one I made back in college still is the best model I’ve found!  We would have done one similar, but I didn’t have any of that type of tape.  I’m not really even sure what kind of tape that was.  It looks similar to masking tape, but it’s smooth on top, not the more textured feel of your usual masking tape.  Hmm… I’ll have to look around the craft section next time I’m at Wal-mart.

Homemade Harmonica Instruments

Harmonica Craft

Honey-nut Cheerios, diced ham, and hot chocolate were a few snacks we had to celebrate letter Hh!


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